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Class Notes on Federalism

by: Shanell Coleman

Class Notes on Federalism 89075

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Shanell Coleman
GPA 3.7
Into to American Government and Politics

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About this Document

Federalism Class Notes Word for Word!
Into to American Government and Politics
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Shanell Coleman on Wednesday October 14, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 89075 at a university taught by in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 32 views.


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Date Created: 10/14/15
10122015 Federalism and State Government 1 What is federalism 2 Growth of the federal government why is it supreme today 3 State vs federal government 4 Georgia government Federalism When political power is shared between two or more levels of government federal government and 50 state governments Elements of federalism 1 central government Several local governments Sovereign protected from encroachments of anyone else independent and able to control own dealings What in the constitution protects states from federal government encroachment Territorial sovereignty federal government can39t take land lntra state commerce commerce that takes place within state boarders Administer elections States can play a role in amending the constitution Selection of senators 10th amendment all power not explicitly given to the federal government in the constitution is reserved for the states What does the constitution guarantee federal government Supremacy clause line in constitution that says it is quotsupreme law of the landquot Control of the armed forces Interstate commerce Foreign policy All article I enumerated powers How did this come to be In 1791 had different attitudes about federal government Expansive clauses elastic clauses Supremacy clause Interstate commerce clause Necessary and proper clause Court decisions when state and federal government got into a disagreement happened because of the federalist party believed in strong federal government Midnidht luddes appointed judges in federalists desperation Gibbons vs Ogden Only federal governments can do this and states can39t McCullough vs Maryland states can t place taxes on federal banks States prevented from competing 13th amendment got rid of selection of senators Demand for federal services 101415 Ways in which the federal government tells the state what to do No ways for state to check federal government 3 most prominent ways federal government bosses states around 1 Grant ln Aid federal government gives money to state government to help them do something Conditions tied to the money federal government pays state to upkeep roads and don39t get money unless maintain drinking age Unfunded mandate opposite of Grant ln Aid federal government says to state you have to do X with no money from us to help you do it Preemptive legislation federal government passes law that state government had power of previously federal law takes over what states had been doing before What do state governments look like how are they different Etc Constitution Each state has own constitution Length details US constitution is 9K words Most states are 10K 60K Alabama 300K GA has had 10 constitutions 25K words Legislatures 50 of them All of them are different sizes length of term Bicameral 49 Unicameral 1 Professionalization is a full time job meet all year round full salary professionalized legislature Amateur legislature citizen legislature Important distinction in state government with professionalization it performs similar to federal government Amateur doesn39t compete GA is fully citizen legislature No staff Term Limits Bad Idea cuts ties with voters GA does not have term limits Executive Branch Line item veto being able to veto part of a bill Federal government can39t do that in 44 states government can do that Plural executive elect multiple members of executive branch Courts SupremeCourt Judges States where judges are elected they have to start caring what voters think when appointed States where judges are appointed When judges are elected they become politicians ln GA Court system is a quotcrazy messquot 8 different types of courts arranged in a hierarchy can keep going up until you reach the Georgia Supreme Court judicial elections are non partisan Direct Democracy Voters directly decide on laws In most states voters can decide by vote whether a law should take affect Whenever something like this gets on the ballot it is called a proposition a ballot proposition Types of Propositions Referendum when voters have to approve of something the state legislature already did Initiative Voters can vote on something without the state legislature having to do it rst Recall Voters can change their mind about who they elected Used very rarely when it does happen it tends to make national new


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