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HTW 403 Oct 14 Lecture Notes

by: Alyson Forman

HTW 403 Oct 14 Lecture Notes HTW 402

Marketplace > Syracuse University > Public Health > HTW 402 > HTW 403 Oct 14 Lecture Notes
Alyson Forman
Implem & Eval of Health Programs
L. Narine

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About this Document

Implem & Eval of Health Programs
L. Narine
Class Notes
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This 16 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alyson Forman on Wednesday October 14, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HTW 402 at Syracuse University taught by L. Narine in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see Implem & Eval of Health Programs in Public Health at Syracuse University.


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Date Created: 10/14/15
iCS ange Co m nity Organization n Tyes of Communities that Organize Communities gt Neighborhoods gt Union workers gt Farmers gt Ethnic groups gt Religious gmups gt Elderly gt Disabled amp Good Community Organization Practices gt Social Planning gt Social Action gt Local Development gt Community Coalition amp Lessons Learned About Community Organization and Change gt Lessons come from gt Understanding community context gt Community planning gt Understanding opposition gt Intervention and upkeep of efforts gt Promoting community change gt Influencing broader change gt Achieving community level improvement k Lessons Learned About Community Organization and Change gt Understanding community context gt High profile commissions and reports create conditions for experimentation and optimism about public problem solving gt You might neeo to use more than one model of community organization practice to fit the variety of contexts in Which community work is done gt Crosscutting issues are gooo contexts for community organization practice gt Community organization can t always be separated from politics or controversy gt Poor people can make substantial gains or losses during periods of tumultuous change and relateo realignment of political parties Lessons Learned About Community Organization and Change gt b Understanding community context Strategies used in community organization should match the times Mass protest and grassroots community organization can work together Community organizations form When people are ready to be organized institutions that want to avoid conflict and controversy may be a difficult base for community organization work Societal and community problems are evidence that institutions are not functioning for people it s essential to set realistic goals for community organization efforts Lessons Learned About Community Organization and Change gt Understanding community context gt if we set only modest goals we Will probably achieve less gt Social planning can engage experts and local people in helping address societal problems particularly When there is consensus on the issue gt Locality development or self help efforts can also assist in addressing community issues gt Local control can hinder collaboration at hroader levels of planning A Lessons Learned About Community Organization and Change gt Community Planning Action and Mobilization gt Each individual has the capacity for self determination self help and improvement gt You can t do it by yourself gt Strong leaders are present in even the most economically deprived communities gt Community practitioners should never get used to the terrible conditions they see in their community work gt People s beliefs and values enable them to stay committed Lessons Learned About Community Organization and Change gt Community Planning gt The work of community organization is like that of a quotsecular church gt Community practitioners have few opportunities to reflect on the work gt Responding to events and opportunities to build community often takes us beyond what we know k Lessons Learned About Community Organization and Change gt Understanoiing anci aoioiiressng oppostion anci resstance gt Societal probems sometime serve the interests of those in power gt Racial and ethnic tension and controversies have disrupted and destroyed many community organiza tion efforts gt Social action tactics such as disruptive protest have many detractors gt Less in your face social action approaches can produce a strong political base from which to make change Lessons Learned About Community Organization and Change gt Understanding anoi aoiciressing opposition anci resistance gt Opposition and resistance may come in many forms gt Community organizations may respond to opposition with appropriate counteractions gt Opposition to Change may be like an onion k Lessons Learned About Community Organization and Change gt Intervention and upkeep of efforts gt The strategy of community organization should fit the situation gt Using multiple strategies usually has an advantage over any single strategy gt Being in two cultures promotes creativity gt The work of community organization takes time and follow through k Lessons Learned About Community Organization and Change gt Intervention and upkeep of efforts gt External support may be both a necessity and a trap for community organizations gt Community organizations often fade away gt Organizations neeo sma Wins amp Lessons Learned About Community Organization and Change gt Promoting community change gt The central ideal of community organization practice is service gt Community organization must go beyond the process of bringing people together gt The primary need is not for individuals to adjust to their world but for environments to change so people can attain their goals gt C ommunity hased organizations can function as catalysts for change Lessons Learned About Community Orgamzation and Change gt Influencing broader aka system change The le ves of intervention should reflect the multiple levels that contribute to the problem gt Systems change does not occur simply by reporting felt needs to appointed or elected officials gt The great power of social movements is in communicating a different Vision of the world gt Community organizations should seek changes within their power to manage gt Community and broader systems change can be brought about through collaboration A V Lessons Learned About Community Organization and Change gt Achieving community level improvement gt Societal probems often reoccur gt Most community efforts quotchipquot away at the problem gt Real change is rare gt Development of community leadership may be a positive byproduct of even a quotfailedquot community effort gt Optimal health and development for all people may be beyond the capacity of What communities can achieve but not beyond What they should seek


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