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Archaic Greek Civ. & Sparta

by: Michaela Maynard

Archaic Greek Civ. & Sparta CLA 2110

Michaela Maynard
GPA 3.75
Debates about the Past: Greek
Angela Tuminno

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About this Document

These are the notes from 9/21 in the Greek Debate class. It includes all the information from the powerpoint, as well as some additional verbal information given during the lecture. It contains inf...
Debates about the Past: Greek
Angela Tuminno
Class Notes
geometric, archaic, corinth, red, figure, Athenians, kouros, kore, acropolis, agora, Education, mousike, Spartan, history, messenia, totalitarian, lycurgus, ephors, ephebes, syssition, peloponnesian, league
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Michaela Maynard on Wednesday October 14, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CLA 2110 at Florida State University taught by Angela Tuminno in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 74 views. For similar materials see Debates about the Past: Greek in Classical Mythology at Florida State University.


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Date Created: 10/14/15
CLA2110 Notes 92115 Archaic Greek Civilization amp Spa a Late Geometric Period 7507OOBC Very end of Dark Ages 0 Moving into Archaic Period 0 Refers to artwork on pottery Frequency of imagery on pottery increasedanimals and humans Geometric designs became frames for gures later on 0 Ca 720 BC quotOrientalizingquot Ornamental motifs in Greek art Rosettes grif ns sirens Deliberate elements from Near East Egypt 0 Homer discusses art this would be the period he was in o Archaic Period Pottery o Corinth Black gure gures were painted as black using vinegar clay and other ingredients and red while introducing little bits of oxygen The Francois Vase ca 570 BCE 7080 labeled gures 0 By 530 BC Athenians reversed it Red gure 0 Would color whole pot with black slip and leave parts bare that they wanted to show 0 The gures would then look red because they were the clay showing through Archaic Sculpture 0 quotKourosquot male youthboyyoung man 0 quotKorequot maiden Peplosdress kore other namemore famous than kuoros Similar to what would have been put on the Athena statue quotArchaic smilequot o slight smirk to their face 0 Slightly resemble Apollo and Artemis o Archaic Athenian Acropolis 0 Where the Calfbearer and Peplos kore would have been 0 C 560 BC quotBluebeard Templequot Sometimes called the Hekatombedonis often argued to be the Temple of Athena Polias o For this class the Bluebeard Temple is Hekatombedon Location debated 0 Late 5005 BC Temple of Athena Polias Archaios Naos quotancient templequot quotOld Athena Templequot Destroyed never built over 0 Circa 490 BC Older Parthenon Destroyed during its construction by Persians Located under site of Current Parthenon Ancient Agora o quotmarketplacegathering placequot 0 Political philosophical spiritual 0 Still serves the same function in modern Greece Athenian Education 0 No public school 0 Wealthy families sent sons to private schools Mousike memorization of poetry play the lyre Gymnasia physical tness Some math By 6th cent increase in literacy taught to read and write in schools Would not progress past modern day quotcollege agequot 0 Girls education in home management Learned how to weave etc 0 Boys oneonone education from mentor as well They would partake to sexual favors with their mentors in exchange for being furthered in society 0 Calculated to foster the perpetuation of traditional values Develop mental capacity NOT to just learn facts Makes good citizens NOT scholars Education in ar te quotvirtue excellencequot Athenian Education PhilosophyScience o Presocratics6t 5th cent BC those who did not believe myths Concerned with the structure and development of the kosmos 0 Scienti c astronomy Thales of Miletus Anaximander Pythagoras Parmenides This is Sparta located within Pelopenese in the area of Laconia o Athenians moving towards democracy 0 0 Sparta military state ruled by an old fashioned aristocracy Denial of individuality Quick Spartan History 0 O 0000 Needed control of Laconian Plainmountainous Also wanted Messenia fertile lowlands Late 8th century invaded Messenia leading to First Messenian War Ended about 720 BC Messenia now subject to Sparta Became helotshereditary subjects of the Spartan state One of the largest Greek states 3x larger than Athens Rich pottery metal working Second Messenian War led to political reform Two goals Freeing male citizens from all but military obligations Socializing them to accept the regimentation and discipline Spartan Government 0 0 End of 7t early 6th cent main features of the Spartan system in place Totalitarian Told women how to wear hair based on class statusageetc Choice of whether and when to marry Speci c conditions of conjugal intercourse Whether or not to raise a child Lycurgus quottraditional Spartan lawmakerquot Two Kings BasileisKing Head of government 0 Both head of military one would stay and campaign while the other was gone so there was always a king 0 Were also priests Held judicial powers Military religious and judicial powers Gerousia Council of Elders Huge honor as there were only 28 of them and they were all over 60 Cf Athenian Areopagus Most powerful part of society Ephors quotoverseersquot O Supervised kings represented the principle of law Monthly oath Oligarchical constituent 0 Short termsone year could not be reelected Assembly All adult males No discussion voted on decisions of gerousia No use for rhetoric nobody needed to be convinced You would put in your two cents and go on about your military career OOO Spartan Education 0 O O Spartan man military service until age of 60 Never trained for any other profession or way of life State determined the right of a new baby s viability Officials appointed by the state to examine newborns Would examine a new born baby to see if it would be bene cial to the state if not the baby would be left out for the animals All children same education state supervision Age 7 boys left homes for quotherdsquot Inspected by ephors daily nude every ten days Ages 1420 ephebes39youthsquot performed preliminary military service Age 20 Syssition dining group mess Did everything with these people Slept in a group of about 15 Like symposium Spartan Women 0 OO Upbringing prescribed by the state educated at public expense Only Spartan women among all the Greeks to have such an education Exercised outside well nourished drank wineunike Greeks Only social obligation have children Hairstyles announced a girls passage through life Managed domestic affairs Were the only ones home most of the time bc men were at war Held more power 0 The Peloponnesian League 0 0 Ca 510500 BC Peloponnesian League Organized All states in the Peloponnesus except Argos and Achaea Some others like Thebes o Offered mutual protection QNCE PTS TQ KN QW Geometric pottery Orientalizing Black gure Red gure Kouros Kore quotArchaic smilequot Bluebeard Temple Temple of Athena Polias Agora The Frangois Vase Mousike Gymnasia Sophists Ar te Presocratics Helots Lycurgus Gerousia Ephors Laconia Messenia Syssition The Peloponnesian League


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