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Lecture 10

by: Shanelle Smith

Lecture 10 ST 150 - 19

Shanelle Smith
GPA 3.3
The West in the World
John Scott Parkinson (P)

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About this Document

World War I
The West in the World
John Scott Parkinson (P)
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Shanelle Smith on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ST 150 - 19 at Ball State University taught by John Scott Parkinson (P) in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see The West in the World in History at Ball State University.

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Date Created: 10/15/15
Lecture in Qutline World War i It has been called the war to end all wars The causes of World War I are as complex to understand as the war is itself The rivalries between the European countries helped fuel the tension that was building as the 20th century began What it needed was a spark to touch this powder keg off When the war was over all of Europe lay devastated Millions had died in the con ict and millions more died as a result of disease starvation etc Wa r l The basic causes of Warld War I quot Economic competition amongst the powers imperialism L j r 39 1 Suspicions fears amp tensions amongst powers The RISE of nationalism e A naval arms race between Great Britain and Germany militarism The military alliance system w theirwirtrievle ggiwble military timetables H V What were Dreadnoughts 7 I I Gavrilo Princip assassinates Austria s Franz Ferdinand amp his wife SOphia in Sarajevo lune 281914 V eyrile riasierepresented who Serbia given an ultimatum by AustriaHungary July 23 Austria Hungary given a blankcheck by Germany July 25 Who could be Considered the ene man we could BLAME for World Warmly The Alliances of 1914 Central Powers 2 Germany Austria Hungary amp ltaly Allied Powers 2 Great Britain France 81 Russia The War BEGINS German forces INVADE a neutral Belgium August 3 1914 1 Germany s Schlieffen Plan designed by General Alfred von Schlief fen 1905 then kicks in What was the Schlieffen Plan 1905 desianed to prevent Great rltaiin then declares WAR on The Western Front f 5 First Battle of the Marne September 5 91 12 1914 results in stalemate occurring along the ENTIRE Western Front V What do both sides do following the onset of stalemate alarm the Western I n 39l 39 l39 I in i fquotr q 3 v t 1 F 4 y T a M 4 H I g rr J The Eastern Front The Battle of Tannenberg August 23 m 30 1914 results in the German forces ANNl HlLATlNG Russia s Second Army 139 Victory makes national HEROES out of Paulvon Hindenburg and Erich Lude n do rff l 9 d 1 4 4 ML V weyistheeettie9fifeynwhen 1914 significant The troits Ottoman Turks ENTER war October 28 1914 amp CLOSE OFF the Dordonelies the straits 39 Why are the Dordonelles the straits significant British amp French forces INVADE the Gallipoli Peninsula 1915 but FAIL to open the straits What two nations armies were baptized in Maggot Gollipoli 1915 i r i 39 5 l A Year at Slaughter Battle of VerdunFebruary 19 December 19 1916 finds France holding on at all costs Battle of the Somme July 1 November 18 1916 finds Allies unable to PUNCTURE the German lines The War underthe Sea Great Britain s navy BLOCKADES Germany s ports at start of war United States complains of blockade because our neutral rights are being violated 9 Germany counters blockade by using her submarines 1 quot 39l quotWusax 39slt swifIiu rvcr 1quot 1 39i Ibhi u Xi4315 al irHi awn s 7 7 a a agt vv39yu q 5n l quotquot quot y 4 W WMH mmmwmmmmuhhw Nun quotquot3 Lecture 10m o d ar Page 79 L l 39i Some passenger liners like the Lusitania May 7 1915 are SUNK The War on the Sea v Battle ofJutland May 31 June 11916tinds Germany s naval fleet WINNING V against Great Britain s naval fleet Foiowina their win at Jutland What did the German navy decide to do i a K 39 iii quot52quot fquot Enter America The United States finally ENTERS the war April 6 1917 because of I Germany s use of unrestricted submarine warfare I Zimmerman Telegram Arthur Zimmerman s memo to Mexicof ianuary 16 fa 0 x A Plan for Peace American President Woodrow Wilson introduces his Fourteen Points including a proposed LeagueofNations on January 8 1918 What Was Europe s reaction to Woodrow Wilson s Fourteen Points An End to the war An armistice is SlGNED a railway car near Compiegne France i gt WW3 39 eweme 4 quotp411 aware4 werequot 1lt39Vi Rr 7 52323 A g f 39sfi355ihklhl39 59quot39e39 shamtree JquotR39S n39 39F39lh ea s Uf insxxrg39rt Ielssm F5131MTE539S393t1i amate3939t i39w1iz sturdy11 39 I39 p v39 Lecture 10 39 World War I Germany s Punishment V The Treat ofVersailles June 28 1919 PUNlSH ES Germ anys eyerely Article 231 39 9 Germany to PAY matureparations later set at 33 billion to the Allies a Germany s military capacity drastically REDUQED V 39 5 France REGAINS Alsace and Lorraine back The War s Aftermath Changes in Europe m NEW nations of Czechoslovakia amp Yugoslavia EMERGE H An enlarged Romania emerges A republican amp separate Hungary appears a Poland gets a corridor to the sea amp the tree city of Da39nzig 39 Middle Eastern lands DIVlDED mandates between France amp Great Britain quot E British mandates 2 Iraq 1920 1932 Palestine 1920 1948 8L Trans Jordan 1921 1946 N French mandates Syria amp Lebanon 1923 1943 his empiref39s collapse led to the formqgjgh of the modern Middle Eqsif


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