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History Europe Lecture 6: The Carolingians: consolidation and rebirth

by: Maria Notetaker

History Europe Lecture 6: The Carolingians: consolidation and rebirth History 171

Marketplace > DePaul University > History > History 171 > History Europe Lecture 6 The Carolingians consolidation and rebirth
Maria Notetaker
Europe, 400-1400
Andrew Miller

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About this Document

In these notes, we will examine the rise of the Carolingians, Charlemagne's conquests + kingship, Carolingians + papacy, concept of “holy roman empire”, and the Carolingians renaissance.
Europe, 400-1400
Andrew Miller
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Maria Notetaker on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to History 171 at DePaul University taught by Andrew Miller in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see Europe, 400-1400 in History at DePaul University.


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Date Created: 10/13/15
Lecture 6 92915 The carolingians consolidation and rebirth We will examine rise of carolingians charlemagne39s conquests kingship carolingians papacy concept of holy roman empire carolingians renaissance Merovingian Kingdoms I Neustria Australia burgundy aristocratic factions mayors of palace 99l Merovingian Court I Itinerant I wealth land spoils gift economy I household servants aka maior domus I Local strongman bishops I rule local regions I pay tribute Merovingian Kingdoms I partible inheritance germanic munificence ring giver Diminished holdings Carolingian Takeover I By 700 Merovingian I impoverished I fighting amongst themselves I do nothing kings Australia Mayors of Palace Carolingian family I Post hereditary I create vast sociopolitical networks Carolingians I Exploit political alliances waristocratic families monasteries I Monasteries Romanized centralized Benedict Rule Alliance wl papacy I vital networks I supersede localized fragmented ties of merovingians Pepin of Herstal 687714 Mavor of Palace in Austria I Takes over neustria I controls 2 palaces I extends power over burgundy Carolingian on rise I merovingian kings in name only Charles The Hammer Martel r 714741 I Talented military chieftain I Battle of Tours 732 I Victory Spoils munificence I prestige power I luck land power passed down intact 1 son Charles son Pepin asks Pope Zachariah Should a powerless ruler have the title to king I should the merovingians really be king meaning I should be king Pepin the Short r 741768 I FrancoPapal alliance Reform of Frankish Church I Pepin supports missionaries pope I political religious consolidation of western Europe What s in it for Carolingians I Legitimizes usurpers I Solidifies network of aristocrats monasteries I Conversions exbansion of empire What s in it for the papacy Papacy gets protection from the Iombards Pepin the shorts donation of pippin 756 CE Pepping designates Iombard territory for papal governance Charlemagne Holy Roman Empire r 768814 I Warrior King First Stop Lombards I Defeated by 774 Next stop Campaign against aIAndalus in Spain in 778 I Battle of Roncesvalles 780s 90 s War against Saxons I Forced conversions I Brutal campaign I Executes 4000 in 1 day War Carolingians I means conversion I means expansion Expansion is key I Gift giving economy I Munificence loyalty Significance of Imperial Coronation I Christmas day 800 I Rome looks west I Insult to Byzantium Marriage between France Papacy I Pope claims to be EmperorMaker I HRE continuing importance of Rome s legacy 900 CE HarunalRashid I Muslim Caliph Baghdad I sends a diplomatic gift to Charlemagne An Elephant Carolingian Administration Kingship I organized as countries administrative units ruled by comites duces I Bound by Personal oath to Charlemagne I paid with land titles Carolingian Administration Kingship I capitularies laws issued by Charlemagne I missi dominici I capital at Aachen but largely itinerant I It ain t Rome Carolingian Renaissance Education Reform I Seven LiberalArts I Cathedral Schools Carolingian Renaissance I Preservation of classical christian cultural tradition I Manuscript copies I correcting scribal errors vulgate Carolingian Book of Gospels I Matthew I Emphasis on writing I Ink horn pen I Artistic themes interest in classical models like Byzantines


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