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Ch 7 Notes- Social Psychology

by: Abigail Sanders

Ch 7 Notes- Social Psychology PSYC 3520

Marketplace > Clemson University > Psychlogy > PSYC 3520 > Ch 7 Notes Social Psychology
Abigail Sanders
GPA 3.8
Social Psychology
Alice Brawley

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About this Document

These are the detailed notes on Chapter 7 on Social Influence. I've been told I'm a great notetaker so I hope these are helpful!
Social Psychology
Alice Brawley
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Abigail Sanders on Wednesday October 14, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSYC 3520 at Clemson University taught by Alice Brawley in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 56 views. For similar materials see Social Psychology in Psychlogy at Clemson University.


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Date Created: 10/14/15
Social Psychology Brawley Chapter 7 Social In uence CONFORMITY tendency to change beliefs behaviors or attitudes to match others 0 Voluntary you choose to make the change 0 Solomon Asch line study 0 5 participants in session Which comparison line match the standard line Multiple trails repeated task In one trial first four participants actually researchers answered incorrectly 75 of participants conformed at least once Group unanimity everyone agrees increases conformity 0 Shown same effect in studies of attitudes opinions facts OOOOO WHY PEOPLE CONFORM 1 To Be Right informational in uence a EX Tour groups on campus follow you to dining hall b EX Asch study 2 To Be Liked normative in uence a EX Pretend you like working out around healthy friends b If you confirm behaviorally may stop doing behavior or change attitude toward working out or friends c Usually people don t change private attitudes WHEN PEOPLE CONFORM 1 Group Size larger group more likely to conform a EX Am I the only one feeling cold b If a lot of other people agree you would be likely to change own attitude 2 Group Unanimity if everyone else agrees a Reduces a lot if even one person disagrees 3 Commitment To Group more committed to group a Includes positive and negative commitment i EX Positive getting paid liking coworkers ii EX Negative not having other job options iii Either type of commitment more likely to conform 4 Desire For Individuation how much you are willing to stand out from the group a Good thing when it makes someone less liable to conform in a positive way i EX If all of your friends jump off a bridge Social Psychology Brawley MINORITY INFLUENCE when someone with minority opinion or behavior in uences rest of group majority 0 Good when majority of behavior is bad 0 EX Working with a group and majority has wrong answer for test 0 EX Group is brainstorming only one has a unique new idea 0 When this works behaviors of minority members 0 Consistent forceful logically consistent make sense not rigid exible in how you present idea 0 Other examples of minority in uence 0 EX Women right to vote 0 EX Jury of 12 people I 11 guilty votes I 1 innocent vote 0 Forceful speak up 0 Have a logical sensible case for innocence 0 Flexible consider what others say COMPLAINCE making a changedoing something at another s request 0 EX Roommate asks about doing dishes 0 EX Parents ask to do chores 0 EX Ask Siri about a song Social Psychology Brawley WHY PEOPLE COMPLY six bases of social power 1 Rewards a Ex Money points tshirt free food b Personal or impersonal c Formal or informal agreements 2 Coercion threat of punishment a Ex Fined for not paying taxes b Ex Points taken off for paper being too short 3 Expertise a Ex Doctor says you need certain medicine you believe them 4 Information giving information or logical arguments a Ex Kesha is performing b Ex If you take me to Charlotte then you can go to the nice mall 5 Referent Power when we want to be part of like a person or group a Same as reference group 6 Legitimate Authority someone has power based on social norms a Ex Police officer parents b Special case helplessness i Social norm of responsibility comply with requests of helpless individuals 1 Ex Help freshman find building 2 Tourists young children APPLY COMPLAINCE 0 Roommate wants you to go on a road trip 0 Information about some attraction they will like 0 Reward pay for their costs 0 Referent Power other people they like are also going STANLEY MILGRAM obedience to authority 0 1960s 0 Pairs of volunteers 0 One learner and one teacher 0 Learner was a researcher 0 Leamer memorize pairs of words 0 Teacher administered a shock when learner got the words wrong 0 Learner and teacher communicated by an intercom 0 65 of teachers used the XXX 435450 volts shock because the experimenter told them experiment must continue 0 Complied with authority 0 Other examples Holocaust 0 Now unlikely to have study like this always have the right to stop participating


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