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Daily Notes

by: Nathan Lau

Daily Notes Lit 61F

Nathan Lau
Intro to Fiction
Wlad Godzich

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About this Document

This is the notes i've taken in the class.
Intro to Fiction
Wlad Godzich
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nathan Lau on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Lit 61F at University of California - Santa Cruz taught by Wlad Godzich in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see Intro to Fiction in Literature at University of California - Santa Cruz.

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Date Created: 10/13/15
Lesson 6 Synoptic Analysis 0 Synopsis summary digest Compressed account 0 Analysis separation of something into its constituent parts 0 Synoptic analysis a compressed account that focuses on the constituent parts and their articulation Articulation the way element Synoptic Analysis 11 0 Immanent not about context work only with what the text has to offer do not import knowledge from the outside 0 Do not walk your reader through the text Not linear or chronological 0 No interpretation Do not translate text into a different language Stay with its language and define what the terms mean in the text 0 Not comprehension do not appropriate what the text says by making it your own Synoptic Analysis 111 How to think and be aware of how one thinks 0 The half glass example 0 Optimist vs Pessimist Idealistic Thinking Relate what you see to a preexisting idea and judge on the basis of this idea Reject the view 0 Think like a engineer What does the engineer see Beyond the optimism vs pessimism binary Sade and Nature Nature as source of authority Returning to the state of nature Hobbes vs Rousseau Human laws and hypocrisy Domination 0 Nature is amoral Morality is social It is a technology of power used by the powerful to impose their will on the weak 0 How should one live Laws of Nature Laws of Nature vs Natural Law 0 Natural Law doctrine Part of the secularization effected by Modernity Moving from theological concepts to philosophical ones 0 Natural Law as Divine Law under a different name Principal difference not revealed but discovered Science replaces faith as the underpinning of Law 0 Sade against Natural Law Advocates Laws of Nature 0 Laws of Nature vs Law of Nature Do all laws of Nature derive from one over arching Law Humans and Nature 0 Are the Laws of Nature systemic Can they be in con ict with each other And if so how are such con icts resolved 0 How are humans to align themselves with Nature What causes human to act Social determination Needs Role of Desire 0 Use of ethnological evidence Where is society Despotism Despotism and sexuality 0 Bare life Sexuality as the revealer of bare life Sexuality as the biopolitics of bare life The sodality of the Friends of Crime 0 Statues of the Sodality P 417ff What is a Sodality What does it mean to be quotabove the lawquot Why Sade argues for the support of the arts p420 Do humans have obligations toward one another Love p757 Juliette tells the Pope he loves her Family quotNatural bondsquot between parents and children Humans and Nature 11 0 Naturalization Enlightenment39s attitude toward naturalization Deism vs atheism 0 Sade on religion and specially on Christianity Cf J uliette39s speech to the Pope p748ff Her history of the papacy 0 Crime quotThus it is crime will sport with innocence when having wealth and in uence on its side nought remains for it to do but combat misfortune and povertyquot p742 Personification of crime it is endowed with agency Humans and Nature 111 o The papal doctrine on crime quotordinary philosophers have submitted man to Nature I am prepared to prove to you that man is in wise dependent upon herquot 765 0 Humans as the quotfrothquot of Nature Accidental origin of humans Against Kant39s ZweckmaBigkeit Humans as a device for Nature to know itself and thus achieve its goals and purposes Knowledge of Nature is Nature39s trick to know itself Materialist account of life and death 772 0 The legitimacy of murder historically established Thomas de Quincey 1785 1859 Why de Quincey Structural role in course Brief biography Precocious intelligence Fluent Ancient Greek at 15 0 Runs away from school and home at 17 Destitute starves Live with a prostitute in London 0 Reconciled with mother Modest inheritance Biography II 0 Oxford Learns German FAILS TO GRADUATE Befriends Wordsworth Coleridge o Opium at 19 Confessions of an English Opium Eater 1821 o Marries 7 children Edinburgh Attempted suicide by wife Debtor39s prison 1831 Holyrood 1833 0 Writing for living Range of writings The Logic of Political Economy 1844 Classical economics On murder considered as One of the Fine Arts 182718391854 0 Devious text An entertainment or more 0 Society for the Encouragement of Murder gt Society of Connoisseurs of Murder The French Terror Edmund Burke Re ections on the Revolution in France 1790 Modern British Conservatism Tory 0 Connoisseurship Art collections Museums London as cosmopolitan art center 0 Connoisseurship and aesthetics Aesthesis in Greek Philosophy Aesthetics Defoe and aesthetics Scottish aesthetics 0 Aesthetica by Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten 1750 Immanuel Kant The three Critiques The Parmenidean equation of the True the Good and the Beautiful Modern differentiation Science Pure Reason Ethics or morality viz 18 ceuntry sense Academy of Moral Sciences Practical Reason Aesthetics Critique of Judement the Beatutiful and the Sublime De Quincey vs Kant 0 Challenging Kant39s Categorical Imperative The case of lying Kant39s firmness when questioned by Benjamin Constant 0 De Quincey39s history of murder The philosophers Kant39s narrow escape from murder The German account vs de Quincey39s 0 Kant unknowingly saved from murder by aesthetic judgment Murder and Aesthetics 0 The question how can we admire esthetically what we condemn ethically 0 Kant art and sensus communis The ah Effect and community Form over content Kantian Formalism Kant and enthusiasm 0 Murder for its own sake 0 When aesthetics supplants ethics Walter Benjamin Nazi aesthetics and politics Aesthetic biopolitics Murder and the reader 0 De Quincey Aristotelian catharsis as response to murder Purgation of the soul Purification of emotions pity and fear throigh art tragedy Aesthetic reaction to murder Critical judgment of murder beauty and the sublime 0 The complicity of the reader The success of murder stories as evidence of this complicity Disguising murder stories as detective stories or more generally as crime stories to occult the reader39s complicity and preserve the reader39s ethical purity De Quincey and the aesthetics of imperialism 0 The Malay in the Confessions of an Opium Eater The recurrent dream Huamnity and animality of the Malay as thing The Malay vs the children The threat of the Other the comfort of the Same The children as English children The comfort of the Nation 0 De Quincey39s sinophobia Con ation of the Chinese and the South Asian Indostan eventually of the Malay The racist rant and aesthetic judgement 0 An aesthetic judgment with political consequences De Quincey and the embrace of British imperialism The opium wars Great Britain and France as champions of narco trade Narco trafficking as imperial venture De Quincey39s rejection of diplomacy negotiation and compromise implied equality of the parties Armed diplomacy 14000 British soldiers as support for British diplomats Imperialism and gunboat diplomacy Aesthetics and imperialism not a moral issue Judge imperial ventures by aesthetic standards Complicity in and assent to imperialism


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