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Lecture 13

by: Shanelle Smith

Lecture 13 ST 150 - 19

Shanelle Smith
GPA 3.3
The West in the World
John Scott Parkinson (P)

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About this Document

World War II
The West in the World
John Scott Parkinson (P)
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Shanelle Smith on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ST 150 - 19 at Ball State University taught by John Scott Parkinson (P) in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see The West in the World in History at Ball State University.

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Date Created: 10/15/15
quot nching Towards War Lecture 13Qutline World War il By the midu1930s Germany was becoming a menace to much of Europe Adolf Hitler decided that he would ignore the provisions of the Treaty of Versailles and embarked on a campaign to re arm Germany Hitler then used his cunning diplomatic skills to acquire some territory as the rest of Europe stood by and did nothing to stop him As the 1930s came to a close Adolf Hitler was ready to unleash a war that would wreak more death and destruction on Europe and the world The Second World War changed how warfare was conducted and ushered in a new era of tension between the world s two superpowers The Cold War can trace its roots to the mistrust that emerged during World War II between the United States and ifquot the Soviet Union Germany s Foreign Policy F Germany feels THREATENED by the Slavic peoples because they OUTNUMBER the Germans and OCCUPY the lands Adolf Hitler is eyeing inthe East Adolf Hitler wants his igbensrgum I Z i I I I Germany RE ARMS itself militar i lylmid1930s 7 German troops then the thineland March 1936 What were Frances and much of Western Europe s reaction to Germany s re Qgcupo tion of the Rhinelanqd Germany s NEW allies italy w the Rome Berlin Axis 1936 amp Japan w the AntiCorgintem Pect1936 Germany ANNEXES Atistiria w the Anschluss March 1938 an r i Adolf Hitler then WANTS the Sudeteeland amp promises to NOTdemand any more territory if he is given this x quotvquot 39 39 quot Lg f ier 124 quot5 Wm a WMHmmmmmWWVMmWWWWu vm hHuwwwwwmmmm Lecture 13 Outline World War ll Page 93 v l f t What was the Sudetenldnd I quotF t w I 39r 1 L r Alister Jij iIu a 1 quot lwmtk If MaiWV 1 r v 1 t n 39 l L li r I217 ya u My f 39 l 5 Great Britain 5 Prime Minister New 1 V I x Why is the Munich Conference sighi r 1 r a F l r 1 Ir r 4 1 39 r v What is meant by appeasement 7 ij it if German troops then 0 l 5 l C Ii J any 5 J 5 I 39n rquot r Wm 2 Kquot TIT DEquot IQ A 39 4 Illwf J l Stopping Hiter 1 gt fquot 39 Adolf Hitler now wants the free qty otD nZIg beellt I 51 r I if u 1 T II 51 quot rl 5 V I J I 1 l at an i a i 41 A quotu r t 1 A x 1 v l r quotl 439 H 1 gt 39 L x I 39 III 3 t e Chamberlain amp France s Edouard Daledler APPEASE Adolf Hitler at the Munich Conf eVrence Serptemhet1939 l 4 t i t K m 5 i 57 quot 39 l x II a In 39 1 IM quot 5 39 39 gitjg v ccupy the REST ofnclzechoslovakia 1939 I Western powers look to the Soviet Union to STOP Adolf Hitler J l 9 r y t vl 39ll I j quot 39 gelg many amp the Sowet Union SIGN the Non Aggressmn Pact In August 1939 V 4 Why is NoniAdgression Pact significant 1 1 11 kg ff 1 39 1 1 391 quot Lgg L e 39 39 l 39 39 39 I T 1 quot quot 39 39 l r l m VJ n l I aw i t a 5 a 639 e WA R ii iilrquotquot r I 47quot 5 quot quotfun sf r Eq F l rquot W German troops IN VADE Poland September 1 1939 using Poland is OVERRUN in EOUR weeks as the Soviet Unionamp Germany D lllDE UP Lecture 13 Outline World War ll it 1 l l V r u 1 quot u 1 39 I I a In 7 l 1 N 1 s 39 t5 39 ix lt2 1 i I I r r V E i I r gr a l 2 tactics 9 Page 94 v What is meant by the term blitzkrieg I in Germany s War Maehine German forces ROLL to victory over n 7 I e Denmark amp Norway April 1940 i l i E The Netherlands Belgium 84 France Maymlune 1940 What is msiqnifieanr about France s surrender June 20 1940 in they reiiwey ear amemeiegee r 39 The Battle ef Britain 39 7 VJ is 39 in 7 r 39 quoti ll 7 r 41 a I x l 39 7711 11 v Germany s air campaign using the Luftwaffe against Great Bl rijta in mid 1940 39 a British Prime Minister Winstonthurchill calls it theirfinesr hour i Why is the Barrie zo f rimin significant Disaster Adolf Hitler gambles amp INVAD ES the Seviet Union Operation Barbaressa June 39 Whlfs Onemi39i on Barbaresm 29e1 ignizfi eht Eli3 quot quot 39 I a a 2 l 3 quot lhnmi39a 4 i 39t line Lecture 13 Out


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