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Preterite Tense

by: Emma Kiel

Preterite Tense Spanish 313

Emma Kiel
GPA 4.0
Intermediate Conversation
Dr. Elia J. Armacanqui-Tipacti

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About this Document

Review Preterite Conjugations, Irregulars, and Preterite vs. Imperfect
Intermediate Conversation
Dr. Elia J. Armacanqui-Tipacti
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Emma Kiel on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Spanish 313 at University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point taught by Dr. Elia J. Armacanqui-Tipacti in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see Intermediate Conversation in Spanish at University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point.

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Date Created: 10/15/15
Preterite Tense Espa ol313 Capitulo 3 Preterite Conjugation Forms Regular Forms 0 AR verbs Estudiar o estudi estudiamos estudiaste estudiasteis estudi estudiaron 0 ER amp R verbs Comeramp Salir o comi comimos comiste comisteis comi comieron o sali salimos saliste salisteis sali salieron R StemChangers o Verbs stem change ONLY in the eeausted and ellosellasustedes forms 0 Present tense e ie stemchange 0 change from e i in the preterite tense 0 example Preferr preferl preferimos preferiste preferisteis prefiri prefirieron 0 Present tense o ue stemchange 0 change from o u in the preterite tense 0 example morir morI morimos moriste moristeis muri murieron 0 Present tense e i stemchange 0 still changes from e i in preterite tense example servir servl servimos serviste servisteis sirvi sirvieron Verbs with Irregular Preterite StemsEndings o Irregular verbs don t have written accents o Verbs have regular endings o andur anduv poder pud traer traj decir dij poner pus venir vin conducir conduj querer quis estar estuv saber sup hacer hic tener tuv o Other irregulars o eeausted of Hacer hizo o verbs with preterite stems ending in j drop i from ellosellasustedes form I example Decir dijeron Traer trajeron Dar Seramplr o Dar 0 di dimos diste disteis dio dieron o IrSer o fue fuimos fuiste fuisteis fue fueron Using Hacer to express time 0 Present Action Formula Hace amount of time que conjugated verb in present tense OR conjugated verb in present tense desde hace amount of time o Hace cinco anos que estudio aquI OR Estudio aquI desde hace cinco anos I I ve been studying here for five years 0 Time Elapsed Formula Hace amount of time que conjugated verb in preterite OR conjugated verb in preterite hace amount of time o Hace dos semanas que empec a trabajar OR Empec a trabajar hace dos semanas I I started working two weeks ago Preterite vs Imperfect 0 Each action has a beginning middle and end 0 Beginning and End Preterite 0 Middle Imperfect o More Imperfect Uses 0 Past action in progress I I was running 0 Repeated past action I I used to work Friday nights 0 Emotions mental states physical descriptions I She was happy I He had blonde hair 0 Descriptions of weather or background I It was sunny 0 Simultaneous actions I We were eating while she was singing o More Preterite Uses 0 Actions that have taken place I He read the book I She drove to the house 0 Actions that interrupt ongoing actions I He was dancing imperfect when suddenly she arrived preterite


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