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COM 107 WEEK OF 10-5-15

by: Samuel Gozinsky

COM 107 WEEK OF 10-5-15 COM 107

Marketplace > Syracuse University > Communication > COM 107 > COM 107 WEEK OF 10 5 15
Samuel Gozinsky
Communications and Society
Prof. Chock

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About this Document

Communications and Society
Prof. Chock
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Samuel Gozinsky on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COM 107 at Syracuse University taught by Prof. Chock in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see Communications and Society in Communication at Syracuse University.


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Date Created: 10/15/15
COM 107 10515 Political Ads So Who Owns What Comedy and talk shows A A lot of our news comes from comedy and talk shows B Late night comedy shows talk radio shows and cable news talk shows C Investigative journalism and satirical comments are typical of this type of media D Ex SNL spends a lot of time on politics E Politicians used to not appear on talk and comedy shows but now its somewhat expected This allows candidates to show their quotmore human sidequot A lot of ak was given to politicians that originally appeared on these type of shows because they thought it was ridiculous that actual serious politicians would appear on media in that way PoHUcaIads A Effects of political ads a Impact on quotawarenessquot quotlearningquot and quotagenda settingquot if you live in a swing state you will be faced with a ton of political ads because everyone is trying to swing you one way or the other 1 Agenda setting what are we going to be talking about at this time what are the important issues B Effects dependent upon a Message content do you agree with or are you persuaded by the content of the message b Message quality is the ad tacky is it a good ad c Receiver39s predispositions this is the key factor Are you pro or are you con If you are committed one way or the other no ad is going to swing you either way C Ad Spending a Digital ads could top 1 billion for 2016 D Campaign funding a wwwooensecretsord E Dark money groups people can make anonymous donations to a non pro t which can then donate to a single candidate Corporations can also do this They can be considered quotanonymousquot donors and can donate directly to a single candidate through this method Ad content A Limited amount of information a Identification what is this person like positive mood positive association done with images or music b Affect laden a lot of information is conveyed visually Rather than having the candidates speak about how they support agriculture show a visual of them on a farm or talking to farmers c A lot of info must be given in a limited amount of time B Symbols a Human QTquot VI V b Place c Group identity C Types of appeals a Trust hope reassurance positive ads b wwwlivinoroomcandidateord D The way that ads have been done has begun to change more celebrity endorsement Negative Ads A An ad directed to the failings of an opponent in relation to either character or uses a Some ads are more legitimate than others B Negative campaigning can backlash a Le 1992 C negative ads are frequently used a 1998 ads as an issue D Reluctance to quotgo negativequot negative ads can backlash on the candidate There is a difference between a legitimate critique and a trashing ad Why run negative ads a The tighter the contest the meaner the campaign b Distinguish self from opponent c Criticize opponent d Attempt to in uence voters Negative ads as news A Coverage of campaigns must include reporting on the candidates paid messages B Why do politival ads make good news stories a A nolose situation b Dishonesty and incompetence controversy and scandal c Slander and sleaze d The ght as story e Ads are tailored for news What are the possible effects A Defusing of partisan support B A plague on both houses C Undermine the legitimacy of the entire electoral process D Low voter turn out complex range of factors E Sleeper effect a Initial negative attitudes about source and message b Over time source forgotten c Message remembered d


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