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Unit 3: Week 1 Notes

by: Jessica Niswonger

Unit 3: Week 1 Notes BI381

Jessica Niswonger
GPA 3.5
Molecular Genetics
Dr. Rebeccah Kurzhals

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About this Document

Entire week one of notes. Covers the Meselson and Stahl paper and background.
Molecular Genetics
Dr. Rebeccah Kurzhals
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jessica Niswonger on Wednesday October 14, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BI381 at Southeast Missouri State University taught by Dr. Rebeccah Kurzhals in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 64 views. For similar materials see Molecular Genetics in Biology at Southeast Missouri State University.


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Date Created: 10/14/15
100715 Structure of the four DNA nucleotides Purine nucleotides Phosphate r i 1 lt Nitrogenous base Adenine A OH H OH Deoxyadenosine 539monophosphate dAMP Deoxyguanosine 5 monophosphate dGMP Pyrimidine nucleotides 0 NH q CH3 5 4 NH i 7 u o H 39 on H Deoxythymidine 539monophosp hate ldTMP 6H Deoxycytidine 539monophosphate ldCMP Purine and Pyrimidine Difference in the two 0 Purine N bases have double rings 0 Purine pairs with pyrimidine Crystalline photo of width of DNA Scanned by CamScanner L 100715 I39M777 I 7 Marie M39f i of illuquot Ir DNA from Vivienne SDIquot 59 it 7quot u on 39quot uni Ailulna Th ymln 769553339 mmmma a m 339 39 quot quot quot quot35quot 239 2quotquot 392 DiPIRDWU P oumonlac 293 1 1 45 2039s 8390 2 Mymbacrurrum tubif fu39olll 39l 5 1 1 45 399 as 75 Yin 39 313 339 137 171 has Paracontrary livid Sperm 323 321 1 77 1 EA 1 liqg urcth 7 Hitting 226 1392 n quot acme mirrow 206 284 214 1 5 7quot Human Thy musr 309 294 199 19quot 1quot Human Livquot 303 303 195 9quot 1 3953 quot9 quot Spurn 307 3 1 2 193 185 quot 2 quotD n39ltl is holes of nllrbgqnous canhltuurntrs 7Pquot 1700 VinVitoquot Pht VPhlir39 hquot hydroquotquotquot Sau fci E Chargn and J Dnvidson Idquot The RuddI Adds Acdmlc PrIIS 1955 Purine pyrimidine thickness compatible with Xray data A and T equal GC o Combining the existing data they were able to come with to following model 7 hairPhosphate A nucleotide bukbm39 monophosp hate unit X5 0 5quot I a0 PRO Phoslahodiwtstor iinkage hi 0 Plan 39fl o If you know the structure you can find the sequence 0 Meselson and Stahl came out with a paper on DNA structure Scanned by CamScanner 100715 lhra M r l39 iquot quotItquot M d l l l 3 Nil Hitl I liilri Sqml comowatlw replication Canswail implication r Meselson and St ahl is over Semiconservative replication Understandin the Pa er They grew em in a flask in media 0 They used minimal media Bare basics carbon source nitrogen source ammonium chloride in experimental section 0 Ecoli is grown tells what media contains and that they monitored growth progress At bottom of page 673 0 Given bacteria a heavier nitrogen source nitrogen 15 It s only source of nitrogen is N15 grown at least 14 generations A nucllosidc rnencphosghne unit o 539 I F in PRUO o ran r 0 Phosphodluul to 09 linkag P 39139 i I r D D T CH2 Ill 39H w a o u o ctr u Pi 0 pro V N quot7 l 0 a a gt 7 01 0 r1 Hi a 39 0 w u 39 n a CH H x 0 3 539 O Scanned by CamScanner 10015 N15 W1 Next they took it to N 14 0 They centrifuged and decanted the liquid to remove the N15 and rinsed the cells 0 Now the only source on nitrogen is N14 