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by: Gladys Ritchie PhD


Gladys Ritchie PhD
GPA 3.97

A. Wicks

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About this Document

A. Wicks
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gladys Ritchie PhD on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGL 2000 at Louisiana State University taught by A. Wicks in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see /class/223192/engl-2000-louisiana-state-university in Foreign Language at Louisiana State University.


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Date Created: 10/13/15
Matthew Scott 5111 ENGL 2000 Sec 126 The Green Monster Moving the pollution How naive are you You can t just move the pollution it still has the same effects in general on the planet states William Avanter car enthusiast and BitTechnet bloggerAvanter 2007 In other words the electric car is not doing away with pollution but instead it is just nding another source of energy that pollutes the environment The idea behind the electric car is to provide motorists with an alternative method of transportation that creates no emissions or harm to the environment and saves money by doing away with gasoline With the increase in gas prices and average awareness to environmental care one would believe that they should trade their gasguzzler for an electric car today However even though the electric car may have great intentions the electric car s expectations far surpass the actual undertaking Realistically the electric car still poses much concern to the environment and consumers through manufacture actual useand cost effectivenessGliddon 2008 Reinvented by the genius behind the incandescent light bulb Thomas Edison America was introduced to the rechargeable electric car in 1899 Almost immediately America fell in love with the electric car because of the 4192 cars produced in the United States 28 percent were powered by electricity and electric autos represented about onethird of all cars found on the roads of New York City Boston andChicago PBS 2009 The idea ofthe electric car caught on because ofthe lack of direct fuel consumption cheaper maintenance costs and lack of a hand crank easier to startPBS 2009 However by 1908 America began to turn its back on the electric car directly due to Henry Ford s assembly line and the infamous Model T America saw that the electric car ceased to be a feasible method of transportation due to the lack in horsepower and ready availability ofpower ie GasolinePBS 2009 The electric car had all but died because of the Model T and remained dormant until the 1970 s when fuel costs skyrocketed Many large car companies including GM AMC and VanguardSebring revamped the idea of the electric car and began producing clean air vehicles Even still the car never fully caught on to the public for the same reasons it failed in the early 1900 s lack of horsepower inability to travel long distances and lack of ready availability of powerPBS 2009 And now for the past 35 years car producers are still not able to produce a feasible electric car especially one that is cost effective For example according to an article in ElectricForumcom the Tesla Roadster is the epitome of the electric car world MovingForward 2010 According to Telsa Motors the Tesla Roadster which is valued at 109000 only gets 245 miles for every charge and it takes an estimated 46 hours to fully charge the battery or batteries to be exact the Telsa Roadster contains 6831 individual lithium ion batteries Tesla Motors 2011 Although 245 miles on a single charge is a substantial distance the fact that it takes 4 hours to get to that point is not reasonable on the daily person s life especially if they have to drive long distances Although Tesla Motors does boast that a quick charge will only take 3045 minutes the car only receives 75 of its total charge meaning you only travel about 184 miles before the car needs another charge One of the major problems one can witness the problem in cost effectiveness The Telsa Roadster is obviously one of the most expensive electric cars one can find but it is the best in the marketHowever some will say that it is worth the price for the fact that you can save money by not purchasing fuel or you can just buy some other electric car that is more affordable With the increase in gas prices and overall public awareness of fossil fuels however car companies are making more efficient internal combustion vehicles which can reach up to 80 miles per gallon of gasoline For example according to the US Department of Energy the 2011 Honda CRZ averages roughly 38 miles per gallon costing roughly 1671 each year in fuelUS Department of Energy 2011 This car only costs between 19345 and 23355 based on MSRP In comparison the Honda CRZ s closest rival is the Nissan Leaf Nissan s fully electric car The Leafhas an MSRP value at 32780 which boasts an impressive 100mile range and only takes around 7 hours to charge in a normal home power outlet By using a kilowatt calculator provided by electricityusagecom at a US national household average of 012 kilowatthour cost the Nissan Leaf the most efficient electric car would cost 269069 each year in charging alone Spectrum Research Inc 2010 Strangely enough that is 101969 more a year than the Honda CRZ in energy The fact that the electric car must be charged so often not only applies a financial stress on consumers but also an environmental issue The electric car boasts that is the most environmentally friendly means of transportation but that could not be farther from the truth Being that it must be charged regularly a consumer s total home electricity consumption will obviously increase Because homes are powered by power plants around the country the increase in home energy consumption directly leads to the increase in energy output by those said power plants According to the