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Eating Disorders Notes

by: Summer Boone

Eating Disorders Notes FDNS 2100

Summer Boone
GPA 4.0
Human Nutrition and Food

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About this Document

These are my notes from 10/13/15 on Eating Disorders.
Human Nutrition and Food
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Summer Boone on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to FDNS 2100 at University of Georgia taught by Grossman in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see Human Nutrition and Food in Nutrition and Food Sciences at University of Georgia.

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Date Created: 10/13/15
Exam 3 Notes Eating Disorders Chpt 9 Guest Lecture 393 How might the University environment contribute to eating behaviors Going downtown a lot all you can eat dining halls 24 hours dining hall On the other hand there s a stress for people to look a certain way What are some sources of support dealing with stress on and off campus Friends and family counseling at the Health Center Pet Therapy days gyms A Healthy Dawg seeks to improve all areas of life Emotional feelings intellectual learning physical body environmental natureEarth social relationships and community spiritual guiding beliefsvalues It s all about balance Dietary Guidelines for active American 20 year old men and women 9 Daily calories 2400 kcals 3000 kcals o Activeness is expressed with words sedentary moderately active and active Using Apps to count calories can lead to disordered thinking o Apps ask for constant information age gender height etc 9 They don t ask for information that can also change your calorie needs stress sleep pregnancy menstruation etc Normal Eating is Being able to eat when you are hungry until you re satis ed Undereating sometimes and wishing you ate more Overeating sometimes feeling stuffed and uncomfortable Giving yourself permission to eat sometimes when you re sad happy etc Takes up some time and attention but keeps its place as an important area of your life Flexible Varies in response to your emotions schedule hunger and proximity to food 393 De ning Weight and Health Messages about health in the media o Health depends on weight Thin healthy Fat unhealthy 9 Eat better and you will be healthier 9 Exercise more and you will be healthier The media is usually incorrect 9 Health is about more than weight 0 90 O 90 O 90 O 90 9 Health is about more than diet and exercise Q You can t tell if someone is healthy just by looking at them Body Mass Index BMI o Limitations doesn t tell you activity level genetic history if any chronic diseases are present mental health status or muscle vs fat ratio 393 De nitions 0 90 O 90 O O Anorexia Nervosa below 85 ideal body weight distortion of thoughts person sees themselves as overweight when they re underweight severe restrictions of calories 9 Can only be diagnosed by an MD Bulimia Nervosa repeated urge for binging and purging vomited laxatives excessive exercise etc Binge Eating Disorder same as bulimia without the purging Eating Disorder not otherwise speci ed an eating disorder that doesn t have all quali cations of one set disorder Disordered Eating Behaviors not diagnosable just behaviors o Skipping a meal every once in a while making decisions about food because of weight concerns o Frequent disordered eating behaviors lead to eating disorders Eating Disorders are individual have a preoccupation with food a serious medical problem product of many factors Highest mortality rate than any other mental illness 2011 UGA Statistics Vomiting taking laxatives or diet pills o 3 of men and women Dieting behaviors in the past 30 days o Women 41 men 16 o Problem with this because we don t know what kind of diet this is could be a healthy decision or could be an extremely unhealthy decision to lose weight What do eating disorders look like Someone who overexercises Someone who severely restricts food Also happen in men 25 of diagnosable people with eating disorders are men Frequent weighing or intense focus on weight What do eating disorders sound like quotI would never eat thatquot quotMy body looks disgustingquot quotI just want people to notice mequot asking for attention quotYou gave in you re weakquot telling yourself you re not strong enough to do it quotl have perfect control of my bodyquot even my hunger can t control me oz Changing our speech Complimenting others 9 Complimenting physical characteristics can sometimes encourage bad behaviors c Find different ways to compliment people not just about physical characteristics Judging Food Choices HUGE DEAL 9 Judging things that people eat can make them think that all that matters is cutting calories 9 Can mess with people s mental state 393 De nition of Health at Every Size HAES Help people adopt heath habits for the sake of health and wellbeing rather than weight control Encourages o Eating in a exible manner that values pleasure and honors internal hunger satiety and appetite o Finding the joy in becoming more physically active 9 Accepting and respecting the natural diversity of body sizes shapes eating habits and lifestyles oz Eating Disorder Reasons Biological o Genetics chemical imbalances family in uences things they say and do Psychological 9 Issue of control feelings of inadequacy stressors anxiety selfesteem Social 9 Cultural pressures quotattractiveness messagesquot in the media 9 Studies show that teens are exposed to about 14 a day 9 Cultural norms Example perceived use of cigarettes in the last 30 days was 80 but in actuality the use was 17 We sometimes perceive things differently than they actually are 9 Narrow de nitions of beauty o Affects both men and women 393 Physical Effects of Anorexia Affects your whole body 0 O 0 00000 O Brain can t think right worrying about gaining weight Hair gets thin and brittle Low blood pressure slow heart rate can have irregular heart beats Anemia and other problems Weak muscles and swollen joints Kidney stones kidney failure Low potassium magnesium and sodium Constipation bloating Skin bruises easily 393 Physical Effects of Bulimia Many similar to Anorexia Depression Swelling and soreness in cheeks Anemia Cavities tooth enamel erosion gum disease 393 How to help a friend Seta time to talk Voice your concerns clearly don t beat around the bush Ask a friend to share their feelings 9 Call Counseling and Psychiatric Services CAPS on campus Keeps medical information con dential Express support for them


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