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Magnetic Circuits

by: Bradley Bounds

Magnetic Circuits ECE 4363

Bradley Bounds
GPA 3.9
Electromechanical Energy Conversion
Dr. Masoud Barati

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About this Document

Relationship of magnetic field and magnetic flux, general properties of magnetic circuits, magnetic v electrical circuits
Electromechanical Energy Conversion
Dr. Masoud Barati
Class Notes
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Bradley Bounds on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECE 4363 at University of Houston taught by Dr. Masoud Barati in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see Electromechanical Energy Conversion in Electrical Engineering at University of Houston.


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Date Created: 10/13/15
1 2 Magnetic Circuits Tuesday September 1 2015 1138 AM LieBtu re 1112 Magnetic Circuits An electr m1nag et ic j11ec lmcr aicn EFHEE E FI is inclined xiiquoti39t 39n the 1111 rmmg iiihacks i hum Fequot2i Maw know illznt E he integrn form UFA111pc139e 5 Law is EjH H h H cu Mmerml Frrrnrlrlfa pmpcrlrica Law u Ulmr e Lam KEL 1 and K qu F Lnrcnz a Nc39k39sa39tmfg an 39 21ml and energy Lagranch h e m en nae war rmi1 Laws d quot l lquot L mm 3 Fwd Tensidcring the 1mm gure an iron cum wi Lh cruee5cetiunal 2mm 5quot and will mean length ofpmiillwiw 1 Several assentnmlen were made Electromechanical Energy Conversion Page 1 E lg g g Iw i I v r u e 7 all 3 u f Nam u 339 H 39 7 J T C airman Berni H tangential tn the path we 5 H can n ia t thn39rulghnnt the path 339 There is an e d en1aiit1e the irnnquot Since there are N IL Ml E in the cult then He 2 M Tanatider new an bran core with an air gap Hg w J39 Iran mm with air gap Let L be the mean ilengjth outquot the iron eelre and g the length efthe a39ur gap then by A rnpere 39 ang e Hi 4 H33 a m We need ta re ate the end in the care and in the gap with a eemmen rariala e in erder te salve the eqna39tien The magnetie nae elemityr H is related tn the 39r111agnetie eld intenaitjr M in 111agnetn39eailly linear Inaterha e by Where it ia quotthe permeability of the material A typical e nrre i5 Eh Wl i in Figure 2 The nerlneahj39lrty et tlie material e de jtea are W a ram am er in henrya per meter and Mr is the relative pel39nnea Hit With ranges front man In th Fer materials need in 39tji39atta39Fnl39JnJera and relating lnaehinea l I M ax y A LAr 5 an 644014 94 I I A 5M6 33H MG 3 curlB infM 40 Cl H sNI knaa Dolll rWX Sa l uh Lea N1 CUM0 3me 39 Hermalaperatmn 11m atten region I SM 739 low 39 3 39 J oFfsenL a InfJud ml M0 H tmentquotEm en credit 4quotth 6439 Electromechanical Energy Conversion Page 2 knmx 1 5 Wk J MM H WM 41 gawk IMOLL45 NHL 494 M n 12 MPH W 5M9 Foww 507001 6 i WNv ca 40 A Jojorrser Up I d Mal V quot H lmms m eogq y wish 1 ob YB3901A Th1 magnetic ux is d nndl 215 M 4 N 11 I B t 39 I 01A 4 5 u consah f In the 311139 gap the ux ends m quotquot friinge nuiwm dsr 1f lie HEM i5 uniformlly diatuributed in the core than H111 Bugging d J A f L A 4W Ea Rf i ug ng Fie ds fquotigmm flquot I riirg39iHg r h Th4 crrnmawzicutiun in WM 211139 gap Elwtl39ulhn higgur than in Ill Win 21 Ac This i5 un lcnl the f39nquotilf1ging ed th Hqu Were is continuity ofquotme r1 E3 rn39 gal I Hm ELL Electromechanical Energy