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Lecture 2

by: Shanelle Smith

Lecture 2 ST 150 - 19

Shanelle Smith
GPA 3.3
The West in the World
John Scott Parkinson (P)

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About this Document

The Roman World
The West in the World
John Scott Parkinson (P)
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Shanelle Smith on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ST 150 - 19 at Ball State University taught by John Scott Parkinson (P) in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see The West in the World in History at Ball State University.

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Date Created: 10/15/15
Lecture 2 Outline The Roman World Like the Ancient Greeks the Romans have also had an impact on the western world Rome s history can be divided into two distinct phases 1 the Roman Republic and 2 the Roman Empire It was during the Roman Republic that the foundations of ancient Rome were laid Beginning with the rule of Caesar Augustus the Roman Empire begins it is this period where Rome really flexed its muscle and might At one time the Roman Empire was the world s largest empire stretching from What is today Scotland to the ancient Near East and from northern Europe to North Africa By administering over this vast area the Romans heavily in uenced numerous peoples and lands Yet it was Rome s vastness that contributed to its downfall The Romans have given us or furthered our study of history politics engineering science and architecture Though historians point to 476 as the traditional END of the Roman Empire and thusancient history the legacies left behind by Rome continued forward Most notably Rome s embracing of Christianity Rome also left behind much needed law and order Many of the barbaric grOUp s who overran the western portion ofthe Roman Empire adopted much of Rome s legal and administrative structure Early Rome c 753 509 BC Greeks 8L Etruscans populate the Italian Peninsula prior to Rome s founding Romulus amp Remus establish city of Rome 753 BC Early inhabitants spoke Latin an JudoEuropean language Early Rome ruled by kings Who raised Romulus and Remus The Roman Republic c 509 27 BC Early Rome s Administrative Structure E Consuls two elected Lamnwnuafllly E Praetors Senate senators r quot centuria te assembly H The Twelve Tables 449 BC Early Rome s Social Structure quot plebeiansj patricianse What happened as a result of the struggle of the orders 5th Century BC 28 BC Early Expansion Rome conquers Latin states 39by 338 BC Fought WAR W Samnites 343 290 BC Conquer southern Italy by 287 BC The Pun ic Wars 264 146 BC Series of THREE wars fought w Carthage Hannibal crosses Alps during Second Punic War 218 201 BC What did Hannibal FAIL to do quotm z f392 f33939 5 ii 394a eii39elzuf h3939r51i bgt 5i e 1 3 1 D 1339 45 ai1siai3939quot i L 39i a g Sanka ux ixy39ew r5551 y r hamp r3gt 39 95 eia139tLanaiaweaamv wwmw39xw 13939l39ky l i g39 IEl hn g glamp 39 t g ggti39 wing y 39 g 5i 5rlru39I394 3 E i 5ifa rl sh f Vlmr39 r v n l f I l Lecture 2 Outline quotquot l 9 Roman WOl Page 25 Rome finally successful in defeating Carthaginians Decline of the Republic How do Tiberius SB 133 BC 8 GaiusGrocchus 159 121 BC attempt to 39 39 v Why do Gdius Marius 157 86 BC military reforms FAIL The rst Triumu irate Crassus Pompey amp Julius Caesar RULE jointly 60 m 53 BC Crassus DlES 53 BC 39 Why did the First Triumvimte FAIL to work foiiowinq Crossus deq g Civil war occurs 49 1 45 BC between forces of Caesar amp Pompey Julius Caesar triumphant E Named dictator 47 BC amp dictator for life 44 BC Assassinated March 15 44 BC by group of Senators including Marcus Brutus Rome after iuiius Caesar Gaius Ocsayian 63 BC AD 14 81 Marc Antony both claim leadership How were Goius Octavian amp Julius Caesar related r w r 39quotr3939gt 39quot39391139r3939 397r 739wrgt 231 MJaTi u39rlPbi331gi39 1439 may mug14agugyrgau swwxyhhhyaMi J V r F a u s M n39quot Lecture 2 Outline w he Roman World Page 27 Octavian s forces DEFEAT Antony s forces at the Battleot Actium 31 BC What ultimately happens to Marc Antony The Roman Empire 27 BC AD 476 The Age ofAugustus 31 BC AD 14 Octavian becomes Augustus the revered one in 27 BC E Becomes imperator emperor quot 39 J Ruled through principate Augustus princeps first citizen 2 E AugustUs DIES AD 14 a Fox Romano lasts from AD 14 to AD 180 l Wllgi ldfhe term Pox Romano mean 39 What haDD E ls t0 the RomanEmpire during the reians of Trajan rt 98 m 117 amp Hadrian r 1 138 7 s 8 Why was Hadrian s Wall built Romeand the Jews Roman involvement w the Jews BEGAN around 63 BC i By AD 6 Judea is Roman province H Yet UNREST augmented by divisions between Sadducees Pharisees Zealots amp Essenes 39 39 39 I 2 1 H 2 5 g r v gt m Page 28 I Lecture 2 Outline The Roman World The Rise of Christianity Jesus or Nazareth c 6 BC AD 30 emerges c AD 27 F Arrested handed over to the Romans amp CRUCIFIED by Pontius Pilate c AD 30 a r 7 r w How did the Roman authorities View Jesus of Nazareth Why are Paul of Torsus c AD 5 c AD 57 and the other disciples significant Decline of the Roman Empire Rome in CHAOS from 195 248 a Persians capture Emperor Valerian I 260 E Goths amp Franks encroach on Rome s frontiers Why does Diocietion r 284 H 305 DillQt theiiomori Empire into East r Weeteertigeg Constantine I r 306 9 337 REBUILDS Byzantium 324 w 330 and renames it Constantinople 395 Battles Maxentius at the Battle of the Millvian Bridge October 28 312 IE E re i i w Why is the Bettie of the Million Bridqe Eli isiqnificoht gownsutg tjgejs Edict of Milan 313 proclaimed whqt 39w n 7 39 v ro ii esm39lmnsum 1v 1 393939 wu I quot16125P 13921a64riv1quotquotquot3 h ivgtk4viquotiiquot39 quotquot wquotgt l39quot39 gtquotL39 1 39 399 2 WW Lecture 2 Outline wThe Roman World Page 29 Theodosius the Great r 378 395 makes Christianity the OFFICIAL religion of the Roman Empire c 392 Eastern Orthodox Christian Church emerges in the east it 1 Makes a formal BREAK w Roman Catholic Church 1054 The FALL of Western Rome Barbaric invasions Le the Huns BEGIN in late 4th Century I Rome SACKED by Visigoths 410 amp Vandals 455 39 Romulus Augustus r 475 476forced offthrone by Germanic King Odoacer in 476 V What happened as a result of the Huns pushing into central Europe f1 VI 39 What are Rome s contributions to the Western World 39 waxesquot a age 30 Imamamermae aswearsaemssemesng what2 rxsiquot39 quotltli A E 5 3amp5 i3 Hivlu i 1 5395 fwv i 15va g 7i V Zi 39i quotrn si wgtwaswm r Ir139 equot3939t 39lt39quotquot quot 39 l Lecture 2 Outline 3 l E Roman W0 Cl


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