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by: Shreya Umredkar

Sociology-Chapter2.pdf SOC 005

Shreya Umredkar
Penn State
GPA 3.6
Sociology: Social Problems
Jason Thomas

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About this Document

Sociology: Social Problems
Jason Thomas
One Day of Notes
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This 3 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Shreya Umredkar on Wednesday December 10, 2014. The One Day of Notes belongs to SOC 005 at Pennsylvania State University taught by Jason Thomas in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 391 views. For similar materials see Sociology: Social Problems in Sociology at Pennsylvania State University.

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Date Created: 12/10/14
Shreya Umredkar Sociology 005 82714 Chapter 2 I Economic Inequality in US People live different lifestyles due to 0 society39s system of ranking categories of people in hierarchy 0 K Product of strati cation categories of people who have access to similar resources and opportunities a lneclualitv of Income and Wealth Income saary wages can be seen that high earning families earn about 12x more than low income families wealth value of all economic assets owned by people 0 Economic inequality is even greater Wealth is value of possessions b Taxation funds gov needs to operate funds used to discourage certain behavior Way of reducing economic inequality N policy that raises taxes as income increases 0 Most effective 0 Not all tax is progressive same amt for everyone but makes bigger impact on lower income budges exgas II The Rich and the Poor a The Rich people within top 10 of family income older people have the most wealth because their savings grew over time men have more wealth than women white people earn more than people of color b The Poor some families experience the daily struggle that is common in low income families in Africa Asia ect an income level set by the gov for the purpose of counting the poor z the difference between the actual income of the typical poor household and official poverty line 0 Most families live on much less than poverty line income c Who Are The Poor can pro le the poor based on age race and gender 1 Age Shreya Umredkar Sociology 005 82714 Greatest risk of poverty are children 0 Most are under the age of 18 2Race Fare more white than black are poor 0 More non hispanic than Hispanic live in poverty 0 Percentage of minority ppl who are poor are greater than whites Other races are higher risk for poverty 3 Gender 0 Women are at a greater risk or poverty 0 trend of women making up an increasing share of poon 52 of poor families are headed by a woman wo a husband 0 Only 10 are single men 4 Family Patterns 0 Being married reduces the risk of being poor 0 Divorce rises odds of poverty 5 Region 0 Of cial poverty rate varies from state to state 0 Poorer ppl Live in cities Poverty is lower in suburban areas because they offer more jobs and educational opportunities 6 Working Families 0 Families feel themselves working harder but falling behind Tough economy makes it worse d The Underclass poor people who live in areas with high concentrations of poverty limited opportunities for work and schooling cut off from the larger society and having no access to schooljobs 0 Largest concentration of ppl in underclass Experience more a rule for the rest of society who are not underclass III Problems Linked to Poverty Problems poor health substandard housing homelessness limited schooling crime political alienation a Poor Health quotwealth means healthquot Good nutrition is needed to stay healthy poverty stress increasing drugs substance abuse most cannot afford medical care Shreya Umredkar Sociology 005 82714 more likely to die younger due to violence diseases and natural disasters High infant mortality b Substandard Housing Decline in low rent housing less for food and clothes Homes lost half of value c Homelessness people who lack shelter and live on streets various causes mental disorders alcohol abuse ect d Crime and Punishment greater public attention is given to street crimes in which poor people are linked to poor cannot afford lawyers and are more likely to be arrested jail time decreases chance of nding a stable job


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