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Notes for the week of 10/12-10/16

by: Frankie Bjork

Notes for the week of 10/12-10/16 ESS 104

Frankie Bjork
UW - L
Dance Appreciation
Kathy Gorman

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About this Document

This is the start of notes for the new Modern Dance unit.
Dance Appreciation
Kathy Gorman
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Frankie Bjork on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ESS 104 at University of Wisconsin - La Crosse taught by Kathy Gorman in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see Dance Appreciation in Physical Education at University of Wisconsin - La Crosse.

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Date Created: 10/15/15
Modern Dance A Revolution in Dance History 0 More free and expressive dancing style than classical ballet Isadora Duncan 0 Mother of Modern Dance 0 3 sources of her movement The Art of Ancient Greece The Movements of Nature 0 Tree branch blowing in the wind 0 Wave going back and forth Going Within Herself 0 She was watch herself in the mirror and move randomly Believed that the center of movement is the solar plexus o quotI have discovered the dance I have discovered the art form which has been lost for 2000 yearsquot Said this when she was 19 years old Disregarded because she was a woman young and had no support 0 She believed that ballet created an unnatural human body Ex The forced turnout position 0 She made her money by dancing in the homes of rich society women She wore a Greekstyle tunic Women typically wore long dresses and covered everything up 0 She was rebellious perfect for 19605 Wore what she wanted Danced how she wanted Slept with who she wanted 0 Toured Russia and Europe with the money she made dancing for the women Inspired Fokine Characteristics of Modern Dance 0 Modern dance is about individual expression That39s why modern dance is so different around the world 0 First time someone danced in bare feet Still happens today because of Isadora Duncan Ruth St Denis and Ted Shawn Ruth St Denis 0 Was an actor saw a picture of Isis in a drugstore and decided that she was meant to be a dancer Even though she had no training 0 Took a tour of Russia and Europe and found that her career was going downhill Got a male partner 0 3 early solos o All had eastern Asian feel o Radha East Indian milk maid o The Incense Used arms to imitate smoke o Cobra Denishawn 0 First Modern Dance Company and School 0 Attracted a large audience to modern dance 0 Out of it came the next generation of modern dances Doris Humphrey and Martha Graham 0 Men Dancers o Formed by Ted Shawn after their divorce Once Denishawn ended Jacob39s Pillow 0 Dance festival every summer 0 Has classes and performances


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