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Lecture 7: Crisis and Disintegration: Viking, pragmatism, and feudalism

by: Maria Notetaker

Lecture 7: Crisis and Disintegration: Viking, pragmatism, and feudalism MKT 376

Marketplace > DePaul University > Marketing > MKT 376 > Lecture 7 Crisis and Disintegration Viking pragmatism and feudalism
Maria Notetaker
Effective Business Communication
Paul Kessenich

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About this Document

In these notes, we will examine the later carolingians, division of charlemagne’s empire (internal crises), the viking, magyar + muslim invasions (external crisis), and new systems of political + e...
Effective Business Communication
Paul Kessenich
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Maria Notetaker on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MKT 376 at DePaul University taught by Paul Kessenich in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see Effective Business Communication in Marketing at DePaul University.


Reviews for Lecture 7: Crisis and Disintegration: Viking, pragmatism, and feudalism


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Date Created: 10/13/15
History Europe Lecture 7 10 1 1 5 Crisis and Disintegration viking pragmatism and feudalism We will examine I the later carolingians I division of Charlemagne s empire internal crises I viking magyar muslim invasions external crisis I new systems of political economic organization Feudalism manorialism Charlemagne dies in the year 814 succeeded by Louis the Pious r 814840 Internal problems i Kings as ringsgiver I from wars of conquest to wars of defense ii Inheritance practices partible inheritance I louis 3 sons Civil war louis the pious dies 840 Battle Fontenoyen paisley emperor lothair i opposes his brother louis the german and Charles Treaty of Verdun 843 Diving the Roman Empire into three sections I Lothair 823855 I louis the german 84087 6 I Charles the bald 84087 7 External problems new invasions vikings muslims magyars abundance of landless sons vikings warrior values seaworthy ships V CC led zeppelin s immigrant song 847 Capitulary of Meersen Charles the Bald All free men must choose a lord and are forbidden to leave that lord without just reason Radical decentralization of government Coping with the viking invasion Battles and Bribes I England Alfred the great Danelaw I Battle of Eddington in 878 I NE England under danelaw I Alfred39s successors pay danegeld I relative coexistence I France Charles the Simple Rollo el viking I Gave Rollo lands under condition that he defend it against Vikings I normandy I Rollo becomes duke Significance Lovalties are vertical rather than horizontii First Feudal Age Personal local webs of mutual obligation Carolingian Empire gt patchwork of duchies counties I Carolingian kings powerless I Nobles elect Captain as kings of France I Private welfare societv unstable DECENTRALIZATION Dominos lord Vassalas Vassal Servant The three orders I Those who gm knightly class I Those who m peasants I Those who pray clergy Three institutions I feudalism I manorialism I monasticism The Feudal Svstem I Knight Ger knecht servant or soldier I Feudalism lat foedus an agreement or treaty is not a medieval term gt agreement or treaty between lord and vassal Fidelities Vassalage I Lord provides protection land wealth I Vassal provides military service I F idelitieSfealtyhomage promise of loyal service I Fief gift of land from lord to vassal conditionally held The knight Life The knight obtains amor weapons horse horseback Not the romantic knight Manorialism the organization of daily life around a lords manor estate feudalism lordas vassals manoralism organization of labor work land


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