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Psychology of Gender

by: Emma Kiel

Psychology of Gender AFYS A101 001

Emma Kiel
GPA 4.0
Pink and Blue: Examining The Role of Gender in Children's Development
Erica Weisgram

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About this Document

Start studying for the upcoming midterm by reviewing these notes from the beginning of the semester. These notes include information on why and how gender is studied.
Pink and Blue: Examining The Role of Gender in Children's Development
Erica Weisgram
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Emma Kiel on Wednesday October 14, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AFYS A101 001 at University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point taught by Erica Weisgram in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see Pink and Blue: Examining The Role of Gender in Children's Development in Child and Family Studies at University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point.

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Date Created: 10/14/15
Psychology of Gender First Year Seminar Pink amp Blue lnClass notes 0 Why Study Gender 0 O O 0 it s important to society we assume we know someone based on their gender gender differences are important social constructs Look for causes and correlates of gender differences I Makes us ask why What s related 0 ex Do children who play with building toys have be erspa alskMs Promotes equality 0 Factors that increase perceptions of differences 0 Perceptual salience what we see looks clothing how someone expresses themselves Functional use to organize environments bathrooms store sec ons lngroupOutgroup Bias people develop a bias toward their own group and a negative bias toward other groups Unequal status men or women can each be perceived to have lower status Competition society sets up competitions between men and women Biological Bias it s the Y chromosome no evidence this actually cause significant differences 0 Femininity 0 Changed from only housewife to workhome life balance 0 Masculinity O Breadwinner toughruggedsuavesensitive 0 Women s roles have kind of changed but expectations of men have only been added to 0 Important Gender Terms 0 O O 0 Sex biological genitalia chromosomes height body fat etc Gender socially given traits boys vs girls Cisgender birth sex and gender aign Genderqueer don t identify as man or woman 0 Gender neutral pronouns ze shehe hir hisher 0 Why we focus on gender differences 0 categories simplify our environment stereotyping has evolutionary basis safety from other tribes I cultures that hide genitalia in daily dress came up with standards to signify sex ie dresses for girls etc o Habituation used to study categorization in babies I show multiple pictures of men they get less interested as the pictures become monotonous I show picture of a woman their interest perks up because they can recognize a difference 0 Babies can tell the difference between men and women I hair cues I voice cues 0 We remember things that confirm a stereotype and ignore things that contradict it Confirmation Bias 0


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