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Lipid Digestion Ch. 5 Cont'd.

by: Gabby Wynn

Lipid Digestion Ch. 5 Cont'd. 211

Gabby Wynn
Human Nutrition
Heather Payne-Emerson

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About this Document

Detailed notes from Mrs. Payne Emerson's Lipid Digestion lecture!
Human Nutrition
Heather Payne-Emerson
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gabby Wynn on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 211 at Western Kentucky University taught by Heather Payne-Emerson in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 39 views. For similar materials see Human Nutrition in Health and Human Services at Western Kentucky University.


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Date Created: 10/13/15
Ch 5 Notes Lipid Digestion 0 Mouth Mechanical digestion Chewing Lingual lipase helps digestion of some triglycerides Stomach Mechanical digestion Churning mixing Gastric lipase More digestion of triglycerides 0 Small Intestine Bile Made Liver Stored Gallbladder Secreted Into Small intestine to emulsify fat Pancreatic Lipase Secreted by pancreas to help digest triglycerides End products of triglyceride digestion Monoglycerides Free fatty acids Some glycerol Lipid Absorption Shorter chain fatty acids gt blood Monoglycerides glycerol amp longer chain fatty acids gt Resynthesized into triglycerides TG TG cholesterol phospholipids gt packaged into chylomicrons gt lymph 0 Transport in the Blood 0 Lipoproteins transport lipids in the blood Composed of Protein phospholipids TG cholesterol 0 4 Main Lipoproteins Chylomicrons Low Density Protein LDL Very Low Density Protein VLDL High Density Protein HDL Chylomicrons Carry fat products from digestion through lymph gt blood gt cells remove fatty acids Remnants go to liver VLDL Function Carries lipids from the liver Delivers fatty acids TG from to cells Rich in triglycerides 0 LDL Made from VLDL Fatty acids are removed from VLDL gt less TG gt more dense Ch 5 Notes Function Transport cholesterol to tissues HDL Highest proportion of protein gt dense Function Picks up cholesterol from cells gt lipoproteins amp liver quotGood Cholesterolquot 0 Cardiovascular Disease Includes Coronary Heart Disease CHD Coronary Artery Disease CAD Atherosclerosis Occurs in this disease buildup of fatty plaques in arteries Atherosclerosis Heart attack stroke Plaques bulge out rupture blood clot interruption of blood ows to tissues 0 Nearly 8 million Americans suffer a heart attack every year 0 7 million Americans suffer a stroke every year 0 Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US for women and men 0 Risk Factors for developing Cardiovascular Disease Age Family history before 55 Gender Mostly males Physical Inactivity Obesity Abdominal Obesity 40quot men 35 women Smoking Diabetes mellitus High blood pressure hypertension HTN High blood cholesterol Total lt 200 mg LDL cholesterol increased risk Optimum lowest lt100mg dl High 160 mgdl HDL cholesterol High lt40 mgdl optimumlowest 60mgdl or greater 0 Effects on Dietary Lipids on Lipoprotein Levels 0 Saturated Fat T Saturated fat gt lLDL Replace with monounsaturated fat amp polyunsaturated fat 0 Cholesterol T Dietary cholesterol gt T LDL Does not affect as much as saturated fat 0 Trans Fats T Transfat gt TLDL lHDL Other Dietary Components that may Lower Risk of Heart Disease Soluble ber oats barely legumes citrus fruits Veggies amp Fruits ber antioxidants avonoids some in tea Ch 5 Notes Nuts 0 Total Fat Intake Recommendations AMDR 2035 kcal Mediterranean Diet 2535 kcal 0 Mediterranean Diet Olive oil Little meat Rich in fruits veggies whole grains moderate wine consumption and physical activity Difference between My Plate and Mediterranean diet is that My Plate is based on the individual while the Mediterranean is not 0 How to Maintain Healthy Blood Cholesterol Minimize saturated amp trans fats amp cholesterol in diet Include sh in weekly meal choices Eat plenty of plant foods Select foods rich in antioxidants Strive for plenty of exercise amp manage weight Moderate use of alcohol may reduce risk of heart disease but some should avoid alcohol quotThe whole is greater than the sum of the partsquot 0 Fat Substitutes Carbohydrate based Majority Fiber starches gums cellulose Retain moisture amp fat like texture Fat Based Olestra Sucrose amp 68 long chain fatty acids Pancreatic lipase cannot digest Possible interference with fat soluble vitamin absorption FDA requires enrichments foods with olestra Some reports of cramping amp loose stools Reduced Fat Foods Many people over consume them Often replace fat with sugar Sometimes little difference in kcal May still be energy dense Ch 5 Notes


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