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Chapter 5 Motivation at Work

by: Ashlie Meckley

Chapter 5 Motivation at Work Mana 3318

Ashlie Meckley
Management Organizational Behavior
Janice Baldwin

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About this Document

Book definitions and class notes
Management Organizational Behavior
Janice Baldwin
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ashlie Meckley on Wednesday October 14, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Mana 3318 at University of Texas at Arlington taught by Janice Baldwin in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 38 views. For similar materials see Management Organizational Behavior in Business, management at University of Texas at Arlington.

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Date Created: 10/14/15
Chapter 5 Motivation at Work Lecture Dates September 28th 30th 0 Motivation 0 Arousing and sustaining good directed behavior 0 Internal I Motivation from within 0 External I Motivation from circumstances and interactions 0 Process will NOT be on test 0 Max Webster 0 Internal 0 Protestant work ethic theory I Corner stone of free enterprise system 0 2 principles I Work itself is good I Employers work had value to workers society not just employees alone 0 No work Society doesn t work 0 Sigmund Freud 0 Internal 0 Human motivation based on unconscious behavior I Ex Dreams 0 Organizational life founded on compulsion to work and power of love 0 Adam Smith economist 0 External 0 quotInvisible hand 0 Helping with free enterprise system 0 Most productive by enlightened self interest 0 Fredrick Taylor 0 Father scientific management I Emphasized cooperation between management and labor to increase profit 0 Labor efficiency 0 Believes pure science principles could be applied to workplace I Eiredesign every job to smallest part 0 Hawthorne Studies 0 Direct research in work environment 0 What can we change in work place to make employees work harder I Eilight level or temperature hep productivity 0 People work differently when the boss is around 0 Money productivity 0 Maslow s Big 5 o Selfactualization needs I Realization of ones dreams 0 Esteem needs I Want to improve themselves self improvement 0 Social needs love I Desire to be around others 0 Safety and Security needs I Seeking life without violence war and crime 0 Physiological needs I Big 3 food water clothing shelter Applies to everyone Anyone can move up but few get to highest Only move up NOT down Don t skip Only unmet needs motivate us 091 WN 2 maior critiques I Too rigidly 0 People can go backwards I Expectations 0 Not enough expectations to change theory 0 a starving artist 0 McGregor Theory 0 Only applies to managers 0 Theory X I Separations between managers and employees I Obey unquestionably I Prefer to be lead people are lazy 0 Theory Y I Support team approach I Lead to team approach I Ask employees help I Active and develop amp grow 0 Alderfer s Theory 0 1st researcher to prove that human beings to regress on hierarchy I Regression is a motivator I quotdon t know you love something until its gone 0 Existence relatedness amp growth I 3 instead of 5 hierarchy McClelland s Theory 3 Needs 0 O Herzberg 0 Two Factor Theory 0 Stress o 0 Process for Good Incentive Programs 1 2 Achievement o competitive enjoys hard projects Power 0 Impact in world make a difference control Affiliation 0 Social warm human relations work though issues don t like conflict One is dominant in every person Taken too extreme could be negative What motivates individuals Do they affect work Which ones do effect work Wages amp Salary fall in both 0 Spillover effect L Hygiene Job Dissatisfaclion 0 quotmoney is a motivator Simpany Policy and Administration Table I7l Henberg Motivational and Hygiene Factors Motivators Job Saiisfaction Achievement Recognition Work itself j j Responsibility Ad vanccmcnl I Growth Direct Relationship Supervision Payment close in time 39quot39 39P dams W rk C ndl39 Absenteeism I quot395 quot quot I Salary 0 Cause excess employees I Stains EL Daily Attendance award next Monday Distress negative Eustress positive Social Exchange amp Equity Theory 0 0 Interaction with environment amp social processes Motivation behaviors to get equity Committed relationships 0 Whole heartedly embraces Calculated Partnerships o Demands specific things before relationships is formed Alienated prison 0 Hate org and what it stands for Adams Theory of Inequality O O 0 Receiving less than giving Motivates them Consider inputs and their outcomes 7 l o Expectancy Theory People s perceptions Rewards or consequences to individual behavior Valence value persons places on reward Expectancy effort leads to performance Instrumentality performance is directly related to rewards OOOO


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