Conversion Page 3 HI 14 11 3H3 H393A Then we can express Ampm s Law as NE E Hgg E g purity y Ag And Ni III If ngun 4 Iran ma rim mm wilan Now emuem iil is entering the surface created by the mutant E and i2 is going nut therefnr i FEM Hts N337 3 Electromechanical Energy Conversion Page 4 CD 6 E a N111 N312 CE E3 11 el uwe that x er jHquH or r JIJ39EI Thee Hill NJ f39ir39 31M Fer eemplieeled 111egnelie CWEMM S we need El 11mm Systematic approach Te 10 this ei Lie leek an aznalegy between electric and magnetic eircuite i m We veltage E emf H39i mm 1739 Resdenmee eng path I39 R Relue amee tuner1g path Ghm 3935 law V iFH Mmf drop C RR perm REL Zrquot 2 Flux eujn39tinLI39i1r Zeal E El t y KVL El Amputee law Zmn U A e rClwc adage 4 94065 La Lena Sloece and ktN lt N 1 quot w ru540CoLe A M 96 s MRI4 NAwH394gt A Mon 7N974 Electromechanical Energy Conversion Page 5 Lfi W c eA HANquot gtlt x 1 and A 50 Elma Pm Mayne Paw EVAamt twivfc Cir quotCoilquot care i H N B L i I9 9 A JW Cn 05quot resishn Ls i l qxswL97l 70L a zzvqy agenda 9 5 1 t L 1 N u up M 17 Tquot gt wwwweram r q oar bluanha RH Nacsmm 5 Leich Electromechanical Energy Conversion Page 6 e T P g we 2 6W V4 5 r in raw 0R Eighth AW Q La 0 2 6P 0 KcL Mda eredc 1 VezPzIeL O 39MM LTO oaf 539 MM aHzfa 0 Qt f a l RblMVJ alLw 0 Del 60 1267 LS Q a I 1310 ON of 41m Hux SWMUVLS 31 Fm PoSIl HoPI 6 AX MA MI 311 Arr y R 72 Electromechanical Energy Conversion Page 7 quotF X 211 Tl l vz ii Cb r3rL r I g A 39 7TY rz Qty A Maw NZULMVL39W I L 3 WCQWLI quotFLUX M Mdtl Co39uMlL a Latin guye A sA ALcA3 known lisQ A P157 N00 4512 jkn9Wh 5 r1000 A 051 z 570 KCL 2 Ct 4 L rcb3 KUL1INLi Rl d QZ LSO Klen K d r 123 13 0 d 0 H u 1 Cpl 3 I I t 3 W E crbi R 1 Ni mmf G cpzli ri39 z glitch s Merl 41quot 645 Shel LACI lr014 Ajr39 Electromechanical Energy Conversio P g 8 52M H000 3 05 04 3 A La T PJslooo Jackbug 61 M44614 Onsr IrDVl Nslna 1Q MW dyadA 6 my dysB A A0IMZ 0 l2101l10690Q awe 510490 660 7 2 7 A 0 IM1 0 47w A cb t N 15 0V 2 N A4 t 45me coy if 1 Ld 63 e N if Claw mm 4am 45 47 3434 3 N Chum w 54 21 Em ge 45c Ee ARMS anW N QM W Wmaw Emr 6N Max J E 45 2 v a L E 4 NW i MS Tamil M4K 0 or so 6 43449657909 Chm Chmquot hpwds ck maxLava Ex ewomajnm fc core B H Cum o Cora l if jar T 3 L a IT Electromechanical Energy Conversion Page 9 N 0 00 quotI39Mth 400 W 539 er 332 mm a 1 F114 orera knv Palml 31 T 3 Mac Beg392qu entwined EILW V e91 M lvx o ClrcuH39 a Do 4 2 at a kw 000 l 5 000 459 R4 9R 0 3 lat191 ii 3 7 coasa 7413 aha Lecauie 6H Curve 3399 L 73130 Ha 04 H3000o 1 I ZEIOIL 0471 0 003 Magma 4 th 1 1555 500o4 3amp w I 793 1343 Be asm 5 0 0 0002 Solution Method for non linear magnetic core 1 Find equivalent electrical circuit 2 Write KVL amp KCL based on the given data B H curve reluctance etc 3 Rest of the algebra to nd desired variable r Egg l linear farquot 6 Electromechanical Energy Conversion Page 10 cHF 0 0 cm linear far 0 1 0 7 1 m a han ll nuw fArTL M 4 L A 14 10 z a quot M quot quot 4quot PM 300 rm O390lgmzlo 4 I order 442 Make EL BMMCTjj Aha Value 015 L L5 m 5quot BM l 45 5pm I 1 A 110 4 m I KVL39 N Ig zfm I SS 5 Erm g 1 g 3 H a 246 jc c 10 4 0 00 ll 04 043M010 STM143M or 0 1 39 5100la39E43 3MB L9 4 Immerse 0L 1 315000410 5 018 naj v w 4 Would L1 neviIve elemmlMJ Padilla Electromechanical Energy Conversion Page 11


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