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by: Saul Thiel


Marketplace > McNeese State University > Education, Science > EDTC 100 > INTRODUCTION TO TECHNOLOGY IN EDUCATION
Saul Thiel
McNeese State University
GPA 3.57


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Saul Thiel on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EDTC 100 at McNeese State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see /class/223495/edtc-100-mcneese-state-university in Education, Science at McNeese State University.

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Date Created: 10/15/15
Natalie McClasky Autobiography EDTC 100 Section H September 21 2008 Autobiography It is hard to truly nd truly dedicated teachers ones that come early and stay late just to provide either extra help to those in need Many of the teachers I have come across over my educational career seem to have lost their passion for education frustrations come from lack of school nances or lack of parental commitment These are just a few contributing factors that lead to children not completing their education which is such a tragedy When I was in elementary school I was inspired by my teachers to become one myself They were the teachers that took that extra step to build a lasting relationship with me They were there for me after school when I needed the help and they were members of my community Bringing that type of relationship back between student and teacher is one of the main reasons why I want to become a teacher My name is Natalie McClasky I was born to Dr Amie Casey and Harry McClasky I am the sister to Nadine McClasky and Derek McClasky I am also the mother to Amie Renee Johnson My mother became a single parent when I was a small child I was born in Sacramento California but later moved to Columbus Ohio I moved around a couple more times until I landed in Lake Charles Louisiana My mother worked three jobs as well as attended veterinary school With my mother busy working so much while I younger I am not ashamed to say I grew up fast and took on a lot of independent responsibility I started walking to school in the third grade Back then it was much more safer time in our society so young children walking Natalie McClasky Autobiography EDTC 100 Section H September 21 2008 without an adult was a little more the norm Nevertheless I was involved in every sport I think my father could put us in basketball ballet soccer tap and softball I would consider myself a people person with great communication skills I have to keep a smile on my face about 85 percent of the time it s good for my soul Most of my free time now goes to my little girl I would say she takes up almost all of the free time I may come across I have done some traveling around the United States but never out of the country My goal is to make it so Europe and the Caribbean I m a believer in lifelong learning Change is necessary for everyone to grow and as long as we keep learning we will continue to grow Teaching and learning doesn t stop when we leave the classroom I do believe that the classroom gives us the tools we need to grab the world with our hands and that is why we need to leave the classroom with our hands open so we are able to grab life with a tight grasp Itook time off after I graduated and decided to work full time I became a manager of a McDonald s when I was eighteen There Itook on the responsibility of running my own restaurant I believe this was a great experience for me because it taught me how to be assertive how to interact and communicate with people of all cultures and backgrounds not only my employees but my customers as well This I believe was a stepping stone for me to gain knowledge and experience later on for when I am teaching in the classroom I graduated from Gahanna Lincoln High School with a 27 GPA Now I m the rst to admit that this could have been higher only I lost my concentration my last year Things started going in the wrong direction My educational career was not the easiest by far I was overweight as a child so I was teased and bullied Everything thing that could possibly be done to a child in Natalie McClasky Autobiography EDTC 100 Section H September 21 2008 school was done to me I did not have any friends I knew a lot of my peers but it never got to a friendship level I moved three times throughout my high school career so making it was quite the challenge to try to become involved in the community when I never knew if I would be there for very long This is why I went into working fulltime because I did not believe school was for someone like me I did a lot of babysitting as a young girl dealing with the same families I watched their children grow from small toddlers to great preteens I never did any school sports or clubs Not feeling accepted by my peers pushed me away from trying to associate myself with them Traveling from school to school and place to place has given me the opportunity to soak up different environments and people My family is like a melting pot all in itself I have cousins from Italy France Russia along with Atlanta and the deep farm lands of Kokomo Indiana My life has prepared me to be a great teacher and I know with the tools I am learning now there is no concept of I can t in my vocabulary I am ready to be one of those teachers that I was so fond of when I was little My goals in life are quite simple My rst is to be the best mother that I can Going back to school after I had my daughter was one of the easiest decisions of my life How can I be a good role model and even a better provider without the proper education I want a job where I can see my daughter every night and am able to do things with her on the weekends when I can Spending my summers with her and being able to go to her school events and activities something that I dream about doing MY mother was not in the position and I really missed that growing up and I don t want my daughter to feel the same I want to be a teacher one that kids can look up too and I want them to know that is ok to talk to teachers about anything because that is what they for you Like I previously stated Ithink our school systems are losing their Natalie McClasky Autobiography EDTC 100 Section H September 21 2008 studentteacher relationships and this is something I want to bring back Being a teacher is being a child s voice when they don t have one and it is imperative that this concept gets brought back into our schools I have always loved to teach people things that they might not have thought about before or even known I want to brighten young minds with knowledge and introduce them to life I want to be a teacher who kids can go to when they have a problem in another class my class at home or even with their peers Teachers have the power to change the world with one child and I just want to be a part of that That is why I want to be a teacher


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