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HTW 402 Oct 14 lecture notes

by: Alyson Forman

HTW 402 Oct 14 lecture notes HTW 403

Marketplace > Syracuse University > Public Health > HTW 403 > HTW 402 Oct 14 lecture notes
Alyson Forman
Community Based Health Policy and Research
L. Narine

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About this Document

Community Based Health Policy and Research
L. Narine
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alyson Forman on Wednesday October 14, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HTW 403 at Syracuse University taught by L. Narine in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see Community Based Health Policy and Research in Public Health at Syracuse University.

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Date Created: 10/14/15
Hum resources are needed 0 WHIP your picgum It you tune are to them then yea an use them to aetomplosh your planned Jetmttes e ACTlvlTlf OUYPUIS WTCUML I you attomplush your planned artwotnn then you mll hopelolly cum the amount 01 pvoduet unmet you quot11390de ll you ucomplush your planned outputs then you part mots mloht bC Q39l n erun ways Your Planned Work Input and Output Types Organizational human resources physical resources transportation information managerial time monetary Service participants Human Resources licensure and statutory regulation of health professionals program reach social marketing program logistics intervention delivery staff training staffing levels staff commitment Vow Intended Results volunteer recruitment and training stakeholderscommunity consortium coalition advisory board sufficient mobilization achieved Human Resources 39nC at Human human Measures 04 Input Numbquot ol lull tune ecuulentt quot8 We a new him number at volunteen pertentege ol beer d peth with Mantelen eduutlon level 039 30quot hours of quotdung and meanton attenuate vetoed lo many MW 0 slum bond 04593923 c Output Numbquot 0 hours eroded tuft to minced mic hours per lent omen pee um degree 0 job sunlution ol tuft and volunteers degree 0 ommttment at start to the program and Intervention degree d Involvement ol stakeholders Oct 14 2015 Physical Resources Physical Resources Material resources mmquot we mmquot of WW Resources equivlent number and made to physical resources Office eqUIpment m dolllce or ami needed for army or m Facilities 3x W W quotrm3912 0 901 I taunt O nutrition program needs a kitchen equipment Transportation Transportation Program staff 0 outreach input Menuquot of Mpg Measures oi Output Yrmoortation 39arlting tees total mange wage oer stall number o ParthIPantg pier month umber o bus clients reteMng aCCGSSIbIIIty passes used program transportation assurance M mam um M m C 39 quotAll 0 urbanproximity to transit hub 9quot quotWquot WW Information Resources Information Resources Intangible resource often overlooked I Measures of Iring Ueasures if O39put Knowledge and expertise of program staff imam mmmummmu Sta oevceotienoleaseo39useol Street smarts Rm o wned nuthero systemmeouencyolmcrocal geogra reuutmem e orts databases mount el time terns Interpersonal information resources memwm Mmmwo39m mammalianunease unansweredan inter organizational communication m m oommmm maiw review ease oi outcome and genera penned uselutness o moan data entry at Wired room generaed Wt o cannula meethgs attended 0y sta matter no ewes ol ima ovganaaton emuscum used emu memo etc memo accuracy and themts oi Normation Managerial Resources Organizational abilities Communication skills Team building skills Leadership qualities Coping skills remanding complex and ambitious tasks Technical skills related to health program intervention Managerial Resources Measures of lr pul Measures of Output Managerial Place in organizational Extent to which managers Resources chart years at are Viewed by staff as experience educational controlling or delegating level ability to clearly and degree to which managerial persuasin personnel make changes to communicate ensure delity ol intervention Time Resources Time Resources n Humequotcut d Menuolutsut Sequencing of events especially in start up m quotquotquotM 9 quot quotUm 39 0 Y3 Dela 3 Resources presence of deadline delayedperc nug or y dates deadlines met number Depreciation inflation and interest or repealed requests Monetary Resources Monetary Resources 39 Money Input Measures of input Measures of Output fees and billing Monetary Amount of grant monies Dollars or percent varlance cash to participants Resources and donations amount of from budgeted per line Fund raising indirect costs deducted item numbers of grants Grant writing from the program received profit or loss Budget number of proposals hard versus soft money WWW 7039 0390939339 fixed variable direct indirect costs quotdmg budget variance Participants Participants Eligibility Screening Input Measures of input Measures of Output target audience VS recipients Participants Number of Degree of satisfaction with Dosage recipientsparticipants the program frequency clients number of persons duration denied the program or not Strength qualified for the program route of admin admin credibility Completion level of participation client engagement intervention appeal Satisfaction ceiling effect cultural sensitive and appropriate to subgroups questionnaire versus personal interview


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