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PSY 202 Lecture: Emotions

by: Julia Gladding

PSY 202 Lecture: Emotions 5094

Julia Gladding
Cal Poly
GPA 3.9
PSY 202 - General Psychology
Ryujin, Laver

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About this Document

Notes on Dr. Don Ryujin's lecture. Contains all the information you need to know for the test.
PSY 202 - General Psychology
Ryujin, Laver
One Day of Notes
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This 4 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Julia Gladding on Monday December 15, 2014. The One Day of Notes belongs to 5094 at California State Polytechnic University taught by Ryujin, Laver in Fall2014. Since its upload, it has received 181 views. For similar materials see PSY 202 - General Psychology in Psychlogy at California State Polytechnic University.

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Date Created: 12/15/14
Monday October 27 2014 PSY 202 Week 6 Monday Lecture Emotions Dr Don Ryujin l Emotions in Psychology Perspectives A Western Male Bias 1 Our culture ignores emotions a Don t talk about them don t show them don t study them B JohnnyComeLatelyquot 1 next generation of scientists will be women study emotions more ll Universality of Emotions The Brain text coverage of topic A Sociobiology amp 78 Basic Emotions 1 Since we can t communicate with everyone 2 We can t speak with babies with language If you can t read the baby s face and it was distressed babies would die Those that could read the baby s facial expression their babies survived and passed on their genetic material a Babies can read too b Those that could not were likely to die off those that could became us c Crossculturally Don t need any training 1 Very historic study in Papua New Guinea Eckman 2 Universal facial expressions a Eyebrow flash Hi I m friendly B Facial Feedback Hypothesis 1 If you smile you will feel happy If you frown you will feel sad Certain muscles in your face are connected to certain parts of the brain and when they move you start to feel it Monday October 27 2014 2 Study Two groups One group has to hold pen in their teeth smile muscles Rate cartoons Other group has to hold pen in their lips no smile muscles Rate cartoons Group who were smiling thought cartoons are funnier C Brain Structures Associated with Emotions 1 Internalexternal stimuli gt thalamus switchboard of the brain gt amygdala 11000 second gt hypothalamus gt internalexternal stimuli a Low road speedy road could be wrong 2 Internalexternal stimuli gt cortex gt amygdala gt hypothalamus a High road takes time 3 What the brain thinks has emotional consequences lll Cognitive Appraisal Emotions and Motivation A Cognitive Appraisal Emotion and BehaviorDecision 1 For personal decisions emotions help you to make personal decisions social financial decisions are much betterwisersmarter if you listen to your emotions B Cognitive Appraisal and Stereotype Threat 1 What about academic stuff 2 Congnitive appraisal for academic stuff is critical a The cognitive appraisal of the situation has cause an emotion anxiety and fear that negatively impacts their behavior on the test 3 The best predictor of whether or not you are going to graduate from Cal Poly is your belief That positive emotion helps you get it done Negative emotion impacts work and motivation and hurts you from getting it done IV lndividualityPersonality and Emotions A Affectivity 1 whether you feel positive or negative emotions Do you mostly feel positive or negative emotions Monday October 27 2014 2 people who tend to feel negative emotions a lot are in worse psychological health less physical health worse academic work worse occupational work you die sooner 3 people who feel positive emotions opposite live longer better academically in life better psychological and physical health B Intensity 1 Some people feel positive or negative emotions more or less strongly 2 High intensity a Fell emotions strongly 3 Less intensity a Don t empathize well with people b Professors C Expresssiveness 1 2 How well you express your emotions Sexgender difference a Women express emotions better b Consequences 1 Express emotions well Better psychologicalphysical health better social relationships longer life Men a Guys die sooner worse social relationships b culture not supposed to express emotions Affects biological health physiological health and relationships with significant others D Body Language and Emotions 1 Sex Differences a Women better than men Monday October 27 2014 2 Romance 8 b C d Ruben created scale to determine romance Eye contact promotes romantic relationships Had couples fill out love assessment Some were called back Watched couples sitting at a table through a one way mirror Clocked how much time the woman looked into the man s face how much time the man looked into the women s face Two clocked linked electronically measured mutual eye contact 1 More mutual eye contact more likely that couple is to move from dating to engagement to marriage


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