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2BW- Comparative Lit Week 2 Lecture Notes

by: Taylor Leong

2BW- Comparative Lit Week 2 Lecture Notes 2BW

Marketplace > University of California - Los Angeles > Hispanic Studies > 2BW > 2BW Comparative Lit Week 2 Lecture Notes
Taylor Leong
GPA 3.393
2BW-Survey of Literature: Middle Ages to 17th Century
D.W. Macfayden

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About this Document

Notes from the Second week of Comparative Literature Lectures. Subject: Uncertainty and Social Mobility in Chaucer's time, feat. The Wife of Bath
2BW-Survey of Literature: Middle Ages to 17th Century
D.W. Macfayden
Class Notes
chaucer, comparative literature, UCLA, canterbury tales, wife of bath
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Taylor Leong on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 2BW at University of California - Los Angeles taught by D.W. Macfayden in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see 2BW-Survey of Literature: Middle Ages to 17th Century in Hispanic Studies at University of California - Los Angeles.

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Date Created: 10/13/15
Thursday October 8 2015 Comparative Literature Lectures 34 Medieval era Things changed with the Black Death more people died and people travelled around a lot more Society traditionally was broken down into three groups Clergy Nobility and Workers who made up the majority Due to so many people dying traditional social structures got broken down WORKERS DIED OUT Less work supply So Workers could charge more for their labor Rise of the Merchant class New money much more socially mobile could become very rich or very poor depending on how the market fluctuated and their own choices Chaucer s Canterbury Tales Discusses this new society that has been destabilized Binding force of the Church unites these people despite differences in status and background Still an increasing awareness of Church s flaws The Beginning of SATIRE SATRE Uses humor Contemporary comedy used to question the establishment Tabard Inn Tells stories on the way in and stories on the way out Told in lambic Pentameter Question of What makes a GOOD Story Stories that tell us how people should became vs how they do behave People test each other through telling stories Not just a matter of who is speaking important to know who is listening as well ie is the story being told to a friar or a knight How do they react to the story Stories are told in the context of a social situation Success of the story determined by how its received Issue of Faith Lots of religious figures ls faith enough for holiness Or do you need to DO stuff as well Earthly vs Spiritual Story about pilgrims on their way to visit a Cathedral stop by the TABARD INN on the way there to tell stories Pub A place where sitcoms and drama happens Booze Food Forgetting inhibitions Represents EARTH and EARTHLY affairs Cathedral Represents Heaven journey to Cathedral is a symbolic movement from Earth to Heaven Thursday October 8 2015 We can tell a lot about the characters from where they feel comfortable in between Earth and Heaven The role of MONEY Is the Church too greedy at this time Even in Modern times Church of England the biggest landowner in the UK MONEY as a source of social mobility merchants rising in statue due to money as well Like in Beowulf there is BOASTING but here the boasting plays a very different role here Everybody is trying to impress each other with their boasts but what is true and what is not is up for grabs No actually authority to be accountable to Boasting looked upon negatively as just words people don t need to prove themselves The Human Body Appearance is a reflection of character Ex The Wife of Bath Wearing Redsymbol of promiscuity Gap between her 2 teeth symbol of lustiness The Physical world provides insight into the immaterial world TL DR People were putting less stock in old authorities ie The Church Feudalism and thus doubt reigns and people start to question present structures using satire Lecture 4 The Wife of Bath EXEMPLUM Story designed to teach us something concerned with the TRUTH and right CON FESSIONARY TALE More concerned with talking about what you ve done wrong SATIRE Mockery of existing structures using humor Canterbury Tales and the Wife of Bath specifically combine elements from all of the above Wife of Bath Claims to know about Marriage men How does she get her knowledge Primarily from EXPERIENCE An EMPIRICAL experience learning things through trial and error experiments Separate from Faith Although she still refers to scripture ancient philosophers etc to back up her claims and make her sound more convincing Cathedral Hcl cn m39i139tiltm wultgl vgutiun 1 place of 1111in l39ll om truth CIty 42th ideas are debuted place Hf lil39l39t39l cm t39 DIAII39 disrumino of smvml lillt l t39l idms Uses her sex appeal to increase her social mobility blurs lines between traditional statuses Story about private life now When she tells her story of the Queen and the Knight she excuses her story before it starts tis only intended to amuse lnteractive pessimism downgrading before you speak Questions Is she really as confident as she purports herself If she says that EXPERIENCE is where she gets our values Then why does she feel the need to find backup sources Questions In the story King Arthur defers the issue of the rapist Knight to the Queen to judge with her experience as a woman A case of inverted power dynamics the Queen and the magical old woman are the ones who decide the fate Later story brings up issues of private lives The Church may have changed the landscape but has it changed people s private lives The Queen s Challenge What is it that women desire most The knight seeks his answer not in knowledge books the Biblescriptures But in people s experiences asks different people in society Eventually learns through a folkloric encounter Thursday October 8 2015 TLDR Mistrust of the Church in a time where traditional values are upset where do people get their values Individual experience is one place but it s overall a confusing time and the Wife of Bath reflects this confusion


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