US Energy Information Administration coalfired plants contributed 449 percent of the power generated in the United States Natural gasfired plants contributed 238 percent and nuclear plants contributed 196 percent Administration Electric Power Monthly 2011Being that so many power plants are coal driven there is about a 50percent chance in the United States that the electricity that s used to charge the batteries of a plug in electric vehicle is generated by burning coal Since the burned coal used to power an electric vehicle emits carbon dioxide to power the electric car it goes on the car39s emissions tally Clark 2010 Already according to the US Energy Information Administration the average coalbuming power plant releases roughly 26 billion pounds of C02 into the atmosphere each year Administration Carbon Dioxide Emissions from the Generation of Electric Power in the United States 2000The fact that coal plants now have to put out more energy for electric cars will only add additionally to the environmental problem that our world faces today In addition a majority of electric cars today run on lithiumion batteries which uses the metal lithium Lithium is volatile metal which possesses a melting point of about 357 F making it nearly impossible to breakdown naturally highly corrosive and difficult to manufacture being that lithium is mainly found in the mines of Chile and Argentina Anne Marie Helmenstine 2011 Because lithium is mainly found in South America it must first be mined in South America where it is shipped to Europe to be refined then shipped to China to be processed into batteries and then shipped to which ever country the battery is needed inClarkson 2008 Keep in mind that the battery s main material is being shipped through cargo ships which consume a great deal of fuel themselves Ironically according to Top Gear magazine the electric car consumes just as much fossil fuel just through the manufacturing process alone than a traditional gasoline powered sedan does over 7 years of drivingClarkson 2008To put it simply electric cars are as dirty as the power used to charge the batteries Reynolds 2010 With all ofthe emission and cost problems that the electric car possesses one of the more important issues is simply consumer demand and use As previously stated the most productive car can only get around 250 miles per full charge which takes 5 hours to charge in itself Hypothetically speaking if a family in Baton Rouge Louisiana wanted to take a week long vacation to Walt Disney World located in Orlando Florida how long would it take them to get to Orlando and back According to Google Maps Baton Rouge Louisiana and Orlando Florida are 694 miles apart Google 2011 Ifthat family were to travel nonstop only to charge up the car batteries it would take them over 22 hours just to reach Orlando Almost two full days are strictly devoted to driving and charging the car A normal gaspowered vehicle can make that same drive in less than 12 hours non stop which is roughly half the amount of time that the electric car takes assuming both vehicles average 60 miles an hour Unfortunately the typical electric car has a top speed of 40 miles an hour Although the electric car is a noble idea created by those who truly want to better the earth the electric car is not a practical and efficient alternative to gaspowered vehicles The electric car still requires an energy source that creates pollution such as coaldriven power plants in order to charge the vehicleIn addition there are better alternatives to fossil fuels such as hydrogen and natural gas powered motors which have no emission Although the energy crisis and environmental damaging energy sources are on everyone s mind the electric car was outdated over a hundred years ago for a reason it is not feasible on an average individual s life Bibliography Administration U E 2000 July Carbon Dioxide Emmissions from the Generation of Electric Power in the United States Retrieved from eiacom http wwweiadoe govcneafelectricitypageco27reportco2reporthtmlelectric Administration U E 2011 March 11 Electric PowerMonthly Retrieved April 13 2011 from httpwwweiadoegov http wwweiadoe govcneafelectricityepmepmisumhtml HelmenstineAnne Marie P 201 1 Lithium Facts Retrieved April 13 2011 from Aboutcom httpchemistryaboutcomodelementfactsalithiumhtm Avanter W 2007 Febuary 10 Electric Cars Suck Retrieved April 13 2011 from Bit Technet httpforumsbittechnetshowthreadphpt129102 Clark J 2010 July 30 ARE ELECTRIC CARS BETTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT Retrieved from Discovery News httpnewsdiscoverycomtechareelectric carsbetterfortheenvironmenthtml Clarkson J 2008 Electric Shocking London BBC Worldwide Ltd District S B 2009 Clean Air Vehicles Overview and Links Santa Barbara Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District Gliddon J 2008 May 26 The Electric Car Pollution Problem Retrieved April 13 2011 from Drivecom httpblogsdrivecomau200805the7electricicarjollutionjrohtml Google 2011 Google Maps Mountain View California United States MovingForward 2010 June 8 Electric CarManufacturers Retrieved April 13 2011 from ElectricForumcom httpwwwelectricforumcomelectriccarselectriccar manufacturershtml PBS 2009 Timeline History of the Electric Car Timeline History of the Electric Car 2 Reynolds N 2010 The Myth and Cost ofa 39Green39Elecm39c Car Ottawa The Globe and Mail Spectrum Research Inc 2010 energy calculator Retrieved April 13 2011 from electricityusagecom httpwwwelectricityusagecomElectricityUsage CalculatorastDeviceaampWatts8800ampCostPerKWH012ampHoursPerDay7 Tesla Motors 2011 April 1 Telsa Specs Retrieved April 13 2011 from TelsaMotorscom httpwwwteslamotorscomroadsterspecs Us Department of Energy 2011 Febuary 11 Fuel Economy Retrieved April 13 2011 from fueleconomy gov httpwwwfueleconomy govfegbestworstshtml


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