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Immigration and Nativism

by: Erica Kugler

Immigration and Nativism HY 325-001

Erica Kugler
GPA 4.0
US World Power to 1898
Dr. Steinbock-Pratt

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About this Document

Notes over Immigration and Nativism
US World Power to 1898
Dr. Steinbock-Pratt
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Erica Kugler on Wednesday October 14, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HY 325-001 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Dr. Steinbock-Pratt in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 35 views. For similar materials see US World Power to 1898 in History at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.


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Date Created: 10/14/15
Immigration and Nativism 1830s early wave of European migration to the US gt Irish and Germans mainly Migration coincided with the 1St Industrial Revolution gt demand for labor wage opportunities Most migrants settled in Northern States gt avoid competition with slave labor in the South Transportation revolution aided in migration gt steamboats Atlantic travel RR move inland 0 Push factor for migration potato famine 18451850s 0 Potato was a product of the Columbian Exchange 0 Introduction of potato agriculture changed the diet of the Irish peasant o Able to feed and sustain many people from just a few potatoes 0 Many potatoes could be grown on small amount of acreage gt Peasants had small scale farms 0 Ireland developed a monoculture agriculture system based on the potato o Absentee landlordism rich English elites owned land in Ireland that Irish peasants farmed 0 Land owners resided in England and sold produce from their farms in England 0 Potato Blight Phytophthora infection gt bacterial infection that destroyed the potato crop o 12 to of potato crop was ruined gt people starved died became susceptible to disease 0 Irish people were evicted from their farms because they couldn t pay the land rent no potatoes produced no profit from sales no money to pay rent evicted o Inadequate response by Britain in regards to the famine situation 0 quotlaissezfaire gt government stays out of economic situations let market fix itself 0 Demographic changespopulation loss Ireland lost 4 million people 2 mil died 2 mil migrated 0 Massive Irish migration mostly to US 0 quotcoffin ships gt many Irish died en route to US 0 In the US Irish migrants settled in urban ghettos and worked in factories and laborjobs 0 Women domestic servants textile mills workers replaced traditional quotLowell girls Germans Pennsylvania had a large German population during the colonial years 1840s WW large migration wave of Germans to US 0 economic opportunities religious freedom refugees from 1848 March Rev I March Revolution social movement to get rid autocratic government and promote rightslibertiesfreedoms Had trade skills gt worked as craftsman Came in family units Settled in Eastern cities gt Manhattan quotKleindeutschlandquot Little Germany Settle out West and in Northern states gt German Triangle St Louis Milwaukee Cincinnati Political Culture in US 0 Shifting political culture bc of the arrival of new foreign people 0 Andrew Jackson 0 Elected in 1828 gt advent of genuine democracy and power of the quotCommon Man 0 Opponents called him demagogue King Andrew l monarchial tyrant o Whig Party formed in opposition to Jackson I End of Era of Good Feelings as second 2party system emerged o DemocratRepublicans and Whigs o DemocratRepublicans tried to bring new migrants in their party 0 Shelteredwelcomed migrants gt in return they expected migrants to support the party 0 During this time more commonersnonelite became interested in politics 0 1820s1830s original 13 states revisit property requirement for voting 0 Decided to do away with property requirement universal white male suffrage I This meant that new migrants could participate in the political process this upset some groups such as Nativists who are discussed later 0 However property requirement still applied to blacks o Nativism antiforeigner sentiment suspicion and hostility toward newcomers 0 Alien Act of 1798 early legislation against foreigners gt demonstrated early America s fear of foreigners o Nativist someone that preferred Americanborn people over people born elsewhere 0 Hostility to Catholic immigrants gt fear of papal influence in politics Irish and Germans I US was mainly Protestant so increase in presence of Catholic faith due to more Irish and Germans in US raised anxiety among Nativists I Job discrimination gt ex quotIrish need not apply 0 Linked immigrants to crime drunkenness job stealing from whites and lowering wages 0 Saw immigrants as threat to republican government and democracy 0 AmericanKnowNothing Party 0 Antiimmigrant AntiCatholic political party 0 quotKnowNothing members claimed to knownothing about the party when people asked them about it o 1854 height of KN Party gt won many offices in midterm elections 0 Goal limit political influence of immigrants keep political offices for Am Protestants 0 Goal undermine Catholic parochial schools gt no government funding for them I American public schools taught Protestant valuesviews so Catholic immigrants had set up Catholic schools so there children could be taught in line with Catholic doctrine o 1855 fall of KN Party gt accepted the KansasNebraska Act regarding slavery I Those who left the party were absorbed into the Republican Party Vo ng o Immigrants could vote via new universal white male suffrage mandate o This upset Nativist groups who feared that immigrants didn t fully understand the American political process and would thus vote in ignorance and mess up the system 0 Nativists feared Catholic immigrants would vote based on papal doctrine I Fear of papal influence in politics 0 Some states used literacy tests to prevent immigrants from voting 0 Some states used residency requirements to prevent immigrants from voting 0 Western states were more accepting of suffrage expansion 0 Allowed immigrants to vote even before they got their citizenship Key Words 0 Potato Famine o Phytophthora Infestans 0 March Revolution 0 Kleindeutschland 0 King Andrew I o Whig Party 0 Nativism o AmericanKnowNothing Party 0 Millard Fillmore


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