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Lecture 7

by: Shanelle Smith

Lecture 7 ST 150 - 19

Shanelle Smith
GPA 3.3
The West in the World
John Scott Parkinson (P)

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About this Document

The Age of Revolutions
The West in the World
John Scott Parkinson (P)
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Shanelle Smith on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ST 150 - 19 at Ball State University taught by John Scott Parkinson (P) in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see The West in the World in History at Ball State University.

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Date Created: 10/15/15
Lecture 7 Outline The Age of Revolutions In the late 18 h century there occurred two revolutions that forever changed the world The revolution that began in the American colonies was instigated by Great Britain s decision to clamp down on her colonial offspring with taxes and regulations that the American colonists did not particularly like What happened was a war that ended with America emerging with her independence Then the Americans decided that there government needed changing as well The result was the Constitution of the United States The changes coming to America fueled a revolution in France The French Revolution became quite complex and deadly before it ran its course Then justas the French thought things would settle down for them a new menace emerged Napoleon Bonaparte s grobfor power caused all of Europe to react and resulted in a continental war that dragged on for years By the early 19th century Europe was slowly being restored Amerca s Revolution The American colonists amp British have DlFFERlNG views over taxation amp representation virtual vs actual What is meant by actual and virtual representation and who advocated which position Thomas Paine s Common Sense 1776 amp Thomas Jefferson s Declaration of independence July 4 1776 The Treaty of Paris 1783 gives America her independence from Great Britain ANew AmericanGovernment Aw I am The Articles of Confederatiokni 1781 1787 are replaced by the Constitution of the Uni tea gfdtesf quotIr 4 h quot39Tquotrrm 7iv lif39m r w R Hi firq m 1 quotgt r r s 7 ll I 39 V quot 39 if h ir quot 1 If I quot 39 H r a in t i l2 quot i l l j A K l 39 x it ff l 4 What was wrong W the Artiees of Confedercii on 1 781 1 787 Franc s quotevolution ALL French citize ns belong to an estate an order of society 7 estate cl rgy 2nd estate amp nobility 3rd restate all others the massespsc 39 a Li M Kim EH 39139 I l quot I The bourgemsle political power W50 We the bourgeoisie quot The burden of taxation FALLS on who Jacques Necker is appointed finance minister 39 Louis XVI calls EstateS General into session May 5 1789 unleashing an elementary revolutionary wave Why is France s Revolution unlike most revolutions i The 1St amp 2nd Estates have 300 representatives each in the Estates General The 3rd Estate hatS 600 total representatives but PFEC ElmS i tselfthe NationalAssembly June 17 1789 amp issues the Tennis Court Oath June 20 1789 vowing to give France a NEW Constitution Jacques Necker isDSlVllSSED July 11 1789 Masses PROTEST by stormingptjhegast le July 14 1789 Why is the storming lofthe Bastille 1 789 significant What did it represent Lecture 7 The Age of Revolutions f i yak 4 g rz hayw y lux an liv ll n39 r r l u t my 52i r39s an an 343w r The National Assembly issues the August Decrees abolishing serfdom confiscating Church lands amp reorganizing the judicial amp administrative systems Ill1e Declaration of the Rights of Man 84 Citizen August 4 1 789 asserts What MIKE r I The bourgeoisie quickly LOSE control 8t direction of revolution Louis XVl is reluctant to accept the reforms until a l i llfb ATTACKS the palace October 5 1789 quot r39 39 A NEW Constitution 1791 provides for a limited constitutional monarchy e The Legislative Assembly now holds the power 1 J 1 Louis XVI amp family try to FLEE France June 1791 but are caught ulMhy do Kinqu Leopold ll Austria amp Frederick William ll Prussiaurggwothgr guropegmmonarchs to leTERlENE in France Ill7 France declares WAR oil Austria April 20 1792 The Legislative Assembly powers of Louis Wl August 10 1792 a The Na tiqrcal Convention convenes September 21 1792 Great Britain Dutch Prussia Portugal amp Spain then join the WAR against France 17293 39 quot The Reign of Terror is establishedby the National Convention 8L the ommittee of 1 PublicSafety headed by Maximilien Robespierrei k 39 a Unleashes a DEADLY phase as thousands are eitecuted w the guillotine Louis Vl January 21 1793 8i Marie AntOinette October 16 1793 are both EXECUTED iiihot is the primary rolengfmthe Committee of Rublicgofety f1quot v teev I39WI quot zeia39uNzaJk quotin o x aw51aPEi 3mzliilu739 aki1 awardsw tIi v 39o39ia le m iifiLity 11quot533llUitai 5 liz45wquot 1 4 i i 1 n xsta mm i 39ri39139asswwuw m 39mikw as Lquot 39 uniNRA u 39p mm WM 7 WWW qmwywmy m L t 7 lb A ofRevlti 39 p 59 rquot h The Constitution of 1795 creates a Council of 500 amp the Councilof Elders who then V The majority of victims of the Reign of Terror were from what class Who was the final victim of the Reign of Terror select 5 to serve as the Directory 39 quot r ac 39 NapoleonBonaparte Napoleon Bonaparte takes CONTROL of the Directory November 9 1799 I Named 15t Consul February 7 1800 and Consul for life 1802 E Becomes Emperor Napoleon l December 2 1804 Who crowns NapoleonBonaprte emperor I If 11 I I w Why does Napoleon Bonaparte issue the Concordat 1801 A39wll Why is the Nopoieonic Code 1804 significant E Holy Roman Empire is DISSOLVED 1806 The Napoleonic Wars France is at WAR w almost ALL of Europe from 1803 1815 wNapoleon s Grand Empire consists of an thetlependent states rUIEd by Napoleonfs ralathesli 81 the those defeated by Napoleon Bonaparte s m forCES Page 60 Lecture 7 The Age of Revolutions a The Continental System is formed 1806 by Napoleon Bonaparte to defeat Great Britain on the continent Napoleon Bonaparte INVADES Russia 1812 andwlgts srfo rlthe FIRSTtimew r WIZQl EBEAQ Q fQ55 Europeas a reseitef lgpoleonis defeat in Russia rr Napoleon Bonaparte is DEFEATED April 1814 amp is EXILED to the Island of Elba I Bourbon Dynasty is restored w Louis XVIII r 1814 1824 4 Napoleon Bonaparte ESCAPES from Elba March 20 1815 RETURNS to France amp re orms his loyal troops a Finally DEFEATED at the Battle of Waterloo June 18 1815 amp is EXILED to the Island of St Helena H Napoleon Bonaparte DIES in exile on St Helena May 5 1821 4 Where do Napoleon B qnggqrte s remains rest tolqlgy 5 s a h Lecture 2 The Age of Re yolutions 39 Page 61


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