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Class Notes 1/22

by: Mary Cooke

Class Notes 1/22 HIST 0187 - World War II in Europe

Mary Cooke
GPA 3.995
World War II in Europe

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About this Document

Class notes from class on Jan. 22nd (pre-midterm) NOTE: one DAY of notes, not one week
World War II in Europe
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mary Cooke on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 0187 - World War II in Europe at University of Pittsburgh taught by Hammond in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 35 views. For similar materials see World War II in Europe in History at University of Pittsburgh.


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Date Created: 10/15/15
WWII in EUROPE NOTES 122 WWI quotWar to make the world safe for democracy 0 Great nondemocratic powers Germany 0 Looking forward to a quotLeague of Nations that would be democratic in nature Russian Revolution 1917 0 Lenin promised land peace and bread delivered quickly on all 3 o PEACE Treaty of BrestLitovsk March 1918 Leon Trotsky Terms are extremely damaging on Russia wanted to get out of the war no matter what Ukraine Poland Finland Lithuania Estonia Latvia get their independence other lands go to Turkey which is now allied with Germany 0 Russia loses 26 of total population 27 of arable land 32 of crops 26 of railways 73 of iron industry 75 of coal elds Russia has to pay a large war indemnity 0 Opponents to the revolution 0 Whites Aristocrats got their power from the tsarist system Some peasants were very fond of the tsar 0 Got most of the foreign aid that was coming into Russia US enters the war 1917 Summer 1918 becomes obvious that Germany is losing the war still not the quotknockout blow 0 German generals Hindenberg Ludendorff call for surrender 0 Kaiser steps down Prince Max takes the throne 0 Cease re comes on 111118 0 However many soldiers still remain in the battle eld in Europe Peace process from 119619 Big 4 US Wilson Britain LloydGeorge Italy Orlando France Clemenceau 0 Italy eventually leaves because it feels its interests are not being met 0 Communications problems with language 0 Also delegates from smaller nations nationalities who want independence 0 Hungarians Czechs Romanians etc 0 Wilson idealist o Believes in the selfdetermination of nations wants to reform national boundaries 0 Committed to a League of Nations outlined in the 14 points Thinks that this will be easy to form Clemenceau o Wants protection barriers between France and Germany guarantee the safety of France 0 Wants to damage and weaken Germany 0 Opposite of Wilson s idealism Tells Wilson that if the buffer zone heavy war reparations etc are not imposed on Germany France will not vote for the League of Nations 0 Wilson compromises on every other point in order to save the League of Nations 0 Orlando 0 Wants what they were promised in the treaty of 1915 that brought them into the war Does not happen eventually leaves Peace of Paris 1919 Treaty of Versailles Germany 0 Germany loses all of its empire outside of Europe as well as about 10 of its population 18 of land in Europe WWII in EUROPE NOTES Amounts to 15 of agricultural production and 20 of industrial capacity Some of this land goes to the formation of new nations ex Poland 0 AlsaceLorrain goes back to France 0 Buffer zone is created between France and Germany 0 Military is reduced to 100000 men air force is eliminated navy is reduced substantially demilitarized zone on western border with France 0 War Guilt Clause 231 0 Germany agrees that the entire war was their fault completely 0 Justi cation for the reparations that Germany had to pay 1921 are established Were impossible for Germany to afford cannot refuse and is forced to sign on June 28 1919 anniversary of the assassination of the archduke


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