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Class Notes 1/20

by: Mary Cooke

Class Notes 1/20 HIST 0187 - World War II in Europe

Mary Cooke
GPA 3.995
World War II in Europe

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About this Document

Class notes from class of Jan. 20th (pre-midterm) NOTE: one DAY of notes, not one week
World War II in Europe
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mary Cooke on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 0187 - World War II in Europe at University of Pittsburgh taught by Hammond in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 45 views. For similar materials see World War II in Europe in History at University of Pittsburgh.


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Date Created: 10/15/15
WWII in Europe Notes Recap Alliance Systems 0 German actions result in pushing Britain and France closer together Causes 0 Responsibility on most European countries not just Germany Imperialism pursuit of national prestige 0 Industrialization o Arms buildup speci cally navy Germany amp Britain 0 Nationalism Kaiser Wilhelm II 0 Committed to acquiring national prestige and territory 0 Partially because he was the grandson of Queen Victoria 0 Shift in foreign policy 0 quotDriving force whereas his grandfather Wilhelm I was NOT made him a good partner for Bismarck 0 Boer War Dutch in South Africa rebel against the British 0 Wilhelm supports this which angers the British 0 Gives an interview with the Daily Telegraph British newspaper 0 When asked why he is building up the German navy and building ships he calls the British people quotmad hares for being concerned with this Telegraph Affair Navy buildup Britain controls the seas unquestionably 0 Feel as if they have a right to this 0 Begin building dreadnaughts 0 Germany presents a threat to this power 0 Wants an empire but there is no room for them in Africa 0 Starts trying to build a ship to rival the dreadnaught Brings Britain and France even closer together 120 WWI quotWar to end all wars Britain announces the two power standard 0 Idea that Britain s navy should always be at least as big as the next two biggest navies 0 Had always been policy but now they announce it because of the German threat Ottoman Empire 0 Known as the quotsick man of Europe falling apart 0 Seen as an opportunity for other European powers to add to their empires 0 AustriaHungary who wants the land to the south of them 0 Serbia independent and looking to become more powerful and larger Wants to build a southern Slavic state Yugoslavia June 28 1914 0 Assassination of Franz Ferdinand by Princip Black Hand 0 Heir to the AustrioHungarian throne 0 Germany offers AustriaHungary a quotblank check support if a war is declared on Serbia 0 Serbia knows that it has the support of Russia because of Slavic ties and by extension France and Britain July 28 1914 AustriaHungary declares war on Serbia August 1 1914 WWII in Europe Notes 0 Germany declares war on Russia which was mobilizing in preparation to aid Serbia along the German border 0 Germany demands that they stop Russia does not respond Germany declares war 0 Germany allies with Turkey August 3 1915 0 Germany declares war on France hoping that Britain will not become involved 0 This is not the case because of secret agreements between Britain and France War Atrocities 0 Bombing from the air 0 Poison gas 0 Machine guns 0 Submarine warfare Land mines mines at sea Seen as quotungentlemanlyquot cowardly 0 Any weapons that could be used to sneak up on enemies or without really seeing your enemy US Role 0 Was a neutral power for the beginning of the war Allowed to trade with all powers at war and was making a lot of money from both sides 0 Frustrated Britain because US was sending cotton to Germany 0 Contraband materials because cotton was being used in explosives Sinking of the Lusitania summer 1915 0 Was carrying weapons and American citizens sunk by German submarines o Wilhelm II restricted submarine warfare afterwards which appeased the US but then returned to unrestricted warfare the next year Propelled the US into the war Wilson goes before Congress and declares war 0 US joins the Grand Alliance 0 British Prime Minister LloydGeorge starts calling for the quotknockout blow against Germany Will be able to impose whatever peace they want afterwards because Germany will be powerless not a negotiated peace Germany would not be allowed to surrender until the Kaiser abdicated the throne 0 Conditional surrender Destroy all military strength Fall 1917 0 US enters the war in full force 0 Russian Revolution October Revolution against Tsar Nicolas II led by Lenin o Lenin is given safe passage back to Russia by Germany hoping to undermine war capability Lenin wants quotpeace land and bread 0 Peace for the soldiers Had no weapons no ammunition adequate clothing food in the war 0 Promised to get Russia out of the war Happens in 1918 56 months later 0 Peace of BrestLitovsk with Germany German imposition of unilateral peace on the Russians Russians withdraw from alliance obligations without discussing this with their allies 0 Important for WWII fear 0 Bread for the workers in the cities who were suffering severe food shortages


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