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BEDNotes-Discussion and PPT Presentation she gave us

by: V.L.Anchondo

BEDNotes-Discussion and PPT Presentation she gave us BED 3344

Marketplace > University of Texas at El Paso > Language > BED 3344 > BEDNotes Discussion and PPT Presentation she gave us
Parent/Community Advocacy
Vanessa Espitia Mendoza

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About this Document

Here are the discussion notes from this last Monday, hope they help and keep rocking!
Parent/Community Advocacy
Vanessa Espitia Mendoza
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by V.L.Anchondo on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BED 3344 at University of Texas at El Paso taught by Vanessa Espitia Mendoza in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see Parent/Community Advocacy in Language at University of Texas at El Paso.

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Date Created: 10/13/15
quot W H196 M T g bw i Emma Ca nsjr s AQMQJq 11963 K fth 7Lc br ahkerr 5h Lk edx r C9 m mgjn 4 abd 0n u A ihaw bVVgxonquge mghffgre V n m 9 7n 3 lt93 9amp aweLani 7 a h r U Ld9 if k 139 tecxb I Life V fcio l me A quotU lt1 eorsf quot kgn uj anle 7 7 7 m39of a Lee cl inquot C lt13 gnagmi f13 u dent b umjnfent cmc4i V i 7 quot39Cwe ciirli bi Mm NW Eb Id Mb b 1 DQEEQEQ DEEP e re 3 mm is i39m lltQ X TWQC 2 QnCL 7 We f 7 i rices f Us 539 53 EH 413 it jgb 4 0619 0g m kf i g A LJIOQX vvncxlp s 414 m fJCMW 7 e3c e Jifih 21 unca h mquottiow e 3 7 523933 39 co m L lr geH nd mega JFMCLS y 0 r quot eU Y 31 SETH 0L ng C rd 5 K OLU t dth abod if qchboi SH MW 0366 mhid0n 439 hwv mqnew w 51pr 301100 5 K 0hes l lcfi 23 0 VNSBUFQQ 3 mwss OWL QE Ui ngL Englls h Lumwjadi 4quot U v w 170 09 e thd6n 5 m abmu gammy QM if ELLS Ehg bh Mgua gg i c krnc ama Elkt L0 age er Jigiggzg Wew lt1 minLag g2 p fwd1 r r1 V 7 I 3k vf maijcmn n sm OmarJQO Enqjiak V Cr 1 MgU311 l am r5 if 1 i Lu 116F192 peg Q C a 05 m m TSUrv Fcxbo of home Langwac QJ M 7 m 5 quot a oawacgg Clie Lg 7 439ng3 mend C mminee r V 7 7 m K Mn 9 39il i 1quot VC 439 7 f 7 a i mo 0 39I h f a n F Lg PLQCTEZSgQJEwri kg i r 7 U W W ahp bnilegL wggjt 63c F0 6 r A f mm mm WQLW 4183 9 f v be rm rm EL Lr 9i luwfm rHc r ml 8 m h dwg 39 N rf39mcwcatimf y Mad M LA r 3 rE m1 csuSUJQAVltc 39ffc if r J I an Spam King J co mpvem mm huwgha rg mg n m L 1C1 gii l 3 ur W of Kw srirc2bg L 53 Lafl w1953198135 ream AliW154 s 439 7 n 5 13 9 5me 1mmm stgeS 2 A H056 PW593 f e l eadl ml 39 A I U m h 1qu f drama c o 09 Sq idm 0mg H r W M Le Hit w Q1 96 r 1ch 2 397 5r TVC 9M Cpf 5 uni dg iquot 3 WF E gsm mi hg f f 39R f ir i r c o quot i quot Emb m ck gmkm 6 f 1215 0 e WWW e r 0 a LT u 6 i in N 0 SLI Cc a g9 mile PW 9g agcLdrmk 63 lt40 a glenMquot fsL bast39imgm q 17 Mme CLGLLCerw 39u 139 Wk i V m M MN fO 25 2 m hvct RDM ii T he q Cb LhOw 1 Queb on w5mm3f be min v tUCWJQ f Dyichlans j jQQGS ij3 39in conshrvcf 77C2wovedm10 p UJ Shown3 2th meaning magma 91 63 9 C300 E5 q 7 v quot06 quot139 UV E r aalimu will aha rmtfaw


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