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Injury Mechanism and Healing

by: Jeanne Arnson-Serotta

Injury Mechanism and Healing KIN 184

Marketplace > Kinesiology > KIN 184 > Injury Mechanism and Healing
Jeanne Arnson-Serotta
Athletic and Sport Injuries
Magda Aldousany

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About this Document

Athletic and Sport Injuries
Magda Aldousany
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jeanne Arnson-Serotta on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to KIN 184 at a university taught by Magda Aldousany in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 20 views.

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Date Created: 10/13/15
828 15 Injury Mechanism and Healing Terms 0 Flexion bending your joint 0 Abduction line down the middle of the body midline Abduction is moving the body away from the midline 0 Adduction is the opposite and when the body is moved towards the midline o Medialinside toward my body 0 Lateral outside away from body Mechanism of Injury DON T NEED TO KNOW EXCEPT ONE FREEBIE QUESTION 0 Axial 0 Along a straight line headbutt to head straight through to the spine 0 Direction of force determines the injury 0 Compression o Crushingpushing 0 Tension o Pulling 0 Muscle needs to meet bone at the tendon Straining muscles pulls muscles and leads to tension injuries 0 Musculotendinous junction muscle tendon together make up 0 Tendon stronger than attached muscle 0 Muscle will tear first near junction where diameter is thinnest o Tendon soft tissue which attaches muscle to bone o Ligament soft tissue which attaches bone to bone 0 Tendons attach to the bone if the muscle is stronger than the tendon the tendon can tear 0 Shear o Rotation o Tension of the force and rotation giving compressional force Muscle Strain strain muscle 0 1St degree small micro tears but no loss of function causes soreness and mild pain 0 2nd degree extensive tissue rupture with moderate pain muscle weakness and loss of function 0 3rd degree major loss tissue continuity nerve separation usually therefore person will experience no pain to mild severe swelling Tendinitis 0 In ammation of tendons 0 Chronic onset due to repetitive overuse overstretch overload Pain over entire length of tendon may have swelling may have crepitus gravelgrating noise pain increase with stretching Sprain sprainligament 0 Traumatic injury to a ligament stretch or torn 0 1St degree micro tear mild pain mild to no swelling no loss of function 0 2nd degree moderate loss of function and some joint instability moderate pain and swelling tear nearly half the ligament fibers 0 3rd degree major loss of function SEVERE pain big difference between muscle strains severe instability Dislocation vs Subluxation 0 Dislocation the bone pops out and stays out and will later be popped back in by self or trainer 0 Subluxation the bone pops out and pops right back in without assistance 0 Need to be trained to pop a bone back in because damage can be caused to ligaments pinch blood vessels etc and you can be liable Fracture 0 Simple broken bone but skin hasn t been broken 0 Compound bone is broken and poking out of the skin 0 Stress chronic overuse Phases of healing DON T NEED TO KNOW EXCEPT FOR THAT ONE FREEBIE o In ammatory Phase 06 days 0 Acute phase average 3 days 0 First body constricts blood vessels to stop blood loss 0 After swellingedema occurs 0 1St constriction of blood so you don t bleed out then blood dilates to allow swelling 0 Area prepares for repair 0 Proliferation Phase 321 days 0 Stable wound site 0 Less swelling and edema 0 Area is weaker than normal 0 There is healthy tissue around injured area 0 Maturation Phase up to 1 year 0 Up to 1 year 0 Scar tissue forms this tissue has less 50 strength of normal tissue 0 Remodeling phase Factors delay healing 0 Local too much edema spasms infection in ammation poor blood supply prolonged immobilization 0 Too much edema swelling isn t good because you cant move that muscle enough to rehabilitate it 0 Systemic poor nutrition poor or no blood to area infection 0 Mismanagement of injury


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