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Week 8 CLAS 220

by: Hayley

Week 8 CLAS 220 CLAS 220 001

GPA 3.35
Introduction to Classical Mythology
Jason Osborne

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About this Document

These are notes that were taken from the lecture dates 10/12-10/14 since our test is on 10/16.
Introduction to Classical Mythology
Jason Osborne
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Hayley on Wednesday October 14, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CLAS 220 001 at University of South Carolina taught by Jason Osborne in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Classical Mythology in Classical Studies at University of South Carolina.

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Date Created: 10/14/15
The Bacchae Play 0 Themes 0 Hubris I Disrespect of gods I Think you are more than what you actually are I Atheism Disrespect to Gods leads to this topic 0 lnequity of man god relationship I Gods will not treat you like you treat other people 0 Righteousness of divine punishment I Whatever the Gods will is right 0 Dionysus 0 Opening of play 0 However Dionysus wants to be honored he will be 0 He has to be worshipped I Divine dignity I Don t do it get punished Pentheus o If a god has a very strange requirements that are troubling to society I Rejection I He rejected Dionysus o Bacchae I Drunk I Orgy I Strange ceremony Teiresias 0 Blind o Lived as men and woman 0 Knows the mind of the Gods I No one pays attention I Kind of like Cassandra o Gods have absolute power I In our own human hubris we only have a little bit of force C Says there is a notion of truth I Live outside of truth fool Capture of Dionysus o In chains 0 Insulted o Threatened o Cant ght against the Gods their word is law Fate of Pentheus o Profaning the ceremony o A just death I Think he is a lion and kill him I Pentheus gains wisdom this way I He had this death coming Dionysus 0 Normally a happy god but if you cross him something disturbing happens I The fate of Pentheus Chapter 14 Demeter and the Eleusinian Mysteries The Myth Rape of Persephone daughter of Demeter female 0 Picking owers and Hades shows up and kidnaps her to the underworld and makes her his wife because nobody really wants to go to the underworld with him 0 Zeus gave Persephone to Hades without telling Persephone or demeter o Rape 9 sexual act is implied but it means more of a kidnapping The wandering of Demeter o The palace of Celeus 0 Nursing Demophoon 7th century big for having a relationship with divine force Demeter recalled by Zeus 0 She wont go because she refuses to have anything to do with the Gods 0 Goddess of Earth 9wrath 9 kills all crops on earth and cause problems in natural order Persephone and Hades o The pomegranate seed 0 Hades gives her pomegranate seed so she will have to return to hell if you eat in hell you have to return The Seasons 0 Demeter gets sad when her daughter goes away winter The Mysteries Interpretation Birthdeathrebirth 0 Crop cycle ZeusDemeter 0 Sky GodEarth Mother relationship 0 Life is result of the two RedemptionImmortality of the Soul 0 Demophoon o Mysteries Eleusinian Mysteries 0 Eleusis 0 Near Athens I So they had a important role 0 Not everyone is a initiative but it isn t inclusive to certain group of people 0 Open to men women slaves kids Secret Ceremony 0 Really don t know what happened because they couldn t write it down I A lot of speculation D Hymn to Demeter most important source U Alcibiades 9 got drunk disrespect the mysteries I Lesser mysteries U Preliminary steps B One time of year D Not really a inducted if you just go through lesser mysteries I Greater Mysteries D Full initiation Chapter 15 Views of the afterlife The Realm of Hades People are mainly concerned with life rather than death The Underworld Realm of Hades Eternal existence Development of views overtime Homer s view The odyssey book 11 0 About Odysseus and his return home from the Trojan War Odysseus in the Underworld 0 Shades blood I Looks like people who are dead ghosts I Good or bad I They only react to blood they return to a certain state of mind he can talk to them I He holds them back with a sword deny them the blood then they won t take it o Tiresias I Odysseus goes down to the underworld to ask him how to get to Ithaca o Parade of Heroes in The Underworld I Achilles U The afterlife he rather be a slave to a landless nobody than to be the king of the underworld because there is nothing but darkness eternity is awful down there and it doesn t change I Agamemnon D Tells Odysseus all the bad things that have happened to him U Murdered by wife and her lover D Hostile and suspicious towards women U Doesn t want anything to do with Odysseus D Committed suicide bc Odysseus received Achilles armor over him D No peaceful existence beyond death I Punishments U Tantalus D Sisyphus U Under extreme circumstances have to have done something really bad I It s a joyless eternal existence Plato s view on the Underworld 3 00400 years after homer Myth of Br 0 The Republic 0 Religious and Philosophical concepts 0 Br went to the underworld and came back I Found out it wasn t as bleak as Homer described Afterlife has Judgment and Reward Reincarnation o Mouth 9soul was good sucked up to heavens Bad life 9 Goes to hell to work sin off 0 Choice of life I Choose life of peace and prosperity or a life of tyranny a bad life 0 The river Lethe I After you make decision drink from this river so you don t remember your past life I Notion of Deja vu comes from this 0 Rebirth I You then live the life you choose and it starts over again Vergil The Aeneid 0 1st century BC Focuses on Aeneas o Trojan hero 0 Visit his father in the Underworld 9 Sibyl tells him how prophetess of Apollo 0 Father of Roman race Vergil wants to outdo and exceed homer Twin aspects Odyssey and Iliad Descent in Italy 0 Charon the Ferryman I At the River of Acheron o Mythological Catalogue I Centaurs Gorgons Briareus Harpes etc I Cerberus I Creatures found in the underworld Divided realms 0 People go to places based on their position in life 0 Aeneas goes to Fields of Mourning I Sees Dido 9 eXgirlfriend of Aeneas who killed herself refuses to talk to him I Wasted and consumed by relentless and cruel love 0 Fields of heroes I Died in combat o Tartarus I Place of punishment for the wicked I Sisyphus titans I Regular people who did bad things 0 Elysian Fields I Paradise I Anchises Aeneas Father I Live eternally happy where good people go Chapter 16 Orpheus and Orphism Orpheus and Eurydice He plays the lyre Death of Eurydice o Snakebite o Poets differ on why she was bitten by snake o Goes down to the underworld Homeric underworld o Orpheus wants to go down and get her he plays lyre for them and is allowed to bring her back Katabasis 0 Go down to the underworld I Can t look back until he is completely out I He looks back and he loses her forever I Doesn t get a second chance 0 Orpheus misogyny I Because of losing Eurydice I Origin of homosexuality in Thrace 0 Death I Frenzied by gang of women I Plays music to de ect rock but that doesn t work Orphism Mystery religion 0 Dionysus I Music wine but vegetarians which was strange for that time Transmigration of the soul 0 Why are they vegetarian I Eat meat eat a soul Emphasis on Musical Harmony In uence on Plato Vergil


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