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by: Saul Thiel


Marketplace > McNeese State University > Education, Science > EDTC 100 > INTRODUCTION TO TECHNOLOGY IN EDUCATION
Saul Thiel
McNeese State University
GPA 3.57

Summer Champagne

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About this Document

Summer Champagne
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Saul Thiel on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EDTC 100 at McNeese State University taught by Summer Champagne in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see /class/223493/edtc-100-mcneese-state-university in Education, Science at McNeese State University.

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Date Created: 10/15/15
Jenna LaBouve EDTC 100 Autobiography I have always been interested in education and being a teacher for as long as I can remember I like working with children and love to watch them learn Ithink that education is one key to a child s successful future Some of the things I will be discussing in the following paragraphs are personal information life experiences my life goals and my reasons for choosing teacher as a career Most people are different and have been born and raised in many ways I was born on June 8 1987 in Jennings Louisiana I have two older brothers and I am the youngest child Both of my brothers are married and I also have a wonderful and intelligent little nephew named William A special talent that I have is singing and I really enjoy singing in the church choir Some of my hobbies are reading crocheting singing in the choir and swimming My absolute favorite out of all my hobbies is reading a book As I read a book I am actually imagining what is going on in the book and I can literally see the whole story playing out in my head When I read I get just as much entertainment as watching television because I become so engrossed in a book I learned to crochet from my grandmother and it is something we enjoy doing together I have traveled to quite a few states on vacations and some of them include North and South Carolina Tennessee Arkansas Mississippi Florida Texas and Alabama I strongly believe that all people should be lifelong learners because the world is constantly evolving and new things occur every day I really believe that all people are different and we can all learn something from the life and experiences of others I believe that life and work experiences are aspects of someone s life that help them to de ne more of who they are and what they stand for My work experiences include working in the kitchen at first as a dishwasher and then battering and frying foods at Frey s Crawfish House I am currently working as a salesperson in a clothing store called Marceaux s I went to school from kindergarten through twelfth grade at Hathaway High School I started going to college at Louisiana State University at Eunice during the summer after I graduated Itransferred and I am now a junior at McNeese State University and in my third year of college I have had the pleasure of being able to read a book to a class while the teacher was disciplining a student out in the hall It was quite an interesting experience because the students realized I was nervous and when I nished reading the book they started clapping and cheering That moment made me realize even more that I really want to be a teacher I have also helped out with teaching at bible school for children during the summer I was on the Chancellors list for the entire two years that I went to school at LSUE In high school I was in the Library Club and I was the secretary for one year I was also in other clubs in high school including the 4H FBLA and FFA I had an experience with the Coushatta Indian culture when I went to a Pow Wow put on by the Indians on their reservation A Pow Wow is a gathering of all of the Indian tribes in this part of the United States I got to see them compete in various traditional dances and buy the crafts and jewelry they make I think that experiencing all these things has helped to shape me into the person I am today Ithink that it is important for a person to have goals because it gives them a sense of direction in their life I have many goals that I plan to follow through with I want to get my Bachelor s degree in Elementary Education and then get a master s degree I also plan to take the extra classes in Library Science to be a librarian My main goal is for me to have choices for what I want to do when I get out of college I plan to teach for quite a few years and then decide if I want to become a school librarian I really want to help my students learn in a fun productive way My goal is for them to enjoy learning the lessons they are learning I plan to accomplish all Of these goals in the near future and continue to set and accomplish new goals throughout my life I am very motivated and excited to become a teacher and work with children I believe that a person can continuously learn new things throughout their lives and that a teacher should work as hard as possible with students to ensure their success I am willing to work hard with my students and use various ways to teach a lesson I will use the experiences gained with other cultures to teach my students about diversity I think that it is important for everyone to respect each others cultures and racial backgrounds I will encourage my students to join more clubs and do extracurricular activities because it can help them socially and intellectually I will de nitely encourage my students to read and plan to require them to read a book every two weeks I was required to do that when I was in school and I know how reading helps to expand a student s vocabulary Reading can also help students with learning how to spell and comprehension I want to become a teacher to help all students learn and hopefully enjoy learning


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