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Week 5 Lecture Notes

by: Mackenzie Thompson

Week 5 Lecture Notes BIOL 112 101

Marketplace > Texas A&M University > Science > BIOL 112 101 > Week 5 Lecture Notes
Mackenzie Thompson
Texas A&M
Biology 112
William Wardle

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About this Document

These are the week 5 lecture notes
Biology 112
William Wardle
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mackenzie Thompson on Wednesday October 14, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIOL 112 101 at Texas A&M University taught by William Wardle in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see Biology 112 in Science at Texas A&M University.


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Date Created: 10/14/15
Ferns 92915 0 Have a central stemlike structure 0 Leaves are even on both sides Sporophyte diploid generation 0 Diplohaplontic heteromorphic SgtG Orangebrown clusters of spots on backs of leaves l sorus o Cluster of sporangia Haploid cells after meiosis o Gametophyte generation is unusual l hermaphroditic Both male and female Require ooded habitat throughout most year in order to reproduce After reproduction zygote overtakes gametophyte and grows as an adult fern o Bryophyta and Pterophyta o Seedless plants 0 Seed 0 Replaces spore in life cycle 0 Agent of geographic dissemination o Transported by Wind Water Germination moisture and nutrients Animals 0 Eat seeds digestion defecation Adhere to something to travel 0 Moisture sensor tells seed when to germinate and embryo sucks up endosperm until seed breaks open Seed Plants Ph Coniferophyta l Conifers Cone bearing gymnosperms o Diplohaplontic heteromorphic SgtG Needle like evergreen leaves 0 Pine tree 0 Reproductive structures Cones o Hermaphroditic Male soft yellowish sticky contains thousands of pollen grains carried by wind gametophyte Female scaly woody brown dry ovule l egg 0 Dioecious Same sex plants 0 Fertilization leads to formation of zygote Wind disseminated Shrubs or trees 0 Woody never herbaceous Ph Anthophyta l owering plants angiosperms Flower modi ed leaf Petals o Colored o Fragrant Hormonesfromthese attract pollinators Sepals 0 Protective 0 Open and close during times of day when pollinators are are not active 0 Usually green Anther houses pollen grain sperm 0 2 nuclei 0 Gametophyte generation 0 Supported by lament o Altogether called the stamen Ovule houses reproduction transforms into seed 0 Up to 8 nuclei 0 Gametophyte generation 0 Stigma opening at the top 0 Style narrow tube that pollen grain travels down to merge with the ovum egg 0 Altogether called the carpel Carriers of pollen o lnsects 0 Birds Carriers of fruit 0 Birds 0 Bats o Other mammals 0 Looking down into ower from top 1012015 Ph Anthophyta cont Divides into 2 Classes 0 Class Monocotyledonae o Monocots Parallel veins Filament roots Scattered xylem and phloem Flower parts in 3 s or x of 3 s Grasses lilies palms and orchids Pollen grain with one opening 0 Class Dicotyledonae o Dicots o Branching veins 0 Tap roots 0 Circular xylem and phloem 0 Flower parts in 4 s or x of 4 5 5 5 or x of 5 s Herbs shrubs trees 0 Pollen grain with 3 openings 0 Agriculturally important plants 0 Plants 0 Root functions Anchoring absorption of minerals and nutrients gas 0000 exchange transport storage of photosynthesis 0 Stem functions Support storage of sap and photosynthesis transport 0 Leaf functions Transport reproduction gas exchange phototrophic nutrition 0 Cells 0 Leaf Ground tissue dermal cell and guard cell Dermal tissue Vascular tissue 0 Stem 0 Root 0 Embryo


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