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Punishment and Corrections Week 4

by: Katerina Patrinos

Punishment and Corrections Week 4 Sociology 378

Marketplace > University of Wisconsin - Whitewater > Sociology > Sociology 378 > Punishment and Corrections Week 4
Katerina Patrinos
GPA 3.7
Sociology of Punishment and Corrections
Dr. Gregory

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About this Document

Sociology of Punishment and Corrections
Dr. Gregory
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Katerina Patrinos on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Sociology 378 at University of Wisconsin - Whitewater taught by Dr. Gregory in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see Sociology of Punishment and Corrections in Sociology at University of Wisconsin - Whitewater.


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Date Created: 10/13/15
Sociology of Punishment and Corrections 101315 440 PM Deterrence Explains why people dodo not offend 0 Crime crates decrease where pain increases 0 Harsh lawpunishment Attractive cause it makes sense 0 Hot stove phenomenon Difficult to make corrections a stove n Swiftness Uncertainly of crime slow trial process a Sure certainty Lack of evidence a Severity Not painful enough will not deter Characteristics 0 The more likely a person will be punished the less crime there will be deterrence theory shows the reason why people go into crime is not only that crime is attractive but also conformity is unattractivequot conformity can be harder easy to not conform 0 go to crime for attractivenessadrenaline rush strain theory involves blocked opportunity to conform and get to goals by different means 0 make conformity attractive 0 job trainingplace to live 0 rehabilitation Does Deterrence work 0 Policy changes 3 strikes laws before vs after 0 Macro levelgeo areas poverty level racial size of PD Works for short term not long term Assumptions 0 Cost vs benefit Rational choice 0 Offenders and citizens are the same Incapacitation taking people out of the community 0 Reduces crime without changing offenders Questions 0 How much incapacitation can we afford o Cant lock up everyone that commits a crime 0 Prisons do reduce crime but by how much Incapacitation effect 0 The Amount of crime saved or does not occur from being locked Collective and selective incapacitation Collective 0 Lock up groups of people ex Robbers Selective 0 Selecting variablescharacteristics to incapacitate people Ex likely to re offend aggression violence severity people that cant be rehabilitated multiple strikes of past offenses Better idea 0 Selecting out high rate offenders Requires predicting how much future crime offender will commit watched a TED talk video on Restorative justice Rehab 0 Behavior can be changed 0 Components of Rehab 0 Intervention by correctional system Some courts retrieve programs for people 0 Intervention is planned 0 Intervention targets factors causing criminality o Interventions main goal is to reduce recidivism May help improve offender Rehab is utilitarian goal of the criminal sanction Rehab embraces the medical model and focuses on individual treatment What works 0 Emphasis on criminoqneic behavior 0 Criminogenic risk factors 0 Uses treatment that targets theses factors Mental poverty family life substance abuse etc criminogenic n Antisocial association beliefs personality traits addiction a disease 0 High vs low risk 0 CBT Cognitive behavior therapy 0 Becoming aware of bad cognitions and changing them 0 stinkin thinking What doesn39t work 0 Punishmentorientated programs DARE 0 Character building programs boot camp 0 Clientcenterednon directive counseling 0 talk to someone about your feelings RJ practices 0 Identify and take steps to repair harm Involve all stakeholders Transform relationship between communities and their gouts responding to crime Principles of restorative justice 0 Restore those who have been injured 0 ALL should have opportunity to participate In process Restorative justice values Encounters Amends Reintegration 0 Inclusion Restorative justice programs 0 Offender victim mediation Circles conferencing re institution CSR OOOO 101315 440 PM 101315 440 PM


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