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Week 2 Notes

by: Scorvi

Week 2 Notes Leading Social Change

Leading Social Change
Gregory Dardis

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About this Document

Here are photos of the board, I typed them up in case you couldn't read them along with some important things I took away from the lecture
Leading Social Change
Gregory Dardis
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Scorvi on Wednesday October 14, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Leading Social Change at Portland State University taught by Gregory Dardis in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see Leading Social Change in University Studies at Portland State University.


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Date Created: 10/14/15
Framework of Concepts rn39l I I I Leadership Style Abstract Concrete Thinking Being Technique Actions Belief Attributes How What Value lntegrity Why Who Leadership is about relationships of all the concepts leading following and even ignoring Be consistent across your relationship The Historical Approaches to Leadership and Change Society goes through phases of leadership also known as theories of leadership The big question behind these theories is why did we choose this leader 0quoterpr The Great Man Born not made Natural Monarchies hereditary m Attributes Born not made Natural Genetic Behavioral There is one way to be a leader Behaviorism 1940 s actions choice Situational Right place right time Change with the times Churchill Influence Social exchange theory Charisma Kennedy TV Peer Pressure the first times followers actually matter Reciprocal Transactional transformational Leaders are about the followers Transaction Quid Pro Quo Exchange Business Clean Simple Trust Contract Transformational Change Example Gandhi Chaos or SystemsEmergent anarchy You cannot predict who will lead and should not Example the occupy movement or tea party Societies evolve over time and different societies tend to favor certain approaches Here are a couple of important notes to make Every society may be a mix of more than one but there will always be ONE most important approach If you favor one approach and your society favors another it may be a challenge to try and change that society Very few individuals in history have changed the historical approach of a society this change sometimes requires a revolution o Historically most societies especially in the West tend to move in the direction toward Reciprocal and Emergent but not always Democratic movements and technology usually gives more power to the individual39sfollowers and leaders have adapted o The most common approach now in the US and many other democratic republics is the Reciprocal Approach but even that has variations 0 You should know the difference between Transactional and TransformationalTransformative approaches RANDMCNALLY ADVANCED PHYSICALl39POLITIGAL EUROPE II 7 PH 7 uQZM Eelmme rs 5W5 HWI 2993 39 gm WMHL fm mz W W RC aw93gt C 11m J quot mmxancewamg i 39 ra OwesWm I 39 W W who 1395 5 I 1 4r 1 I WW 7 quoth h Gil 39 A 39 r 7 3 i guiam c rmfmfg WEI gt 5mm GodMW F QHi39LCdTIiN 1 V J w O umaf g j R CLP CQ 6FWSMDHK Chms by r


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