0 DNA doesn t grow bacteria grows and DNA is replicated Make sure to use the correct wording 30 minute allows replication once LE U91 Needs a way to measure it On page 676 0 Use densitygradient centrifugation I CsCla in water dissociates I When you spin it the heavier of the two goes to the bottom and will reach equilibrium On page 674 0 Take DNA and centrifuge it with cesium chloride I is saying they took some out at varying generations before they placed in it N14 I Spun cells and re suspended them a They added SDS which is a detergent 0 Causes the bacteria to lyse o Brings DNA to outside No longer in the bacteria 0 This allows you to distinguish the size of molecules I if you use density gradient you can separate out N45 and N 14 due to varying densities Scanned by CamScanner 100 71 5 DNA is Copied by gem 7 I 39 DNA is copied by eemieonaervullvu repllcnllun 7 womenawe rephcat39 quot Predictions of conservative model Pro r clinicquot of s39muonnrv tiv39 modquot Parental 1 st generation Pa l quotmu 2nd generation 1A 1 AV a 7 pugi v3quot aE MIA f f 1 st generation 4 n w l IAVAVAVA E r a rm 1 39 JAJxlex 1 I quotlullIN u E I li gi39tutj pltM quot nus LJBSTIEQEZ lf a W h 39 39 quotquot1n l39 l 39i I l VT VNA l ISNIF quot quotnFt wvwfur it TIES aquot h quotEd aw I M hEaEZLDTF f EAWGWA E g a 7 l i lriwmmv39lIrE quot 9 39 quot quot To see DNA they used X ray film and shone UV light in it 0 Take Xray picture of it 39 Absorbs light at different frequencies b on Fig A is reading measures intensity 3 questions on it Text book references the paper as well DNA is copied by semiconservative replication Predictions of dispersive model Parental 1st generation 2nd generation 1 r quotwi il uf x JJK JIZquotJ Lgt r NM 7 H C L Af l r quotinquot quotRTEIi AX WKXJL K i i i quotquotquotquoti 39 fn39 39Ta quot I II hybrid DNA ismsquot r heavy DNA hy blidlDNA 113le i a i L x 1 h Scanned by CamScanner 2nd generatinn L fAVAV VA 3 39 39 39 39 AVAVAVA r lOfO715 They thought they would break every 5 bonds to replace 0 They didn t know about topoisomerase DNA i Elelt llO m the groww39lg fork Template strands L 1 Fork movement DNA gyrase removes extra twists Unwound pa rental duplex w Over wound region Scanned by CamScanner ri 109 I Des a 39 Crlbe what you observe exp39ain What it means 3 r r 7 modes of DNA replicatiOn 1 Conservative DNA quot 39 7 395 Copied by semiconservative replication Predictions of conservative model Pa rental 1 st generation 2nd generation p AVAVAVA AVAVAVA gt NV re IAVAVAVA V 45 439 Nquot quotCH n 39 39 quot a39 xs ff tkg39j h f MINl4quot 7 light DNAK r l 1sN15N 39 Qid i 39H h l heavy DNA 39J ITIMMVAVA MVAVA39 MVAVAVAI 2 Semi conservative DNA is copied by semiconservative replication Predictions of semiconservative model Parental lst generation 2nd generation AJJNJ ix IKVAxAVA 7 2 39 3 1 VAVAJIK E f yxfk f man l 39 AIN39JN J t y SNMN if 39 light DNA iquot quotgquot 39quot1N7139s quot39 quotquotquotnquot g EE VININ a 6 AAA 15NISN 39 heavy DNA g L 39 I Q Scanned by CamScanner quot752 109 3 Dispersive DNA is copied by semiconservative replication Predictions of dispersive model Parental 1 st generation 2nd generation I pirrl39RnUEFJ39I quotrl39zifft ill 0 g 4 a Erlm a QMKk r x xf r quot 39u FH E IR AVJELJAV A quotquot quot 39 s39f quot39quotT 1 s quot39 hybrid DNA hybrid DNA i nwnnll a 1 sin1 5N heavy DNA i g i Scanned by CamScanner


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