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PSY 202 Lecture: Love & Hate

by: Julia Gladding

PSY 202 Lecture: Love & Hate 5094

Julia Gladding
Cal Poly
GPA 3.9
PSY 202 - General Psychology
Ryujin, Laver

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About this Document

Notes on Dr. Don Ryujin's lecture. Contains all the information you need to know for the test.
PSY 202 - General Psychology
Ryujin, Laver
One Day of Notes
25 ?




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This 4 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Julia Gladding on Monday December 15, 2014. The One Day of Notes belongs to 5094 at California State Polytechnic University taught by Ryujin, Laver in Fall2014. Since its upload, it has received 191 views. For similar materials see PSY 202 - General Psychology in Psychlogy at California State Polytechnic University.


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Date Created: 12/15/14
Wednesday October 1 2014 PSY 202 Week 2 Monday Lecture Love and Hate Don Ryujin I Love The Findings 130 years of investigation A Physical Attraction 1 2 Looking for a good personality 3 matches and pictures one is more attractive than the other two while other two match the male better Chose the more attractive one In the face universally males are looking for a woman with large eyes a Babies are cute their eyes are 25X larger in proportion to their face than adults Mickey Mouse Other face characteristics males looking for in females high cheek bones small nose full lips large space between top of eye and eyebrow small chin large smile What are women looking for in a male face a Slightly sunken eyes heavier eyebrows small space between brow and upper lip broad chin thinner lips large smile Batman ook b Women find that this type of guy handsome but not the kind of guy they date and marry Findings indicate women date and marry men who have a slightly feminine appearance Body a What a male wants in a female is a women with mediumsized breasts hips legs waist b Both men and women said girls of average healthy BMls would look more attractive if she were thinner Degree of thinness preference was greater for males than females c Women are looking for in men broad shoulders thin waist thin hips thin legs small tight butt B Does Absence Make the Heart Grow Fonder 1 2 3 Wednesday October 1 2014 Long distance relationships Absence makes the heart go wander saying in social psych Longs distance relationships rate of break up is really high in the 90 C Do Opposites Attract Personality Matters 1 2 some attracted to opposites other attracted to people similar In 130 years of research it has never been found that opposites or people that are dissimilar attract It has been shown time and time again that people who are similar are attracted to each other a Has to be similar on important characteristics religion political views b Have to match your partner in critical ways that are important to both of you D Who is Pickier Women E Does Romance Exist 1 The Romantic Ideal you meet someone who takes your breath away Leads to relationship and marriage Romance at the Marriage Bureau University of Pennsylvania a Asked 200 couples Did the person you re marrying take your breath away 1 Men 8 2 Women 5 As you have a conversation with the person and feeling mutually understood agree start to look more attractive You feel understood Romance at Cal Poly a They use a strategy in dating that is inconsistent with the romantic ideal F Who Makes the Best Partner Again Personality Matters 1 Masculinity Femininity amp Androgyny bonsexual inventory a Important discovery the worst person for a marriage partner dating partner or best friend is someone who is masculine Wednesday October 1 2014 b Cultural prototype injures quality of male relationships c Culture generates social skills more in females than it does in men d Most satisfied people have partners who are feminine or androgynous 1 University makes people more androgynous Loneliness and Social Skills a Between men and women men are the lonelier of the two sexes no matter what age b By age group in loneliness the loneliest group are people between the ages of 1825 ll Hate A Racism Sexisms and Prejudice 1 3 Prejudice is the worst of the three Because prejudice involves several components involves negative emotion hate discriminatory thought or behavior treat gays Arabs a certain way Racism and sexism do not have to include any negative emotion Only needs to have discriminatory thought or behavior Women are sexist Minorities can be racist B Nonconscious Ideology As American as Apple Pie 1 2 3 4 We don t realize we have these sexist and racist ways of behaving Whole culture is saturated with it Does not make us mean and evil people We can change Nobody is immune C Examples of the Dangers of Nonconscious racism and sexism 1 Generic Nouns and Pronouns a Used to use he as a pronoun for both men and women Wednesday October 1 2014 b Cavepeople 13 of drawings had women Cavemen almost no women in drawings 2 Names and Job Applications a Same resume less African Americans got positive response than Euro American sounding names 3 Widget Study a Instructions are the same measured group output b Groups consistently produce less and the instructions had a female name on it 4 Median Pay a Women usually make less than men for doing the same or equal work 1 Women make 075 on the dollar 2 African Americans 062 on the dollar 3 Mexican American 053 on the dollar 4 Asian females 082 on the dollar b As compared to white males D Equal Status Cooperative Group Contact 1 One way to reduce prejudice racism sexism


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