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Machiavelli Notes Part 1

by: Quinn Riley

Machiavelli Notes Part 1 POSC 1030

Marketplace > Clemson University > Political Science > POSC 1030 > Machiavelli Notes Part 1
Quinn Riley
Introduction to Political Theory
Dr. Brandon Turner

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About this Document

Introduction to Political Theory
Dr. Brandon Turner
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Quinn Riley on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to POSC 1030 at Clemson University taught by Dr. Brandon Turner in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 104 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Political Theory in Political Science at Clemson University.


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Date Created: 10/15/15
The Prince Machiavelli Part 1 Modernity via the Modern Age 1350 to 1900 2000 years after Aristotle 1 U39lhUUN Renaissance 13501600 Rebirth rediscovery of the classics the ideal human form much like the Greeks Romans emphasis on the world a Giotto 1300 didn t paint with particular care to human form everyone looked the same Age of Discovery 14001600 Reformation 15001650 Age of Reason 16001700 Enlightenment 17001800 Monotheism your god is THE god Christianity is an Augustinian theology Augustus political schema was NeoPlatonic Machiavelli marks the move to the modern realm of political theory Modern does not mean now Contemporary time with something of a time with you NOT this type of modern Modern in the context of this class means 13501900 Machiavelli precedes Marx Machiavelli wrote in Florence Italy was a man ofthe Renaissance Within the Modern Age is the age of discovery rapid advancement of European trade routes exploration commercialization colonization in the Eastern half of the Americas Africa Reformation of the Church of Northern Europe Luther propelled the revolution 0 The Reformation is not just an event during Modernity but was a PART of modernity an idea that comes to fruition Renaissance New emphasis on classics New emphasis on humanism ism a constellation of normative concepts that hang together coherently Human beings rather than god in determining the afterlife Shifting downaway from the heavenly bodies Humanists shifted the focus down away from the next life and shifted it TO this worldlife Augustus called this the city of man The concept of worldliness ourselves become the focus Contradistinction to otherworldliness The doctrine of realism is a contradistinction to idealism o Realists want the truth 0 Realists in international relations is in the context of moves for power 0 Giotto s painting 1300 Lacks detail depth perspective Lacks focus on human form Everyone looks the same was commissioned by a church Not really a realist painting but only beginning to be concerned with questions of realism Purpose was to instruct glorify otherworldliness 200 years later Caravaggio 1600 paints Supper at Emmaus 0 Includes shadows 0 Heavy detail 0 Drama conveyed through light characteristic of 16th century to Italian artists Food looks detailed and delicious Sumptuous food Dimension sizes are mathematically precise 0 Clothing chairs furniture COO Machiavelli is the rst great political realist Trying to understand the world on its own terms Caravaggio doesn t care what his art ought to depict but how it actually is Machiavelli instrumental reason is about getting the world to do what we want it to do 0 Not concerned with mans place in the world but concerned with how man can control the world 0 Modern themes 0 Science techne technology susceptible to progress 0 Progress 0 Mastery of the world that wants to kill us relentlessly Modernity allows us to do what we want get what we want etc Glori es those parts of the human endeavors


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