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EXAM 2 Chapter 8 cont. & Chapter 9

by: Kylee Milton

EXAM 2 Chapter 8 cont. & Chapter 9 BIOL 1334

Marketplace > University of Houston > Biology > BIOL 1334 > EXAM 2 Chapter 8 cont Chapter 9
Kylee Milton
GPA 3.42
Human Anatomy and Physiology
Tejendra Gill

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About this Document

Exam 2 material October 12 & 14 Chapter 8: Skeletal System: Axial and Appendicular Skeletal Chapter 9: Skeletal System: Articulations
Human Anatomy and Physiology
Tejendra Gill
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kylee Milton on Wednesday October 14, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIOL 1334 at University of Houston taught by Tejendra Gill in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 215 views. For similar materials see Human Anatomy and Physiology in Biology at University of Houston.


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Date Created: 10/14/15
October 12 Chapter 8 cont Vertebral column 26 bones Hydrocephalus too much fluid Brain is large W NORMAL BRAIN quot 39 SWOLLEN VENTRICLES Atlasl skull yes joint ROTATE Axis dens Odontoid process no joint Glen kid cavity head of humerus Obturator for amen Acetabulum head of femur Chapter 9 Joints Fibrous fibrous tissue joints the two bones Cartilaginous cartilage between two articulating bones Synovial joint cavity filled with synovial fluid Degree of movement Synarthroses no movement allowed Amphiaarthroses limited movement allowed Diarthroses freely moveable joints Fibrous joints sutures lambdoid suture Bs wihm Gomphases teeth on sockets Syndesmoses interosseous membrane between radius and ulna whim mac between tibia and fibula Cartilaginous joints Synchondroses Ephiphysis in long bones Rib lcostal cartilage sternum HYALHUE Gelatlnous core Band of brocartilage V spjnous Body of vertebra P39Ocess Intervertebral discs PubIs wl V7 Fibrocartilaginous disc of symphysis pubis a b uuuuuu ARC Fibrocou i low Symphysis pubic symphysis intevertebral discs Synovial joints Uniaxial plane joint between carpals and tarsals Hunger joint elbow joint knee joint Pivot joint rotation Atlanta axial joint Biaxial metacarpals phalanges Saddle joint trapezium 1 st metacarpal t eumb gt gt opposcxlole Multiaxial Ball and sooket gleno humeral Glenoid cavity numerous Hip joint Femur aoetabulum Mumps inflammation of salivary gland Osteoarthritis wear amp tear Rheumatoid arthritis auto immune disease Gouty arthritis deposition of Uric acid crystals Aukylosis locked joints October 14 Muscles myocytes of mesodermal origin Vascularized and innervated Skeletal muscles voluntary striated Need nervous stimulus to contract unborn he39d fibers linear arrangement of sarcomeres Linear cataraction Fatigable muscles Generate lot of force SW COMUQ Contractionextension 25 30 Resting length Cardiac muscles Involuntary striated fibers Branched fibers 3D contractions Non fatigable No nervous stimulus needed to contract Myogenic Autorhythmic to contract Extra cellular Ca2 for cataraction Smooth muscles involuntary un striated gt 7 M sarcomeres arranged in 3D contraction Nervous input or hormonal stimulus Need extracellular Ca2 No SR 5 as 94 50 l l 150 chance in length GI tract blood vessels uterus bladder WWW Non fatigable spasm Func ons Movements Posture Stabilize joints muscle tendons go across the joint Heat generation ATP gt ADP P2 A G 7000 calmole O MUCU S O we Q 60 Shivering thermogenesis Non shivering thermogenesis oxidation of W foo k m boggles GIUCDSL 0 e H39 OJC39O 50 5 ATP FWquot 03 K9 H90 COB MOF C ATP FD mulUS r same scll n 2 c n tra Ch 0 Properties Mm or pom Exoitable or irritability can generate action potential HOb 0quot 90 MV OMV If ogvoLmZED 3953 quotV m l 8 gating mmloram l30lmtioll j 0 VV rd voLAULED VOUMZJED Contractility shorter in length gt generate force gt work Extensibility extension Elasticity return to resting length recoil Conductivity conduction of action potential or propagation Myofilaments myosinth ick filaments mf lf n iiquot nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Actin thin filaments gt myofibril linear arrangement 1 2 um thick gtmuscle fiber muscle cells closed by sarcolemma into nuclei SR 10 500 um thick L7 enclomsiom ZlecEPiCQl NW gt fascicle L9 Pepin116810 gt muscles deep fascia muscle tendon L9 gm33mm gt functional group of muscles L awodms superficial fascia Attachment muscle to muscle rictus abdominal muscle to Perichondrium mega muscle to Periosteum muscle tendon collagen Inelastic flexible WOW Rope like Achilles39 tendon biggest Sheet like aponeurosis


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