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Lecture 6

by: Shanelle Smith

Lecture 6 ST 150 - 19

Shanelle Smith
GPA 3.3
The West in the World
John Scott Parkinson (P)

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About this Document

the 17th and 18th Centuries
The West in the World
John Scott Parkinson (P)
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Shanelle Smith on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ST 150 - 19 at Ball State University taught by John Scott Parkinson (P) in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see The West in the World in History at Ball State University.

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Date Created: 10/15/15
Lecture 6 Outline u The 17th amp 18ith Centuries As the 17th century began Europe was once again ready for change This time change came in the form of how nations were ruled Absolutism dominated the politics of Europe throughout much of the 17th century The rise of absolutism created rivalries among the European powers m some old and some new Thus by the 181th century many EurOpean powers were ready to engage one another in a series of wars culminating in the Seven Years War which not only changed the face of Europe but changed the relationship between Great Britain and her American colonies that would eventually lead to a much more important conflict Absolutist Europe r What is the definition of absolutism TaL r 39 France V Why was France run by ministers during the reigns of Louis XIII ragga 21543 and Louisle r 1643 1715 mhy is Louis XIV significant Prussia Becomes a POWERFUL force in central Europe during the 17th century Frederick ii the Great r 1740 1786 further develops amp EXPANDS the army and bureaucracy in the 18th century 3 m w i v39b tyf 1 634 quotzquotquotiquotquoti k quot lwm h Mum 3939l3939quot3939 39Cr Astl ri a JLu2illdi i9tri e inildfi nquot211111JmyitiiaMi iiaia J 1 r w 639 va 0 r 39 Lecture 6 Outline The 1 8 18 Centuries Panrsquot 13 Page 53 Who were the Junkers and Why are they sianificant Austria Why is it that Austria NEVER becomes a STRONG centralized absolutist nnenu The reforms of Maria Theresa r 1740 1780 8L her son Joseph H r 1780 1790 move Austria foryya rd Russia Ivan IV r 1547 1584 becomes the FIRST person to take title of tsar czar ichael Romanov r 1613 1645 ushers in the Romanov Dynasty 1613 1917 J i s39 f eter the Great r 1682 1725 BUILDS the new capital of St Petersburg 1703 V Why is Peter the Great of Russia significant What was the primary goal of Peter the Great s foreign policy Peter III r 1762 swahssassinateagy Russian nobles but wife Catherine the Greatr 1762 1796 assumes control I Charter of Nobility 1785 he 35 ame u39aquot ismE39s IEImgsI 1353 9 391 1Aa39 13 xx uW in magi aquot isfE I 5 fw 4 Jama ar u Iraq r gramz 1 i39 n 39 394quot quotquot51j 39 2351SEVEFMV i TIh f391i39i39 i13935il39y39 hbi 5 a il 39fhii39l 3 kf39i i39quot w x 3939w hf fly l rti mistiirfsafvi rffii f 39n39i v3939 I39m 1quot a a th th 1 Lecture 6 Outline I e 17 8t 18 Centuries 39 r r aquot i u 1 r 2 I 539 1 A New Way m Ruie Enlightened absoiurism is based on certain natural rights inalienable privileges v What were the natural rights rhat enlightened absOlutism was based upon 391 The War of Spanish Suesessien 1702 1713 Great Britain Holland amp Austria vs Frainee 81 Spain J The Treaty of qrrechr 1713 makes What nation a world power 52 quot7 391 v r gt J 39r r 39 39 7 L77 r The War of Austrian Succession 1740 1748 Austria s Charles V DIES 1740 with NO heirs but daughter Maria Theresa r 1740 1780 comes to the throne Prussia NVADES Silesia Austria amp Great Britain vs France Prussia amp Spain Why is the War of Austrian Succession significant i39 4 y r The Seven Years War 1756 m 1763 BEGINS 1754 in North America where it is known as theifreneh nqjqp w al 1754 1763 39 a l i r n a 1 Who is blamed for starrinq the Seten Years W416ii 9 b 1 ii i qP In g gu r j amp39l 439l 39yik 39ll39ul r 39 a39 rv i sraquot39v snug 513N39Va39i39i 39i a39aquot39ii silent35 eareyiewyae quot39quot iersquotwhimriat 39 riglieu thisawn21 2r39 ii439z lt1e ampJ39A3u wit 39su39ltr 39quotquotshaman w 65quotquot 39ra39ia 29 ef gy4 2 w 3939 WWWYM MWWWWMW 7 7 39 39 39 V 39 I h 1 7 th 8 1 8th C 39 pg 7 Lecture 6 Out me i e enturles Page 55 x Maj If 1 V Ihe3qttleefthengia 9f4Mammigfeuabr ZEQMQCQQHIIQLQIMartin i i i i 1 l i 1 The Seven Years War eventually SPREADS to a Europe begins here in 1756 2 Great Britain amp Prussia vs Austria Russia amp France India 2 Great Britain vs France The Peace of Hubertusburg 1763 ENDS the war in Europe The Treaty of Paris 1763 i an hum33


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