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Introduction to Electromechanical Energy Conversion

by: Bradley Bounds

Introduction to Electromechanical Energy Conversion ECE 4363

Marketplace > University of Houston > Electrical Engineering > ECE 4363 > Introduction to Electromechanical Energy Conversion
Bradley Bounds
GPA 3.9
Electromechanical Energy Conversion
Dr. Masoud Barati

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About this Document

Introductory notes on electricity and magnetism in static devices.
Electromechanical Energy Conversion
Dr. Masoud Barati
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Bradley Bounds on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECE 4363 at University of Houston taught by Dr. Masoud Barati in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 152 views. For similar materials see Electromechanical Energy Conversion in Electrical Engineering at University of Houston.


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Date Created: 10/13/15
1 1 Intro to EM NRG Conv Tuesday September 1 2015 1139 AM Leelnre ll llirl lii39 illli ti ll eleetremeehanieel energy eem ersien The 11121111 idea is 11 lake eleelrical energy ll hreugl1 111 eleellrel1rueel1zm11ml eelwerlclr and pmn39luee e 39Iquotnree er lemme er quotglee verm Ceneidcl 11c fellewi11g experiment an imn reEl Silllng in 11 piece 01quot weed and El winding amend11enjufl l igme 1 ad 1113111 we wee393 illU sua m l c 1 l I 52 5 lquot 5 EH IFg w l39 fi lji f iil f W39l39jcn 1111 cu1m111 Ilium395 llrrvuugh 1 cell 111111 ll1L lll39ux lh39re39ugh M11 ITLZJL L ll1u space 11111111111 the red changee I11eggt1elleelly ll we place 1 111em ring ime the red and if the cement zen tl1e ring 1ell fell lnte bettem and 1111 The weeden surface lyl we lnereaee The velluge and hence the cement ll1c ring will lcvllale dun Le 11 11111g11cllc fem ll11Il will ennui13mm the gram 11 111m mew lien reel vquot quotquot 39 1 M 39 Garath 35 fierce I ll Megaetle l l fiefee ldflgrm 2 a Princes ll g me Me ring The r391391etal ring will Ellen leereagle ilIFi tenmerelul e d Lle m a e1111 e1 11 me lng eleng i1 metal n 0n red ewe 111 u R 1 Begum miswim39i39jeel elf me ring marl newl r en39 ug Electromechanical Energy Conversion Page 1 the temperature will hrepet39tieznttll tn the newer lestt in the ting given it If 2 titty whete HR is the reeietnnee att39etintl the ring l39i39i39we keep quot3 eenstnnt and we three the ring tn meme up i tti elemt then we wnt thil lmti 39 that the enrrent ittl will enr in nttler te eetttpensete the thine What hate been Deserted in time i5 t When at e I Ilene thtteu at etitntluetet the nance amend it e39l ntngee clue In at nttegne tie tielt l set up in the neighhetttnnd n t the current element l x E Higti39 r 39 J E H giwgt i r d39 sit ntttgnetie Field ehtltttetetieed by 1125 denttitty B in Whtm er Teeltte T and by the eld inteneity H The tielel ii n 1teeter in 3 ditl l tti t i it tt t and llittitt 39ii t e the t t E l j t will he itt new on with ttl t upper liner H IEtunrent i generatee the l39ielti H and this is deeetibed h Aittltere39e Lew Magnetic fields internet with ELttTl tilll te ptet lnee fume and this is tleeet39ihetl l1 Lerenzd s Lew Hittitei39e e law in tittelfmttinl i39iL39EIllft39t I Fren39i the littllewing wen1 t liegtztn n F that x the 39Cl pretliuet Lleing tight hand t ttit g with the thtntth peiinting in the t39liteetezn til the ettttenl the teat elfquot the lingeire will pelint in the Llireetien Ur the liehi Electromechanical Energy Conversion Page 2 I VE tat t dB Wh ere 53 indicate the en rrent gn ing nttt line rp endi en a r to the page an d E 3 ind ieat ea the current gn i n g into the page perquot e nd ien tart Fixatnnllem Given a 39Inng 1rrire carrying ittL tram e39leetrnrl nagnetie them we know that H ttt tntnt l tin II39IIIll39ltllt long e fll I5 4quot e So to get tr 111agnet1t Itetd we nnly need to target 21 r ennren t is J i rial Jr Fun gure 3 quotstringer 539 MW ILnrettti a aw states that when there t5 n i39nttgttetie eld due to a conductor carrying enrnent t1 a three is produced itquot e Usng the right hand rttie with the ngers pointing in the til39ttf39eetinttt ei the ett39rent and benrhng Entrants the dimetion of B the thttrnb wi l lltnnt tn the direction of quotthe fume The tji39eaenee efan entering eJrL a current carrying element ennerieneea a Force Electromechanical Energy Conversion Page 3 gure 1393 leamm 139er Heth 139 end 1 generate e ntegnetie 39Fitelld hit the tteighherheed et39 the tee wires 39Cettehteter 2 tit i he tti39lmeted te eettdtletet 1 dtte le the three indtteed hy BL Atttpete e hue ictt 39itttegre em Thie 121w helps m l the 39eetiet39t hetweert the e ttrret tte amt tttegttetzie eldsa t et eetttplietttetl ttittetttl39ee tj eet39i F EFE Te ltt eut tem Hewing petpent ieu er He the sue tee l39 quotI39 Hete that i itdieute39i the tiet peedtnet iie the trejeetieIt err ette vector to the ether one I is the current tlerttatily 111 111 Centete C Hagere F li 39 e f f39i Jlife g nf iLfm I ix t39ni r39tu m Ceneidet an item eet e with m eetl The magnetic eld wil ew eleng the iii t it heeettse it hate re uetenee than the air Se we assume that all the tttttgttetie 1Fth Hews 39thteugh the jmn We LIEEL39LJ39II L elm thet I tttngettthel in the peth jtteitie the eenter elquot the inth etftte tittttl H i5 Et j l l 39tt39t1ittglteut the eettltitt lt Electromechanical Energy Conversion Page 4 a reiIDI EI1rE I I u c d 1 C I 3 if Huang 339 53 C V 339 I I J T Then by Ampcrcsn lam Ef wrfi gIK H de Ik If I I 1351mm IL E the length of mcon mlrand H H 4 0w L f 39 l L Iquot M ll And in rm H 391 C M Jr Where Ni i5 111 total ELll l El l innit 11c contourr Tllnun H 2 N H N a E A T A H Ili39 as ning as w quucncy i5 low N s r Thia is an i15h11111111no u5 11mgni ludc iI39 H 2 III Ea Hz C 1 5 Gary 9quot Lb fwm A g 1 44 am I nv 4 39 Ekamflo h e eIoe H A0 TOWN e q ra a 3211 b f f 44 j eakm H 5 7TltaU W l Electromechanical Energy Conversion Page 5 1911 nub 3 0 jazz H 214 4r 41 1 H 5 Hawk uA Q a Petal6 Pia quot H 15 kDJ39 n heay WALLquot eh rl e ly of 60m 2m Q a and I because amtAgae ho CurranIL fave Humbol gf 1k would Lo 0 Electromechanical Energy Conversion Page 6


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