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by: Dayne Reinger

IntroductoryStatistics STAT269

Marketplace > Messiah College > Statistics > STAT269 > IntroductoryStatistics
Dayne Reinger
Messiah College
GPA 3.94


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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dayne Reinger on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to STAT269 at Messiah College taught by SamuelWilcock in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see /class/223501/stat269-messiah-college in Statistics at Messiah College.


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Date Created: 10/15/15
STAT 269 Introductory Statistics Review Sheet for the Final Exam Chapter 8 0 Know the 6 steps for each of the cases 0 Case 1 Large Samples Means test 0 Case 2 Small Samples Means test Equal variances 0 Case 2 Small Samples Means test Unequal variances 0 Case 3 Large Samples Proportions test Chapter 9 if suf ciently covered 0 Estimating the regression line 0 Finding the correlation o Hypotheses assumptions and conclusions for the test given a P value 0 Estimating a value given some 42 of interest Chapter 10 if suf ciently covered 0 Hypotheses assumptions and conclusions for the test given a P value Important notes 0 You are responsible for all material on Exam 1 and Exam 2 0 You may have three 3X5 cards this time 0 Bring your book or a copy of the tables you need 0 Bring your own calculator xltgt31gttmpgt3 mm mm Sung o paw mm saxqm mp 30 M03 p m gooq mm Sung 0 1282 pm gxg p GARq Kmn n0 0 saqou queuodml pug mmquot tummy am no paszzq mmp Jggaads p amtqma 03 amp 33 o mwmg uopmdmd axdumg 38qu g aszzg o mummy Imam axdumg mug a 68123 c mwmg Imam axdumg 38qu 88123 0 838123 aq 30 pm 103 sdms 9 319 many o 9 Jamdeqo sgsatpodxq gnu mp palm 30mm xo um am Imqm m suogsnpum am 30 Sugpxm am magmg o 3833 uopmdmd axdumg 38qu g aszzg o 3833 um axdumg mug a 68123 o 3833 Imam axdumg 38qu 88123 0 868123 am 30 qsz 103 sdms 9 up many 0 1 Jamdeqo X Imam axdums am 30 uopnqmsgp aql o amumwd p pug o3 spmmgmq Suppom o 17 amp Sugsn sanquzqmd Sugpug 1 o Sugzgpmpumg o uopnqmsgp Imgssmzf m muon aql o 9 Jamdeqo II mexg J0 199113 magma S3E1SEJEJS X1013np01WI 39 69 JNKLS


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