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History Europe Lecture 5: The Rise and Spread of Islam

by: Maria Notetaker

History Europe Lecture 5: The Rise and Spread of Islam History 171

Marketplace > DePaul University > History > History 171 > History Europe Lecture 5 The Rise and Spread of Islam
Maria Notetaker
Europe, 400-1400
Andrew Miller

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About this Document

These notes will examine: Muhammad, from Mecca to Medina and back again: birth of Islam, Islamic Empire 632-732 (+ beyond), Christians and Jews under Muslim rule, and cultural + intellectual contri...
Europe, 400-1400
Andrew Miller
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Maria Notetaker on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to History 171 at DePaul University taught by Andrew Miller in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see Europe, 400-1400 in History at DePaul University.


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Date Created: 10/13/15
Lecture 5 The Rise and Spread of Islam 92315 We Will examine I Muhammad From mecca to Medina and back again birth of Islam Islamic Empire 6327 32 beyond Christians and Jews under Muslim Rule Cultural intellectual contributions The world of Muhammad dry dusty place off the beaten path I Clovis 4825111 I Justinian 527565 I Mohammed 571632 Life in arabia nomadic sedentm I Bedouinstribal nomadic peoples I settled communities bases on oases I tribal organization I patriarchal I tribal identity con ict ArabicMuhammad I tribal caravan con ict I raiders traders I mcenter of trade and religion I trade routes commerce AND ides I christian I jeWish I zoroastrian Mecca Ka ba Egg Shrine I Violence prohibited I refuge for trade prayer I tourist attracting I Quresh tribe control access I taX pilgrims I pro t power The prophet Muhammad I Born in Mecca c 571 I Revelations prayer recitation Koran I Completion of earlier revelations received by previous prophets The Koran I Revelations gt Surahs I Oral transmission nally written down in 8th c I Translation heretical I Arabic language culture spread Wreligion Islam submission I Muslim one who submits I Ummah community of believers I no intermediaries bW humans divine I monotheistic ka ba Opposition from Quraysh tribe Medina Muhammad greeted as religious secular leader I mediator in clan disputes I combo of political religious authority important precedent Islam Way of Life teachings not just religious beliefs The Five Pillars of Islam i Shahada there is no god but Allah Muhammad is his messenger ii Pray 5 times a day facing Mecca Salat iii Fast annually during month of Ramadan iv charity a strict percentage of income zakat V If possible make pilgrimage to mecca Mr for control of Mecca 624630 I battle of Badr 624 take out Mecca J ihad striving I Inhabitants I Given an option do u want to submit and be a part of this community Or be enslaved and die Conquest after Muhammad Mourning death of Muhammad I Caliph successor I Civil war 655661 I shi a Ali D 661 I Sunni Umayyad Dynasty Why did Islam succeed so spectacularly I Continuitv Wthe culture that eXisted before I ka ba I mecca I Ummah open to anyone Who made basis affirmation of faith I ummah supersedes any other loyalty I served to unite clans I Energies now focused on nonbelievers Byzantium Persia too weak to stop them How did muslims maintain such a large empire I local customs religions respected I christians jeW gt people of the book I held rights as dimmi 2nd class citizens I Less repressive than byzantines


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