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The Shoulder

by: Jeanne Arnson-Serotta

The Shoulder KIN 184

Marketplace > Kinesiology > KIN 184 > The Shoulder
Jeanne Arnson-Serotta
Athletic and Sport Injuries
Magda Aldousany

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About this Document

Athletic and Sport Injuries
Magda Aldousany
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jeanne Arnson-Serotta on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to KIN 184 at a university taught by Magda Aldousany in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 53 views.

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Date Created: 10/13/15
The Shoulder Sternum is your breast bone and you can feel it in the center of your chest It is the big bone where your ribs attach At the top of your sternum it meets the clavicle collar bones and this joint is called the sternoclavicularjoint Following the clavicle to the tip of your shoulder it meets the AC joint Acromioclavicular 0 On the back where the scapula chicken wing shoulder blades comes forward and attaches to your shoulder That s where the AC comes into play 0 Wraps around your shoulder forward and meets your clavicle which is called the acromium is a projection of the scapula Don t need to know Coracoclavicular Joint Shoulder is a ball and socket joint the head of your humorous sits in a cave like structure called the glenofossa 0 That socket joint is called the glenohumeral joint When you lift your arm over your head and move it away from your body abduction our scapula needs to rotate or slide on your thorax rib cage Muscle Anatomy of Shoulder Your rotator cuff is made of four muscles Its main action is abduction and externalinternal rotation Deltoid is cap like structure of muscles hanging over the edge of your shoulder abduction Bicep flex elbow In the front of your upper arm and your triceps are posterior in the back Biceps are on the front because they flex my shoulder and my elbow and triceps are in the back to extend your shoulder and elbow Rotator Cuff Injury 0 O O O O 0 Due to usually repetitive motions overuse Overhead athletes Baseball quotcocking phase force can increase to 80120 is of their body weight is in their shoulder when they bring their arm back to throw a ball Don t choose teres major on the test It is minor Partial or full tears SITS Supraspinatus infraspinatus teres minor subscapularis abd ER ERR mpingement Injury 0 0 Due to RTC muscles impacting with bursa or bony structure where muscle are compressed again surface When one of the muscles of your rotator cuff the supraspinatus it runs under your clavicle and towards your shoulder When you abduct your arm it can impinge this muscle and it gets caught under the bones Best way to injure it is swimming tennis baseball Bicipital Tendinitis 0 Small thin tendon inserts between your bicep and bones of your humorous O O Bony bumps are creating a groove that this tendon sits in As you ER and IR it can cause the tendon to pop out of the groove and will cause fraying over time Tendon is running in a bicipital groove which is giving you ANTERIOR shoulder pain Bicep Tendon Rupture O O O O O O Prolonged tendinitis can weaken it making easier to rupture t frays and frays and frays and eventually snaps t rolls into your arm and create a quotpopeyequot muscle deformity Acutely you would see a lot of bruising around this rupture because when the muscle ruptures off the bone and hits some veins SS intense pain partial rupture slight deformity weaknessno flexion Apply cold compress sling refer to doctor Thoracic Outlet Syndrome O O Nerves and vessels are compressed in neck or armpit Between your neck but before it goes down to your upper arm it gets trapped and compressed somewhere in your upper shoulder Common in weightlifting and swimming because of overhead rotational stress with resistance Symptoms become neuro vascular tingling numbness Clavicular Fracture O O O Majority of fractures happen in the middle section of the clavicle I Where the S is is the weakest part of the bone 80 happen in middle MOI cause is direct blow or fall on shoulder fall on an outstretched hand Common in ice hockey martial arts lacrosse bicycling Scapular Fracture O O O O O 0 May involve the body or spine of scapula Often requires surgery with internal fixation The spine of the scapula is the protruding part and below that is where the scapula gets fractured It is rare and difficult to fracture Usually won t see a deformity because of all the muscles you have lying over it Is a medical EMERGENCY Humeral Fracture O O MCI is similar to clavicular fracture where you have to fall with an outstretched hand Your elbow has to be straight and your arm has to be straight force needs to be able to get all the way up Direct blow fall on upper arm Glenoid Labrum Tears O O Labrum is most commonly injured in baseball players and secondly in swimming Labrum adds stability to the joint by sealing around like a plunger if you disrupt that seal Your bicep tendon attaches to your labrum so if you rupture your bicep you also have a torn labrum There s other anatomical structure connected meaning you damage one you damage the other SS clicking locking catching inability reach back behind Slap Tear I Superior labrum tear from anterior to posterior I Common throwing athletes I SS dull throbbing brought on by exertion when you throw pain lying down I Most cover fully surgical and rehab some do not require surgery I Simply a type of labrum tear Superior Labrum tear Anterior to Posterior SLAP Motion 0 When we talk about moving the scapula across the rib cage in order to get overhead movement that rotation is called scapulohumeral rhythm Acromioclavicular Joint Sprain o Clavicle and acromium are held together by a tiny ligament fyou were to fall on the tip of your shoulder that ligament would get stretched or torn is a sprain of a ligament 0 also known as shoulder separation when it is grade 3 deformity called a step down deformity when it is torn and you see a separation of your clavicle and a quotStepoff sort of gap where the humorous is supposed to be attached 0 shear test AC test one hand is on the clavicle towards the shoulder and other on the scapula interlace fingers and compress together this would illicit pain in the athlete Glenohumeral Dislocation o Fancy way of saying shoulder dislocation o 90 of the cases are anterior dislocations meaning it is punched out and slides forward 0 Arm is usually extended playing a sport blocking catching etc and that will push it forward 0 Acute 0 Acute usually has nerve damage and fractures I nerves coming of your spine and into your shoulder running down in to forearm is likely if that is dislocated some of those nerves will be stretched or damaged I due to this treat as medical emergency as would a fracture immobilize and ice to reduce movement and spasm 0 SS tingling intense pain in anterior arm is away from body and externally rotated and held against your body if it is an injury in posterior arm athlete will hold arm against chest in adduction and internal rotation I Trying to make it feel more stable by going the opposite way the injury happened 0 Chronic o Instability has to be in your shoulder before this I Constantly subluxing or dislocating your shoulder and each time it weakens it breaks some ligaments blood vessels etc 0 As occurrence increases the impact need to dislocate decreases o co arm quotgoing dead less painful compared to acute crunching clicking many reduce with flex IR ADD 0 common in tennis swing follow through bench press when coming into extension blocking in football swimming


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