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Lecture 8: Clash Between Church & State

by: Maria Notetaker

Lecture 8: Clash Between Church & State History 171

Marketplace > DePaul University > History > History 171 > Lecture 8 Clash Between Church State
Maria Notetaker
Europe, 400-1400
Andrew Miller

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About this Document

In these notes, we will examine the the gregorian reform movement, and the results in clashes between church and states.
Europe, 400-1400
Andrew Miller
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Maria Notetaker on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to History 171 at DePaul University taught by Andrew Miller in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see Europe, 400-1400 in History at DePaul University.


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Date Created: 10/13/15
10915 Lecture 8 Clash Between Church amp State We will examine Main points 1 vikings rads diminish stop by c 1000 CE allowing for gregorian reform movement I wrest church from lay control I create a clergy separate above laity Main points 2 Results in clashes blw church state I growth of papal government bureaucracy I people drawn from parish to papacy I consequences for women religiosity Central Middle Ages 9th11th centuries I No Charlemagne many vikings I Centralized authority I Uneven justice I Social ties are ocapersonal Identity based on Two variable i One s manor ii Christian Feudalism Primogeniture 9th 10th centuries Vassals don t give up fiefs I Partible inheritance How to keep fiefs intact I Primogeniture What happens to younger sons I monasteries I Get their own fiefs I frustrated violent troublemakers gt juvenes or youths H Monks and monasticism I tied to knightly class through mutual services kinship monasticism in 10th centurv feudalization of the church monasteries vulnerable secular lords needed church lands exploited results there not really religiously pure institutions anymore Monastic Reform I cluny 909 I william the pious duke I immune monastegy I results the monastery gets so much money they build a massive church and the french revolution destroys it Cluniac generation inspires religious reform Monks gt Reformer bishop I End Simony gt ending the buying and selling of church offices I Remove churches from lay control gt continue to be like Cluny I clerical celibacy gt want to be the greater men of society amp be more like Jesus Why the need for a pope Belief in a single religious truth Problem of determining this truth I petrine doctrine Reality Papal power after charlemagne I localization of political authority pope pope who religiously feudalization of clergy pope aristocratic tool Papal Revolution Stage One Initiated by Holy Roman Emperor Cluniac Reformers Investiture in HRE I Emperors nominate powerful churchman I Abbeys sought royal protection I Symbolically invested I Ecclesiastics swore oaths of fealty to their kings Henry Iquot 10171056 I defendant of churchsupporter of reform But I Experienced control over nomination of bishops Reforminci the Papacy Pope Leo IX 10491054 reform i prohibit simony ii expand church government I depose disobedient clergy I councils I college of cardinals I papal legates I canon law Stage Two lnvestiture conflict Gregory VII vs Henry IV Simony gt structural problem caused by lay investiture Religious leaders superior college of cardinals elects pope prohibition of Lay lnvestitu re 1075 Henry IV opposes Gregory s reform Bishops nobles of HRE rake sides ouess who does w whom Issues I Who appoints bishop I Who invests bishops w symbols Ceremony of lnvestiture bishop invested w symbols of his office authority I pastoral staff sheppard I ring marriage I lance secular Gregory VII excommunicated Henry in 1075 Impact Henry at Canossa in 1077 Impact Henry IV vs Gregory VII I Temporary truce I Henry Invades rome I Pope gregory dies in exile Concordat of Worms 1122 So who won the pope wins Longterm impact of Gregorian Reforms i Papal monarchy power inside amp outside church ii Secular politics in germany is destroyed i lnvestiture contest destroved oermanv as a strong state ii local nobles gt more power at expense of emperor iii Development of a larger community i local communities drawn into larger religious world ii power of papacy connects iv Role of women in church i clerical purity ii effects on priests with families iii misogyny Why celibacy I married priests expensive I ecclesiastical offices as family property I bolster clerical claims to spiritual superiority I scriptural authority paul39s first letter to corinthians Who s at faults for sexual temptation Women Clerical wives abandoned where did they go gt they don t know Impact on clergy I VIRGIN MARY focus for purified cleft I virginal priests identify w virgin mother I mary substitute wife I 12th c miracle story


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