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Greek Lyric Poetry

by: Aimee Castillon

Greek Lyric Poetry clas260-01

Aimee Castillon
GPA 3.61
Legacy of Greece & Rome

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About this Document

Covers lecture notes from Greek Lyric Poetry session
Legacy of Greece & Rome
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Aimee Castillon on Wednesday October 14, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to clas260-01 at George Mason University taught by Arans in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see Legacy of Greece & Rome in Classical Studies at George Mason University.


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Date Created: 10/14/15
Organization name Aimee Castillon acastil7amuedu CLAS 260 0 Fall 2015 U l 1169 quot 391quotl 39w l ll Archilogus One big thing do I know how to get back on a man who s done me wrongAnd I know how to lead off the sprightly dance of Lord Dionysus Lesbos lesbian Categories of poetry genre Religious hymn Prosodion Apollo Dionysus Narrative elegy epic Greek lyric poetry the egostatement of individual I Types of lyrics lambos iambic meter personal invective colloquial topics Archilochus of Paros first known lyrical poet famous for iamboi allegedly drove to suicide Lycambos and his daughters the eldest of whom seemed Archilochus true love extant fragments reveal the full spectrum of his personality soldier lover scoundrel friend enemy cynic Love for Neobule Neobule s vouncier sister is the next target Solar eclipse Nothing in the world can surprise me nowZeus father of the Olympians has turned midday into black nightby shielding light from the blossoming sunand now dark terror hangs over mankindAnything may happen so don t be amazed Report of military campaign We have ambushed caught and slaughtered All 0 all calamites of all the Helenes Authoritv ficiure trochaic meter Archilogus challenges the warrior honor code Semonides of Amorgus 64O BC Didactic sarcasm Types of women animals Timocreon of Rhodes Melos musical choral or individual song variety of complex meters Sappho of Lesbos noblewoman schoolmistress Sappho s gift Artists of later epochs dream of Sappho and her legendary suicide on account of her unrequited love for handsome youth Phaon Sapphomother Alcaeus of Lesbos Anacreon 65 BC an incorrigible lovechaser feminism Elegy elegiac couplet hexameter pentameter general Occasion encomium epinikion parthenion pyrrichy Love and Partying skolion eroticon Paraclausithyron Wedding Hymenaios Death threnos ep aph Genres discourse philosophy Theognis of Megara 55O BC Aristocratic expatriant Deplores the dominance of the unworthy Mimnermus of Colophon 630 BC Longing for the youth gone by m of Athens 600 BC Lawgiver one of the 7 Wise Men Solon vs Mimnermus on aging first recorded Attic poet vision of true happiness lucky is one wo has good children swift horses hunting dogs and a guest from far away Anacreontea ie Star Spangled Banner Dithyramb flute Dionysiac or herocult song dance tyrbasia Legendary lyrical poet Arion inventor of dithyramb miraculously saved by a dolphin from the pirates recasts the passions of the god Dionysus Elegy flute gnomic poetry reflection of didactics Encomium praise banquet song lbicus 6th c BC Epinikion flute victory ode choral Epitaph gravestone inscription often as if spoken by the dead Epithalamion chorus following newlyweds to the bridal chamber Epic frominx a lyre heroic or didactic narrative Eroticon lovesong Hymenaios also name of the god of marriage song of bridesmaids Hymn cithara praise of god Hyporcheme song with dance in tragedy lambos colloquial meter downtoearth discourse or dialogue originally a genre of ritual invective derived from lambe daughter of Echo and Pan an impudent jester who made the grieving goddess Demeter laugh magic potency genre derision taunt parody lthyphallic meter amp song of phallaphoria Dionysuslacchus Nomos cithara Apollo Paean cithara Apollocult Paraclausithyron song before the locked door loveserenade Parodia alongsidesong parody funny imitation Paroinion skolion winesong symposiac poem Parthenion chorus of girls Prosodion flute song on the march to the temple Pyrrichy military dance amp song Skolion paroinion drinking party song Threnos threnody burial song lament over the dead The island of Lesbos with a natural musicality of its Aeolian dialect was a home of lyrical poetry in myth the head of Orpheus dismembered by the Bacchant women


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