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Bio 2 Protist notes

by: Andrew Faus

Bio 2 Protist notes BSC 1011C

Andrew Faus
GPA 3.7
General Biology II
Amy Keagy

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About this Document

This is my first set of notes to upload so it will not be anything incredible. It does contain important info from the last week of class, however. Always remember to email me with any questions o...
General Biology II
Amy Keagy
Class Notes
bio 2, protists, notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Andrew Faus on Wednesday October 14, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BSC 1011C at University of North Florida taught by Amy Keagy in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see General Biology II in Biology at University of North Florida.


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Date Created: 10/14/15
1013 BIO ll notes Protists Protists are important for many reasons Many of them are primary producers within the ocean the origin of the energy within the food chain and many of them play a role in our everyday life like diatoms in toothpaste Lineage Amoebozoa Contains the Amoebas and slime molds Amoebas engulf food with pseudopods which is also how the move Plasmodial slime molds are Coenocytic and move as you would expect slime to move they can also create sporangia which store spores spores store genetic material when conditions are harsh Lineage Opisthokonta Consits of nonprotists Animals and Fungi as well as Choanoflagellates which are similar to a sponge cell known as a chanocyte except the sponge cell cannot live on its own They move using a flagella as their name implies Lineage Excavata quotexcavated feeding groovesquot Parabasalids undulating membranes Trichonympha in termite Euglenoids have flagella that are directed by a light receptor called a stigma quoteyespotquot becomes heterotrophic when light is out Euglenozoa Kinetoplastids A parasite transferred by an insect common in tropics hard to treat medically Lineage Plantae ancestors were aquatic and more than likely descendents of greenblue algae Green algae quotCharaquot is likely the ancestral group of land plants In regards to aquatic members we are referring to red amp green algae Terrestrial plants were once the entire kingdom Red Algae some are microscopic some are visible to the naked eye Have photosynthetic pigments eg Phycoerythrin quotEryth quot means red produce A LOT of Oxygen Lineage Rhizaria quotRhizaquot means roots Foraminifera form the white cliffs of dover Chlorarachniophytes Lineage Alveolata Ciliates move by cilia dinoflagellates move by flagella Karenia brevis causes red tide and kills fish with saxitoxin Apicomplexa Apical Complex visible on some of these Pasmodium causes malaria gets into liver cells and transforms the new form attack red blood cells T0X0plasma gondi can cause infections in those with weak immune systems Lineage Stramenopila quotBristled flagellaquot have little in common except for the bristled flagella Oomycetes water molds with hyphae that reproduce via spores the cause of the potato famine and the fish disease known as quotichquot Diatoms Unicellular have a quotfrustulequot frustules are added to toothpaste to aide in abrasive cleaning made of silica move using quotraphesquot have carotenoids as photopigments Brown Algae Kelps largest protist in the ocean have air bladders to help them float


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