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Lecture 18: Animals, General Introduction

by: Kiara Reyes

Lecture 18: Animals, General Introduction BIO 209L-001

Marketplace > Northern Illinois University > Biological Sciences > BIO 209L-001 > Lecture 18 Animals General Introduction
Kiara Reyes
GPA 2.9
Human Anatomy and Physiology I Lab - SL
Dr. Renee Kopulos

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About this Document

Here are Lecture 18 notes, sorry if the example pictures don't look as clear as they usually do. Something is better then nothing, the things that are highlighted are things you should be familiar ...
Human Anatomy and Physiology I Lab - SL
Dr. Renee Kopulos
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kiara Reyes on Wednesday October 14, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIO 209L-001 at Northern Illinois University taught by Dr. Renee Kopulos in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 68 views. For similar materials see Human Anatomy and Physiology I Lab - SL in Biological Sciences at Northern Illinois University.

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Date Created: 10/14/15
Lecture 18 Animals General Introduction 1 General Characteristics Calls usually organized into tissues including muscles and nerves 0 Mobile One Major way to group animals 2 Development and Body Parts a No right front back b Free oating or attached to substrate sessile a Left right font back Also dorsal ventral lateral back belly one side other side b Associated with directional mobility and cephalization head brain a Zygote b 2l4lj8 cell divide c Ball hollow Blastula Stage d Gut begins to form Gastrula Stage begins pushing inward f Separate Mouth and Anus opening other endtube through body Derived Trait not found in all animals Meaning that evolved after animals diverged from other eukaryotes and began to diversitfy W m 1 1 39 39 V V 7 V ml II If I The 1 x quotdcamh p 7 IlJJIIILJ I E39l39 V 39 u I 7 r r r DEFIWHUW I T 2 1 r i TT39IJTIT yI call can mm ganj I L r tf on 39quot 339qu M a u iquot ll m 21 l i quot m lj lfm citMimi ew Huh 7 p Ways of grouping animals Kingdom Animalia aka quotMetazoaquot Clades Metazoa Eumetazoa SSones Considered animals BUT NO Ture Tressues or HOX Genes Aquatic mostly marine Actual aquatic sponges that live in the watersea rather than planned or manmade Has Single opening 0 Structure a jellolike quotvasequot with cells embedded in its epidermis outer skin layer protectover the organism lFood articles are ingested not through the mouth but by the cell membrane engulfed the food for internal digestion Phagocytosis packed food delivered into organism 393 a F39i FEZFIV39IICH39T39E L 39H I a i a aa rqvaEELE 1 g 1 M mi 3 H QTEE 4 VI 139 f quot it in bli w FEsFPtJIF


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