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by: Gladys Ritchie PhD


Gladys Ritchie PhD
GPA 3.97


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gladys Ritchie PhD on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGL 2000 at Louisiana State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 6 views. For similar materials see /class/223202/engl-2000-louisiana-state-university in Foreign Language at Louisiana State University.


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Date Created: 10/13/15
English 2000 English Composition Multicultural Perspectives Time 1140 7 1230 Sec 104 Instructor Sukanya Gupta Place 212 Audubon Of ce 325 Allen Phone 5782834 Of ce Hours 10301130 MW email sg11pta3 tigerslsuedu Course Description English 2000 is the second of a twocourse sequence at LSU that is designed to build upon the skills you learned in 1001 and provide you with the tools required for the kinds of writing you will encounter throughout university life This course will focus on a broad range of experiences of people living in the United States who belong to different ethnical backgrounds Course Strategy English 2000 will focus on research strategies notetaking strategies documentation conventions and writing in several genres on a controversial issue We will collaboratively investigate the many issues involved in understanding the relationship between ethnicity and identity identify what we will call points of rupture areas in which intelligent people see the same information but arrive at contradictory conclusions We will analyze the reasons for these contradictions and identify and explain our positions within these ruptures Our positions will be grounded within a careful analysis of the different subject positions from which others make their arguments as well as analyses of our own Our purpose in writing will not be to persuade others to see the issues as we see them but to arrive at a negotiated understanding with others whose positions apparently contradict ours Expectations 0 That you know how to write in a variety of genres and can easily learn how to write in new genres That you have command of grammar spelling and mechanics the basics at a minimum e g you rarely write fragments make errors in subj ectverb agreement use commas appropriately That you know how to document information use parenthetical documentation and create works cited in one of the common documentation styles eg MLA APA CBE Chicago Course Objectives Further develop strategies of invention drafting and revising in several genres of writing Re ne research notetaking and documentation skills Develop our sense of style Investigate the relationship between a writer s subject position and the position he or she takes on a controversial issue Investigate the nature of claims what they are when and how they need to be substantiated Deliver a speech in a public forum Course Materials Required Text Greene and Lidinsky s From Inquiry toAcadernic Writing I will post any additional selections on Moodle For the Movie Review InClass viewing of Crash You will also need a notebook or threering binder in which to compile your journal entries We will use Moodle which you have access to through your PAWS account for many aspects of the course as well Occasionally there may also be readings which I will hand out in class or place on print reserve at the library or on Moodle You are responsible for making copies of these texts reading them and bringing them to class Course Requirements All projects must be completed to receive course credit Other homework assignments inclass writing consistent attendance and class participation will in uence the nal grade All work must be completed on time Any exceptions should be cleared with me at least twentyfour hours beforehand not afterthefact Our last essay ie the semester assessment will be a nal writing project that will be our department s way of assessing your writing ability at the end of this course Attendance This is primarily a workshoporiented course so attendance at all class sessions is mandatory Your partners or group members may be depending not only on your attendance but also on your completion of the assignments Please email or call me at least a day in advance if you know you necessarily must be absent Late Work I expect all work to be completed and turned in on time If you know you are not going to be able to turn in an assignment on time you must notify me before or on the day that it is due preferably before class I base my evaluation of your performance according to the following guidelines ttendance 0 0 Movie Review 10 Participation 5 Assignments 1 Paper 10 an autobiographical sketch Peer Review required 750 words 2 Analysis 10 Close reading and analyzing two texts of choice 1500 words 3 Class Research Project 15 There will be one major research project The Class will be divided into groups and will be asked to research on an Ethnic group in America Peer Review required Library research required 1250 words 4 Individual Critical Issue Research Essay 25 Topic Illegal Immigration Students will be asked to research the following aspects of the topic Economic Social Political and Cultural Peer Review required Library research required 1500 words 4 Weekly Journal 10 Students will be required to maintain a journal where they address the issuesarguments in their chosen text of the week 150 wordsj ournal entryweek 5 Oral Presentation 10 Each student will be responsible for one oral presentation in the semester This should be approximately twenty minutes The student is expected to outline important arguments themes and questions in a text of their choice and make connections with other texts read Library research required Essays Form Please turn your essays in using Microsoft Word format Please put your name the course number my name and the assignment name in the upper left corner Skip two lines and center your title above the essay proper Use Times New Roman with a 12 size font E Mail and Technology Email is an important part of communication in the university setting I will communicate with the class over email occasionally and I will often ask for assignments over email Important university announcements are often made over email as well As such please get in the habit of checking your LSU email account frequently When you send me email assignments I suggest you get in the habit of asking for a read receipt so that you will know whether or notI actually receive your assignmentithis is for your protection Also technology issues are not a valid excuse for late or un nished assignments if your home computer printer etc is not working please use the campus computer labs to finish your assignments They are there for your useitake advantage of your student technology fee Services and Resources The LSU Writing Center offers free individual peerwriting tutorials for all LSU students The Center is located in B3l Coates Hall and can be reached by phone 2253884439 I encourage you to take advantage of their services The University and I are dedicated to making reasonable accommodations for persons with documented disabilities Students should notify the Of ce of Disability Services located in 112 Johnson Hall and their instructors of any special needs Instructors should be noti ed during the first two weeks of class English 2000 Guide for Movie Review Movie Viewing InClass Dates Apr 25 amp Apr 27 2011 April 29Lh fri 7 First Draft Movie Review May 2quotd mon 7 Second Draft Movie Review May 4th wed Movie Review Due in Class The movie review is a typed one page doublespaced paper Use the Times New Roman font size 12 Please do not discuss the plot in your reviews Remember we already know the story This is primarily your response to the movie Did you like the movie Whether your answer is a yes or no make sure you tell me why You may also write about a particular characters or even themes You may even relate the movie to any book you have ever read Does this movie remind you of other movies Has it challenged any of your notions about identity How do you think prejudice affects identity Why do you think we Crash Is it inevitable How do we avoid Crashing Note Please refer to characters by their names and please DO NOT read reviews posted on the intemet Write your own review


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