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Week 5 Notes

by: Vanessa Zimmerman

Week 5 Notes PSYC 10300

Vanessa Zimmerman

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About this Document

Sensation and behavior.
General Psychology
Adam Leuke
Class Notes
General Psychology, Introduction to Psychology, Psychology, intro, general, psych
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Vanessa Zimmerman on Tuesday March 22, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PSYC 10300 at Ithaca College taught by Adam Leuke in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 6 views. For similar materials see General Psychology in Psychlogy at Ithaca College.


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Date Created: 03/22/16
Week  5  Psychology  Notes     Sensation  and  Behavior       Sensation:     All  different  kind  of  sensory  inputs  can  change  our  behavior   Ex:  auditory  and  kinesthetic  (knowing  where  our  body  parts  are  in  space)   Auditory:  proven  that  golfers  who  golf  with  ear  plugs  in,  it  negatively  affects  their  swing   Kinesthetic:  your  kinesthetic  sense  decreases  when  you  sprain  your  ankle  (since  you  aren’t   using  it),  and  even  when  it  is  fully  healed  your  knowledge  of  where  that  body  part  is  in  space   isn’t  completely  up  to  par.  Which  is  why  reinjure  is  more  prone.       Changes/adaptations  in  Sensation:   -­‐   Webster’s  law   -­‐   Visual   o   Pupil:  allows  light  to  come  into  the  eye  and  reflects  onto  the  retina   o   Retina   o   Rods  and  cones:  colors  and  details  (cones),  and  low  light  and  precision  (rods)   o   Optic  Nerve:  no  rod  or  cones  are  hit,  so  you  can’t  see  whatever  it  is  (blind  spot)   o   Fovea:  point  of  central  focus     -­‐   Touch   -­‐   Olfactory  desensitized:  Ex.  Walking  into  a  Yankee  Candle  store  and  becoming  accustom   to  the  overwhelming  scents  after  awhile.     Set  up  to  notice  relative  changes  in  our  selves       Perception’s  job  is  to  take  everything  and  put  it  together  so  it  decides  what’s  important     Perception  set:  attend  to  specific  aspects  of  sensations  will     Our  brain  can  fill  in  information  with  experience   We  see  the  world  through  innate  and  past  experiences     -­‐   Size  constancy  (horizon  &  sky)   o   When  you  take  out  cues,  the  brain  can’t  mess  it  up   Perceiving  information:   -­‐   Proximity     -­‐   Similarity     -­‐   Continuity   -­‐   Closure   ^How  we  organize  information^     -­‐   Awareness  of  the  Internal  and  External   -­‐   Sleep   o   REM/memory  (most  active  stage  of  sleep,  where  dreaming  occurs,  final  stage  of   sleeping  cycle)   o   Sleep  Deprivation   o   Disorders   §   Insomnia  (most  common  sleep  disorder)   •   Sleep  restriction  –  schedule  and  eyes  open,  relaxation  techniques   •   Stimulus  control   •   Relaxation  response  training   •   Avoid  coffee,  alcohol,  cigarettes  before  bed   §   Narcolepsy   §   Sleep  Apnea   §   Sleepwalking   o   Dreaming   §   Content   •   Material  from  daily  life   •   Material  from  the  sleep  environment   §   Lucid  Dreaming   §   Theories  of  Dreams   •   Activation  Synthesis  Theory   •   Feud’s  View:  Windows  into  the  unconscious      


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